Fallout 76 – One Of Us Quest Walkthrough – How To Join The Enclave Part 2

Fallout 76 – One Of Us Quest Walkthrough – How To Join The Enclave Part 2
fallout 76 one of us
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access granted welcome senator Blackwell what do we have here no glaring mutations radiation exposure present but recent and brave enough to have found Sam Blackwell and come here anyway you Bulls dog are an impetuous Bunch arent you come inside welcome is the white spring bunker take a look around weve taken great efforts to restore this place now we require a photograph in arresting bone structure urs god made you suppose weve made you a little present custom-tailored just a little taste of what we do here to see more please there you are welcome we are modus the final member of an assembly of the greatest minds ever gathered on American soil we called ourselves the enclave our members were once the puppet masters of the United States quietly pulling strings and every level of power in the nation it was once our solemn personal duty

to attend to the needs of the enclave members that called this place home but our earlier residents suffered from conflicts of vision conflicts that claimed a few of our more critical systems and permanently disfigured our shining personality most critically their squabbling has forced us to seek out men and women who can do we no longer can display your utility to us and perhaps will allow you to join our little Enclave and allows you access to oh this place is capable of if you believe you might suit our needs please continue down the stairs and to help yourself to some refreshments along the way you must be famished please help you sell it to something from the dispensers once youre seated down The Enclave has counted presidents members of the Joint Chiefs prize-winning scientists membership before you allow not interested in the questionnaire there so beard

luckily we do have another opportunity for you to display your abilities some of our most precious external connections were damaged by our former residence squabbles which has made our forays into the outside world trying but we have developed a plan for recently defying down a plan you might help us see to fruition please approach the dispenser that tape is the first step in our restoration please deposit the instructions in the collector against the far wall yes and this should only take a moment there please step over her to the dispenser those who came before you yes at last signal receive what are those things they appear to be everywhere we suppose we understand now why it is you wanted to join us speaking of which youve kept your end of the bargain let us fulfill at ours weve ordered the Kovac to drop

little care package weirder his contacts back at long last we had some doubts someone with your faculties would be capable of serving our interests consider us pleasantly surprised now as a new member we may call on you from time to time you of course will be compensated for such efforts well be sure to have a disbursement of whatever it is being used for currency out there these days credited to your account otherwise youre now free to explore the bunker our production Center has a variety of goods available for purchase as to our medical pay and science wing now given the state of things above you may find the military wing of the facility particularly interesting no fool access to that will require a visit to nearby camp McClintock and a bit of self-promotion but we neednt keep you any longer welcome member to our little Enclave

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