C85135 Compete Setup Guide

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“And welcome to la crosse technology s ntech talk a show designed around answering your your questions nquickly and accurately. I m. Greg pizl. And today.

We will be setting and showing you how to use your new mood. Light alarm clock. So let s go intro music. Hip hop music before we get started.

I should point out nthat. This video has been organized into chapter points designed to help you find what you nneed to know quickly. These chapters and specific times for them ncan be found in the description below. So.

If you re looking to set up something specific nsimply. Click. The blue highlighted time listed to jump directly to that spot in this video. However if you are viewing this on a mobile ndevice such as a phone or tablet.

You will need to drag the red playhead to these specific times. Otherwise just sit back and learn as we take nyou through each step of the setup process hip hop music. Now let s get this clock up and running to ensure proper function of this device nwe recommend following us through these three simple steps step. 1.

Insert the 5 volt power cord into nan outlet and then into the bottom of the alarm clock step. 2. Is actually optional. However we ndo recommend inserting.

2. New according to polarity into the bottom of nthe clock. These will help it maintain its time and date ninformation during power loss and step. 3.

Work through the settings menu nto customize how you would like this clock to function to enter. The settings menu press hold the nset button for about 3 seconds. Or until you see the language setting begin flashing on screen once in the settings menu you will use the nplus or minus button to adjust the values and the set button again to confirm your adjustments and move to the next item in the settings menu. I should also point out that if you would nlike to exit.

The settings menu or any sub menu at any time. Simply tap. The snooze light button. Non.

The top of the unit. This will save any changes you make and bring nyou back to the main screen. So here is the order in which the settings nmenu will follow first is the language setting. Which allows nyou to choose between english or spanish.

This will effect the day of the week display nand instructions within the sub menus. I will keep it on the default. English setting nby. Pressing releasing the set button to confirm my selection next up is the beep on off setting the default.

As you may have noticed is on meaning you will hear a beep for every button npush to change this to off you will need to press n release either the plus or minus button to confirm your selection press..

Release nthe set button next will be the hour. Settingit s about n4 30pm here so using the plus button. I will move the hour to 4. Making sure the am symbol nturns off and pm symbol on now that i m at 4pm.

I will press release nthe set button again to jump to the minutes selection here i will press hold the plus button nnow to make the numbers climb rapidly this also works in the opposite direction nwith the minus button once i reach 30 minutes. I will press release nthe set button again to move to the year setting. It s currently still 2017. So i ll confirm nthis with the press release of the set button next.

I move to the month option today is february 8th. So i will move the nmonth number here to 2 for february confirm. This and then move the following date. Number here nto.

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The 8th confirming this once again with the set button after selecting the date the final item in nthe settings menu is the snooze duration this setting allows you to set a custom length nbetween. 5. And 120 minutes for how long you would like to snooze after hitting the button nwhen. An alarm sounds using the plus button.

I will set this to say 30 minutes and press release the set button. None final time to bring us out of the settings menu and back to the main screen effectively saving all of the changes. We have nmade now that you have your clock s basic settings nall ready to go let s show you how to program your mood light when using the provided power cord. The light nsurrounding.

The clock s display can be programmed to shine at different brightness levels and nin different colors to adjust. These settings. First press release nthe mood light button on top of the clock. With each press.

You will cycle through the ndifferent mood light. Intensity. Level options level 1. Is off.

Level. 2 3 . Level. 3 20.

. Nlevel. 4. 50.

. And. Level 5. 100.

. Another. Press. Will then start.

The light back..

Nat level. 1. But i will select level 4. Here by simply nleaving the mood light at that brightness level.

Now to choose a specific color for this light. Nits intensity level has to be at least set to level 2 or in other words. The light must nbe on from there press release. The color mode nbutton to cycle through your options with each press.

1. As you have seen will nbe red 2 yellow 3 green. 4 cyan. 5.

Blue. 6 purple. 7. White and the final option nin.

This list is cycle. Which will have the mood light switch between these seven colors nevery 5 seconds. I will go with the color blue here and select n. 5.

By simply leaving the station sit on that color. It will remain at this color and intensity nlevel until the mood light or color mode button is pressed again to truly finish off this clock s initial setup. We figured we should talk about its lcd backlight control again when using the provided power cord nthe lcd backlight can be adjusted in 5 levels to do this from the normal time display nsimply. Tap.

The snooze. Light. Button to cycle through the options off. 3 20.

. 50. . And.

100 . Again. This option. Is only available.

When npowering. The clock with the provided power cord. If you choose to use battery power. Only the nbacklight will come on at 100 for 10 seconds.

At a time when a button is pushed after this time. The backlight will shut off nto conserve battery power hip hop music if you are someone who enjoys falling asleep nto the relaxing sounds of the outdoors this chapter is for you we will show you how to select your nature nsound of choice and program. How long you would like it to stay on to set this up first you will want to select nthe nature sound you d like to hear to do this press release the select button by default this will start with the rain nsound as indicated by the double ring around the rain icon on the top of the lcd screen from there press release the select button nto cycle through the options ocean backwoods thunder and river once the sound you like is playing you can nuse the plus or minus buttons to adjust the volume up or down also with your nature sound playing you can nadjust how long you d like it to play for to do this simply press release. The timer nbutton until you see your desired sleep timer time with each press.

It will increase this time nby 15 minute increments up to 90 minutes from there you can just let the sound continue nto play..

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And the timer count down. Once this countdown reaches zero the sound nwill shut off after you set these functions up once. The nclock will keep them saved for the next time you would like to sleep. So.

All you will have to do is simply press. N. Release. The sound button to activate your previously set sound.

And sleep timer duration to shut this sound off at any time. Simply. Npress release. The sound button again hip hop music this clock offers both a light and sound alarm.

Nwhich can be programmed to turn on together or at separate times in this chapter. We will tell you how these nwork and show you how to set them up alarm. 1. Is the light alarm.

Which uses the nwhite mood light to ease you into the wake up process. When the alarm time is reached the white nlight will begin to glow and increase in intensity over a 5 minute period. It will then stay at 100 for another hour nunless snoozed or turned off after 1 hour. Or when deactivated the clock nwill automatically return to the previous mood light color selected to set this light alarm.

You will first have nto press hold the light alarm. 1 button on top of the clock for about 3 seconds. The alarm hour will begin to flash it is here you can use the plus or minus buttons nto adjust the hour let s set up an alarm here for say 9 45am once i reach the 9am number i ll press release nthe light alarm. 1 button again to confirm and move to the minutes selection with the minutes flashing i ll use either nthe plus or minus button again to move the minutes to 45 holding one of the buttons will make the numbers ncount faster once there i ll press release the light nalarm 1 button again to confirm this as my selection.

Which will then activate this alarm nand bring me back to the main screen. You will know your alarm is active when the nlight alarm. 1 icon appears to the left of the time now following very similar instructions nlet s setup. A normal sound alarm.

The sound alarm will work in a very similar way in nthat. Once the alarm. Time is reached the sound will increase in volume over a 5 minute period. However after this time.

The alarm sound will nshut off automatically. If not deactivated to set this sound alarm. You will first have nto press hold the sound alarm. 2.

Button on top of the clock for about 3 seconds. The alarm hour will begin to flash. It is here you can use the plus or minus button nagain to adjust the values and the sound alarm. 2 button to confirm and nmove to the minutes selection once you have these set at the correct time npress release the sound alarm.

2 button again to select the sound you d like the alarm to nplay when going off using the plus and minus buttons again to ncycle through the options are beep which is the default rain ocean backwoods thunder nand river. Once you find the one you like simply press n release the sound alarm. 2 button one final time to set and activate that alarm the sound alarm. 2 icon should have now appeared nindicating an alarm is set and ready to go off at the time.

We just saved to deactivate or reactivate..

This as well nas the light alarm simply press release the respective light or sound alarm button doing so will bring up the time that alarm nis set to go off at it is within these sub menu. Where you have nthe ability to activate or deactivate that alarm just press release the respective light nor sound alarm button again you will see that alarm s icon turn on and noff with each press to confirm your selection either leave the nclock sit for about 20 seconds or exit. The sub menu by tapping the snooze light button hip hop music. Sometimes we just want to take a quick nap nwithout having to set a new alarm that is why we created the nap.


Feature with the touch of a button. You instantly start. Nthe custom. Countdown.

And you re good to go. Now. Let s set this up as we have said by simply pressing the nap. Nbutton you will start the countdown.

The default is 15 minutes. But say you d like to set this to a custom ntime say 75 minutes for example to do this from the normal time display npress hold the nap button for about 3 seconds. The word use the plus and minus buttons to select a nnap duration up to 120 minutes so i will use the plus button to move the nnumber here to 75 minutes i will then press release the nap button nonce again to confirm and start the nap countdown it should be noted that once you set this ncustom nap. Time duration.

The clock will remember this and keep it saved so. The next time you wish to take a nap all nyou have to do is simply press release the nap button once to start another 75 minute ncountdown when the timer reaches zero the word nap nand 0min will flash on screen. And the alarm will sound for 2 minutes after these 2 minutes it will then stop if nno buttons are pressed to shut the alarm off or exit the nap mode nat any time simply press release any button except the snooze light button hip hop music this modern alarm also comes complete with na usb charging port for your phone and other devices. As well as an auxiliary port to play nmusic through its internal speaker.

Let s first talk about the charging port this 1 amp. Usb charging port can be found non the side of the clock to use it simply connect your phone or other nexternal device s usb. Charging cable into the port and then into your device. The charging times will vary depending on nthe device.

And because this is a 1 amp port. We recommend only charging 1 amp devices or nthose that are self regulating. We also want to point out that to use this nfeature. You must have the alarm powered.

Using the provided power cord battery. Power. Only will not allow many of nthis clock s features to work now let s play some music to play audio from a phone mp3 player or nother device simply plug a 35mm auxiliary cable into your device and then into the nport on the clock with these now connected. Press.

Release. Nthe sound button on top of the clock to turn the audio on you can use the plus and minus buttons to nadjust the volume but also be sure the sound is turned up on your device as well if it s not this will make it hard to hear nthe audio through the alarm s speaker to turn the audio off press release. The nsound button again and remove the auxiliary cable hip hop music so for the most part. I think we covered everything.

But if you should still have further questions nor issues not resolved by this video. Please comment below or get in touch with our support nteam by clicking the info tab in the upper right corner of this video. We are here to help you so please follow us here on youtube for the nlatest video content like us on facebook for some personalized interaction and follow nus on twitter to join the conversation in the meantime. We hope you enjoy your new nmood light alarm clock.

” ..

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