Easiest Titles To Obtain in World Of Warcraft – LazyBeast

Easiest Titles To Obtain in World Of Warcraft – LazyBeast
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hello guys Leslies there bringing you a video based on the easiest titles to get in world of warcraft so previously we looked at which were the hardest titles to get in world of warcraft but now were going to take a look at the easiest ones because titles are something that we all want to have were all a show-off so here we go lets dig into the list now this list isnt going to be ranked because ranking them is kind of pointless because theyre all very easy to get so lets dig in and see what weve got so first thought we have a title of the patient so all you have to do for this is complete an achievement called looking for many and this requires you to use a dungeon finder to finish random heroic dungeons until youve group with 50 random players total so this works out at roughly 13 dungeons and then youve got yourself a nice easy title on to the next one

next we have the Ambassador now this one requires you to earn exalted status with each of these six main factions on your side theres a really easy way to do this which is just ahead to the city of your factions and then collect each tab add put put on the citys tab adder which will give you XP from kills in dungeons in low level dungeons and then jump in there clear the dungeons out you get XP get probably like between 12 and 30 and XP per kill without any boosts and you get roughly 250 per boss and just keep running through dungeons endlessly and then eventually at some point youll get this title the third title of our list is assistant professor now this one is related to archaeology and all you have to do for this one is completely achievement called I had it in my hand which is to find a rare artifact now what added this I think on my third artifact it

turned out to be a rare one all youve got to do is complete it by going through the dig site once you completed it boom youll get the achievement youll get the title happy days number four is the explorer title and after this one you have to complete the achievements tied to the major achievement called the world Explorer and now we have to explore Eastern Kingdoms Kalimdor Outland Northrend the areas revealed by the Cataclysm and Pandaria you dont yet have to do the warlords of draenor zones and all the Legion zones in Legion yet but maybe thatll change in the future so yeah or you got to run around your mouth slightly discovered a lot of these places already anyway but yeah very easy just time-consuming if anything and youve got yourself another title so these are some specific examples but theres really two categories for the other ones that are easy to get now one of them is boss kills and the other ones are

world events now with the boss kills all of the outdated content is real easy to go back and solo yourself for some things you may need to plays for certain boss mechanics to bypass them but other than that you can be easily just go into some instances and stomp a bus down and get yourself a lovely tile Ill give you some examples slack / expansion sod for rapid licking some when you can get our astral Walker baying of the fallen king the Kingslayer the light of dawn of the nightfall star caller Twilight Vanquisher so cool entails then weve got some Cataclysm once a venture of high gel black wings Bane destroys end dragon slayer Savior bazarov and of the four winds now theyre off top my head is 13 titles theyre just really easy to get so next if you look at the world event there are eight more that are dead easy to get they just required to complete some achievements roughly like usually about

per major achievement and these obviously are unavailable at a certain time of year but once they are available they really easy to get you probably get them all done in a day so the ones that get from this are brewmaster elder flame warden or flame keeper depending if your alliance or hot the hallowed patron if youre a male major if youre a female merrymaker the noble and the pilgrim so this is so easy to get all the noobs require a little bit of time and effort and there you go job done so they are guys thats it for the guide theres plenty of times you can get out there sort of them require a little bit more skill or a little bit more time investment but nothing stopped me from going out there and get yourself whichever tile you fancy to fit your character I hope youve enjoyed the video thats it for now Ive been lazy so Ill catch you next time thanks for watching you

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