5 Games to Try if You Enjoyed Hollow Knight


5 Games to Try if You Enjoyed Hollow Knight
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dirt carvers beasts waters and nail artists rusty has been dealing with some hallo nest withdrawals lately and its doing me a concern how do you give silk song the time it needs for a good release when you have the patience and attention span of an insomniac bird well find other games to keep you busy of course so Ive been looking around lately and while I found more than a few handfuls of Metroidvania videos just by themselves video essays reviews and whatnot videos talking about games that may appeal specifically to hollow knight fans kind of seem to be a little sparse at least in the video content area but I want to keep things fresh and exciting I dont want to just give you five random Metroidvania as I dug up on a Steam sale and throw them into some boring uninspired WatchMojo Aeschylus just because a game is a 2d Metroidvania platformer doesnt mean its going to unequivocally appeal to any one bar none that has ever played hollow Knight in fact some of the games I put on here arent even two-dimensional at all so if youre like me and youre suffering from corner fur withdrawals just know that it does get better and Im here for you now lets get going sundered by thunder Lotus games is a chaotic hand-drawn side scroller that put you against hordes and swarms of terrifying beasts creatures and eldritch nightmares that look like they were pulled from the mind of Lovecraft himself its basically what you would end up getting if someone ate a chapter of the Necronomicon with a hearty helping of Cthulhu on the slide washed it down with a glass of Pixar and shit out whatever the hell this is sundered is identified as a procedurally generated Metroidvania and if you got a headache hearing me say that out loud well then dont worry because so did everyone else thankfully the procedural generation is pretty limited while the layouts of the levels themselves are randomized whenever you die the order in which you access the levels stay the same pretty much every run the navigation can be sort of confusing but it still has enough linearity to be able to call itself a Metroidvania its got impossibly giant bosses that you can take down hordes of snakes and demons ready to rip your unsuspecting ass apart and make you their eldritch bitch and a legendary music score that blows my fucking balls off even three years later not a lot of people liked this game and I can kind of understand why the gigantic bosses are

actually one of the largest drawbacks the game really huge bosses also means that the camera has to zoom out much further than necessary and reduce your character to a useless looming speck of dust that you can barely see I dont want to spoil too much but one of the first boss fights actually had me sweating at the screen trying to find out where the hell I once half the time cuz he was so damn huge that the camera had to travel miles away to where I could barely see what I was even doing just so they could fit his fat ass on the fucking screen but what attracted me to sundered wasnt its combat but it was rather the enemy and the sound design two of the first things that also attracted me to playing hollow Knight and you know my hours on sundered versus my hours on hollow Knight arent even close to comparable but it is a good time waster and it was more than enough to keep me busy for a few days the enemy and boss designed is pretty badass and I think the soundtrack alone is more than worth the purchase code vain is an action RPG developed and published by Bandai Namco said in the dystopian society that isnt even fucking out yet rusty what the hells wrong with you why is this even on the list well despite the game not even being out yet the fact that its reins are being held tightly by the same company responsible for some of the most prolific titles ever including the publishing of the Dark Soul series is I think more than enough to at least warrant a glance from what we know about it so far dystopian themes and motifs are gonna be pretty heavily anchored in code vain the gameplay looks pretty sick in the hopelessly gloomy and dystopian setting could potentially appeal to players that also enjoyed hollow Knight for that reason the combat system involves perks called gifts that you can use to fortify certain abilities and weapons and such and there are apparently dozens of these for a game where the fundamental objective is swinging a sword and killing things its got customization out the ass and I think thats another reason hollow knight fans might consider giving this a glance part of the reason why I kept finding replay value in hollow knight was that the charm system either gave you unique abilities or Acuff to the ones you already had its a system that seems very simple and straightforward on the surface but the more time

you spend fooling around and collecting charms and experimenting the more you realize its actually anything but simple into my knowledge and from what Ive read the customization in code vain kinda seems to fulfill this description pretty well its the type of customization that seems simple starting off but it ramps up quickly in complexity as you continue you can also overlap multiple hairstyles in the character creation and that has nothing to do with anything but it sounds fucking funny so I wanted to mention it so there you go ashin is an open-world RPG that has more than a couple of times fallen victim to being swept up under the label of the soul genre and I think that kinda sucks because despite the striking similarities in combat the art style exploration and atmosphere of the game are all pretty distinguishable from others like it another paramount reason why I enjoyed holo Knight came from the scale of the quest you were on its the excitement of seeing what you thought to be a simple 2d platformer slowly unravel into this giant rabbit hole that you just cant help but explore and although ashen sometimes feels like its struggling to find its identity among other games one thing it definitely seems to share with holo Knight is an affinity for adventure small tunnels that seem insignificant will sometimes give way to massive underground tombs and caverns full of loot and cool stuff to find or you know a fucking boss damn its one of those games where you can just casually step into a 4-inch space and get a nice warm welcome from a gang of enemies that are all five times tougher than you are oh shit no one told me I wasnt supposed to go here so damn the soundscapes in level design do a really good job painting up this grim and lonely world where you feel less like some superhero on an important quest and more like a wandering intruder in this unfamiliar land where everything is just trying to kill you and a lot of times this was kind of how I felt in hollow Knight half of the areas and biomes in the game I ended up finding by sheer accident because I just got curious and decided to run in one direction and not stop until I hit something and that something would just happen to be a nice serif text box greeting me into another part of the game its a type of exploration where the more you play the larger the magnitude of your journey seems to become its a very

rare kind of excitement that I usually dont find in a lot of games anymore but the only two indie games Ive played in at least the past three years or so that were able to nail this atmosphere exceptionally well were hollow Knight and ashen so if thats your thing then please give it a look dust is probably the oldest game Im going to mention on here it saw release back in 2012 just a year before the coming in of a new wave of consoles that would end up lending massive support and spotlight to smaller developers this was a really weird point in time where every indie dev company had that game there was a ubiquity just like a non-stop waterfall of these cartoonishly animated Metroidvania hack and slash platformers and it seemed like it got to where creating one of these became almost sort of a rite of passage that identified you as a capable dev team basically if you called yourself an indie development company in 2012 and didnt have one of these games you were kind of just brushed aside that is of course ignoring the horror boom of the early 2010s however and because the market was just so saturated with hack and slash platformers dust was a game that stood out for like a week and then sort of just flew back under the radar thus tis a criminally underrated game with lots of cool animation really satisfying combat the controls are tight and Im not gonna say great voice acting but its better than you would expect this kind of game to have its a game thats just got a lot going on and I dont say that as a criticism at all the level design and navigation of dust was probably what kept this game from getting too old for me the eye catching sworn tricks and stylized combat were more than enough to get me interested but the comfort of navigating in between levels and just admiring the work that went into some of the background scenery I think was what kept me around for a longer time than most and likewise holo night receives praise for its tight controls and responsive combat but a thing that often goes underappreciated I think is just the level design itself the navigation feels effortless and very comfortable and its kind of one of those things where people seldom notice when the job is done correctly yet bad level design is probably one of the easiest flaws to pick up on in addition to creating a vibrant world with sentient animals dust is also

the only three games I know of that features a talking sword the others being transistor and dmc3 hades is a dungeon crawler made by supergiant games the same company behind the successful IPs like transistor and Bastion and pyre is early access was released at the tail end of last year but I wouldnt let that turn you off from playing it because its probably one of the most polished early access builds I think Ive ever seen Ive given you reasons to try out the other games Ive brought up but honestly I think all I would really have to do here is to sell the appeal of Hades is to just tell you who made it and what theyve worked on in the past Bastion was a huge favorite for me when it came out and even more so with transistor 3 years later Hades however is not a territory theyre familiar with because this is actually the first rogue light on supergiants discography while the layouts and enemy spawns are completely randomized most of the upgrades you get are permanent and can be used to further the progress of your quest to the end a lot of this results in making slow and steady strides toward the end and advancing just slightly past the area you got killed in last time or shaving just a little more off the bosses health bar before eventually dying again and trying again and those upgrades build and build with each run until youre finally able to break down that wall and make significant progress and getting past an extremely difficult boss or triumphing through what seems like an almost impossible fight is what hollow Knight does really well the magnitude of some of these fights just feel big and since you arent given that many clear indications of a bosses health level it can sometimes feel like youre just constantly throwing yourself at this big boss dude and lasting just a little while longer than you did your last attempt granted the exploration in Hades is a tad limited and the concept of what youre supposed to be doing is pretty straightforward but thats not really what the game is about its a mindless hack and slash rogue light that has a surprisingly cool story behind it so if thats your thing and if you specifically like toggle a knight for its difficulty then I would suggest keeping an eye on this one thanks for tuning in to the four-inch Im rusty thanks for watching and Ill see you in the next video and I get the hell out of here

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