Adjustment & Fill Layers in Photoshop

fill layer photoshop This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Adjustment & Fill Layers in Photoshop . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everyone my name is as always marching and today. I have prepared something for not not really advanced users. So if you ve been on this channel. Quite long and s no probably specific reason to watch this video.

However if you feel you still have some leaks about the basic of photoshop you have to watch this for sure and everyone who just started with photoshop all the beginners supposed to watch this video. What i m going to talk to you today is adjustment layers. I want to explain you how does it work. And why you should always use adjustment layers or fill layers instead of applying the effort into your image.

So many people do this mistake when we want to apply some effect. Let s go with levels for example and something different when we want to apply an effect. I think duplicate this diode first control command ray to duplicate this so most of the people going through image not most but beginners and looking for adjustments over here. So i m going to choose some kind of adjustment.

Let s say i m going with levels. And what is happening as you can see we apply our effect..

It s all fine when i play with the levels over here. I set everything as i want i m going to choose something soften maybe for this effect. So let me go with from let s say granny map so in this case it will be the fill layer crowded map or solid color will be fill layer so i apply the effect it s not levels. But what is happening here i m not applying this separate.

I just apply this effect into the layer and of course. It s horrible because it affect the pixels that exist on this specific layer so it affects our image and if i want to change. Something if i just want to remove for examples of this effect from this image. I cannot do this of course it looks as it is it just affected that layer so when i change the blend mode of course it works for the previous layers.

But we change the pixels don t exist on our image. So that s the wrong way when we do anything every time when we apply any kind of adjustments. We should not really do this through image and adjustments. The way you should do this and now you re going to see why once again.

I m going to duplicate this is through our adjustment layers. Which exist over here on the panel..

If your panel is open on the right side. If not please small icon on the bottom and find your adjustment layer so i m just going to choose gradient map. As before and i m going to choose exactly the same credit map. So i find this and as you can see on this grand map.

The moot is normal. So it s exactly the same as before however the differences will not affect in our image. We re not affect in this layer number one. But it s over here so we can change blend mode.

And it will be the result will be exactly the same as before but the difference is i can do everything right now. I can change this every time. I want if i don t like something on this layer. I can choose black color of the brush and for example using this layer mask paint with clawback and go back to my previous color of course you can do this on your image.

Before but when you go at some point. Too far when you be doing too much that the thing is you will be destroying your image..

So it s better to keep the adjustments layers separate you have this comfort. You don t like this you just don t try this it doesn t have to exist you can replace this any time. And when we go into the layers work with layers. We go into effect pixels.

It makes quality of our work way lower and for example. If you still don t see the problem. What is with applying our adjustments into the layer you can answer the question for yourself. What what happened if you will apply more adjustments to your layer.

If you re not applying only graded mind. But when you want to apply for example tariff when you apply this to layers. You ll have two separate adjustments into one picture. You cannot split this so the huge comfort about adjustment layers is that every time.

We apply new adjustment layer it s separate to our previous adjustment layer. When you work with the image..

Actually everything is applying into the one layer. So we cannot manipulate it for example if i think. But the gradient map is too strong as well as the curve is too strong a bit i can set the opacity of my every separate layer. So thank you guys for watching.

I hope. There was some people that this tutorial was helpful. I believe so let me know what you think of course. Let me know what more you d like to learn i m always happy to hear some feedback from you i m always happy to hear what you want to learn.

And what i can do for you don t forget to check the description for my premium videos if you like them you can find the links in the description i give for you some discount summary huge discounts if you would be interested so thank you for watching i m going to see you once again very soon in the next. ” ..

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