AGPtek FM Bluetooth Wireless Hands free Transmitter Unboxing and Review

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” s up guys welcome back to another episode of gherkin beads unboxing and reviews. I i know we ve got two in a row. But it just works out that sometimes on today s video. We ve got the blue hands free bluetooth cigarette lighter radio adapter.

So the whole reason i opted to get this device was because my car my 2004 mr. Macey lancer evolution it does not have an office cord or bluetooth built in it s got a pretty standard radio system and here it is now so as you can see this radio is very old school. It just has your basic necessities. Am.

Fm cds and that s about it so what this device does it allows you to sync your unused. Am. Fm radio station to this bluetooth dongle that will then accept connections from your phone or your mp3 player that s bluetooth capable and broadcast it to your radio. Very simplistic packaging.

I ve got a sleeve and then inside that sleeve is your device alright you re greeted right with your accessory yourself itself and your instruction manual. We re going to try to use it without the instructions so first thing i m going to do is find it unused for you station looks like we re on cd currently we re going to go well i ve never set the radio stations to north. Carolina so looks like we have one right away. 885 consider better.

Ones we re going to use 881. The one with the most buzz is what you re looking for so. Now that we ve got that set we re going to plug in our device and see what. Happens 140.


We do not know what that means but 14 bt that must mean bluetooth. It does come with two usb ports. That s pretty nifty one looks like it has little take off this little piece of plastic. One has a little charger symbol and one has a music symbol.

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So it looks like you can either do it through bluetooth or hardwire your music through this device. Which then streams through your radio. I m reading the back of the packaging. Here those two usb ports combined equal to three point four hands the one plug itself is capable of charging a full size.

Ipad at 21. Amps. And the other one is just for iphones or smaller devices. And it charges at one end.

So that s good to know that you can charge an ipad. While in the car alright. So now i m going to connect the bluetooth go to bluetooth turn it on and they fight the looks like that bit right there c26 apps we re going to click it and so connected and our bluetooth symbol stops blinking so that must be a good thing not let s see if we can figure out how to set the radio station on the device to match. What s on the.

Radio. Oh i pressed and held the centre button and at that 885. Right now. That s going down a point.


One all right now listen to that when you get close to the station. Where is that music coming from and it s weird nothing is playing on my phone now. It s gone all i did was turn it down that was really weird all right now that we ve got everything synced up. I pulled up youtube on my phone and we re going to give the audio a test run what better to test it out then nocopyrightsounds live radio and we re right into it all right.

So. It s going to be kind of hard to judge. The audio sound coming through my speakers. Then to your camera.

And through your headphones or whatever you re listening to it on so let s just trust my judgment. There s no static. Which is really good normally you get a lot of static going through this and we re completely bluetooth right. Now.


So that s also awesome got some bait passing through have a sound a little to trembley alright. Well the face definitely passes through my saw hooper in the trunk is really kickin let s test. The charging ability my phone currently is that 83. We re going to plug it in here to the bottom one that has a little charge.

Symbol i guess that is the 21 amp charge port so our phone sister bo charge. But it will definitely charge faster than a standard ample outlet plug that only puts out one amp alright. So i downloaded this app that will hopefully tell us how much amperage. We re getting out of the charge source.


So we re at 81 right now we re going to plug it in and see how this affects our stats right here so as you can see we. re getting. 2400 milliamp hours that is 24. And let s plug it into the other little usb port on the device.

And see if it changes so now that we have the usb plugged into the top one. We can hang our amperage change to 500. So that lets us know it is going to be a slower charger. E.

Alright. So the next cool thing you can do with this is it supposed to be like a hands free thing and when you get a phone call or you ve got to call somebody supposedly there s a microphone built into the unit down here plugged into the cigarette lighter. We are going to call my wife. We re going to test the audio quality and have her read judge okay it s ringing hello hello.

Hello can you hear me here all the way up here all the way up. And it s like barely medium barely medium. So guys this means the microphone in this little bluetooth. Thing is not very good okay how about now does it sound any better.

It s a little better all right so just increase your volumes yeah. That s okay so that means. I would not suggest using this as a hands free device for your cell. Phone.

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Use because. The microphone built into this thing is not very good quality and your calling party or your recipient for secure. Other presenter line is not going to be able to hear you after reading a little bit of the directions. That top usb.

Port is actually for a flash drive that has audio files on it has the ability to play music from a flash drive. So i wouldn t recommend charging any devices from that top cord. It is strictly just for class drives with music all in all to conclude and finish things up here. It s not too bad.

It s got a good sound bluetooth. Works pretty much seamlessly those three buttons right here on the side are easy to use and pretty simple. The numbers that just unit displayed right when i plugged it in it will unplug it and then we ll plug it in those numbers. Then is your battery voltage.

That is what that means that you re reading the directions and finding out more all in all i m going to give it one thumb up from griffin dean s blogs. It s it s fairly inexpensive so you re not expecting it to perform some of the more expensive items. I don t have any of the expensive items to compare. But this does the job what i needed to do and i think i ll use it often in my easel.

Thanks for watching this episode of curtin beads unboxing and reviews. If you want to check this product out i will have a link in the description below no discount code through this one but it s fairly inexpensive and it gets the job done so we ll see you guys in the next one ” ..

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