Evolution of Polk Boom Swimmer Duo Jr

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“Hulk moon swimmer is the most innovative bluetooth speaker on the market its ip x x level. 7. Waterproof its dustproof and its shock resistant. In addition to these amazing.

We added an opposable tail that allows you to attach it almost anything bring it with you throughout your day add over 40 years of acoustic and engineering excellence from the pulseaudio team. And you have something truly unique so when it came time for the teams involved the swimmer..

We had a really step back and ask ourselves how we re gonna take this thing that so many people use every day and really love how we re gonna take it and make it better and give them even more we ve been chilling with the swimmer for two years now. We re stoked to evolve. It after some great feedback and just more use with it the first feature that were introducing here now with the new one is stereo pairing. It s really awesome you can out take two devices.

Where obviously the link them together double down on the sound and immerse yourself and true left and right audio. The next thing..

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We actually introduced to is an inch longer on the tales that you re out virtually anything now another great thing. Too that we ve added is actually a microphone speaker phone. So now is also a little mobile conference center you can take this thing on the go and you can take phone calls from it pick it up from here hang it up from here. Whatever you want to do this one.

We ve got a new little nice home for itself awesome package. It s a little bottle or a water bottle kind of getting back in its true environment in the water and getting wet..

So take a look for it out there. We ve added. The swimmer junior and with this margin yer. It s slimmer.

It s lighter and a bit smaller and it still has the great features of the original swimmer. The flexible tail the waterproofing and also the big sound the super junior is just as durable as the larger swimmer..

Because it has a silicone bumper around the grill. So just like the swimmer duo. We ve also added a microphone. You can take calls and use it as the phone hope you re excited for these awesome new products.

We re launching here at boom and ready to see more from ” ..

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