CAD Tip: What you need to know about IGES and STEP files

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“Everybody my name is lars christensen. And i got two cat tips for you this this week. But first if you don t know what it s all stepfather s me just quickly explain it s a neutral file format that don t come from a specific cat vendor and it s created so you can actually share between cat systems now most people don t know that i just stands for initial graphics exchange specifications and it was first published in 1981. It s a long time ago and was developed by united states air force now they dragged in some of the big companies like boeing and general electric c.

Rocks and alder to test and help developing this neutral format. So they could share cad files around now supposedly isis is developed on the old punch card format. So if you have a pencil and you take your isis file and open it up in like a text editor. Then you can actually trace around the different coordinates and draw up the exit model.

Now stab. What is iso 103 o3 was developed in 1984. And it was actually developed to replace the i just file and the idea was to make like one standard..

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But because things were so complex they ended up actually slicing it up to a bunch of different standards. That s why many times in a cad system. You will see that there s a two or three. That s a 2 14.

And so there s all the different standards that kind of like resemble different things like aerospace odom automotive electrical and so forth the latest standard is 242 and was released in december 2014. So they re still developing on staff now from a cat standpoint. It doesn t really change anything. What standard you have of the step format now if you open up a step file in a text file you will see that it s actually more like an html kind of output with the way.

It s laid out. And there s some interesting things in there such as color is actually specified within this step file know that most kent companies. Sadly are not taking advantage of it thing..


That is in there fun fact that ages is actually the most used of the two formats and they have not developed on ig since 1994. That was when this alright enough history tip number one. When the boss is sending an email that you have to send a 3d cad model to somebody. And you don t maybe know what kansas and they re using.

I suggest that you send them three models since send them the native one you re working in so something like inventor or whatever. And sent them an is an a step. Most people have a favorite and it also gives them an option to see which one comes in the best that they want to so send the free models tip number two is called round tripping this might be the best tip. I ever share.

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So if you are getting a file a 3d cad model from some other system. And if this if it s not built on the same kernel as your system. Then your software x..


They have to do a translation of that other cad systems data. It s almost like taking russian and try to translate it into chinese and when you do that sometimes when you bring it into your system. You will see that there might be some things that is not correct some geometry. So overlapping some faces might be open and most good cad systems have some tools that they can use to try to fix this.

But you many times are left to the point. Where you actually have to manually going in and fixing that geometry. Now that s why round tripping can be a huge help so take that foreign cad system bringing it into your system. Let it run his algorithms will bring it in and if there s any repair tools in your system.

Run that now take that file and save it out as either. I just all step or both for that matter save it out to your desktop over ever as an id source step and then open that itis and step up again in your system. Because what happens is that when you save it out as an id staff when you open it back into your system your systems going to run another check and a whole other set of algorithms that possibly is going to go in and actually fix up some of these errors that you had after you had run some of your own fixing tools..

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That is inside your cad software. So it s a little backwards right you re kind of like sending you re bringing in the file. You you send it out as an id. You saw step and then you bring it back in again as an id use a step and they would actually help fixing some of these arrows and gaps that could be in your model as always i would love to hear your comments and if you have any import tips and tricks.

Please put them in the comment area below. I know i ll be reading them all and if you haven t love you ll hit that subscribe button. They will also make sure that you get the cat tips every week. And thank you so much for taking the time to watch have a ” .


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