Fix Plex Media Server Remote Access Issues


Fix Plex Media Server Remote Access Issues
plex not available outside your network
This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Fix Plex Media Server Remote Access Issues. Following along are instructions in the video below:

whats going on guys gay people with pervy dork we are going to fix not available outside of your network now to do this you will need a tablet a phone or a PC and you simply want to log in at app da plex TV and select your server here I have the shield Android TV and obviously we are here in remote access but we dont have it enabled its just disable remote access as if its on but we cant access our content outside of our network and this is one of the cool things about Plex is being able to access your media anywhere I dont care if youre in Alaska I dont care whatever the case may be you know you could be on the other side of the world if you want to watch a movie or maybe a local TV you need to have this set up so this is exactly what we are going to do now Plex has done something for us its given us the current IP address of our plex media server or in this case these shield Android TV now for a lot of you on a wireless network you have DHCP enabled and what may happen is every single time you reboot your Nvidia shield your IP address might change and this is what causes the conflict so what we want to do is create a static IP address also keep this in mind you want you enable manually specify public port and we want this port

to be 50,000 so that it doesnt interfere with other apps that may need other ports lower in the range 50,000 is as high as it goes and so this is where I would like to sit and keep my port open all right so we have this set here now what we have to do is go into our Nvidia shield and set up network settings now I have it connected wirelessly right now but Im going to show you guys the process for both a wireless connection an Ethernet cable connected connection meaning hardwired so lets get right to it okay we are in the Nvidia shield and the first thing we want to do is go to our world Wi-Fi were connected we click on that and we see all the information you see IP address to change this on over to static and we are going to change this number to and just remember this is the same IP address identified by Plex in the remote settings so we hit next we dont have to worry about our gateway or our prefix or DNS or DNS – and saved successfully and so we now see IP settings are static if we go ahead go back to internet connection we see that it is trying to reconnect we want to connect to it with the static IP address so it now says connected and we are all set if we open this up again we see that the IP setting is static so thats how

you would set it up with Wi-Fi for those on a a thern ette cable those connected hardwired which is recommended if you are using a plex media server lets rock and roll keep in mind after doing anything like this messing around with IPs were changing from DHCP to static you want to restart your Nvidia shield and so we do that by going to power and then restart ok so let me go ahead and connect this via ethernet and show you guys how to say that up great so we have the ethernet cable plugged in and again for the best experience with your plex media server it is advised that you are hardwired we go to network settings and we could see immediately the IP address has changed to to do is go over to IP settings change this to static and again change this to and we will simply hit next through everything saved successfully so now we see that we are connected out but we do not see the MAC address there so now we have to restart and again just like we did with the Wi-Fi setup to which TN we restarted the Nvidia shield so lets go ahead and do that now so the shield has restarted if we go back to network settings you can see we now have our funny-looking numbers up there which means it has registered to our network now lets get on over to our router and situate port forwarding great and the last

step is to log in to your router and set up a port forward so this is how were gonna do this now mind you this will look a hell of a lot different depending on whos your manufacturer what type of modem or Wi-Fi mode combo or wireless router you use so what we want to do is find something that allows for port forwarding so I got to find these settings here and I want to go ahead and I see setup there I want to go to LAN setup and that is my local area network lets see if we could find port forwarding there no lets click advanced setup and there we go we find port forwarding here so if we want to click this and we want to add a service okay by default Im limited with what I can name my service Im just going to name it FTP for now Im going to hit v so this is the IP address of our Nvidia shield we are going to add now were going to go ahead and edit the service and we want to set up the ports more importantly I want to change the name to plex media sir so I know what it is and we are just gonna go ahead and select TCP and the external port range is going to be fifty thousand now depending on your router it may attempt to duplicate the internal port range but your internal port range you want that to be thirty two

thousand four hundred your internal port range should always be thirty two thousand four hundred because this is what the Plex system uses this is what is designated you guys can see this here 32 four hundred very very important so your internal port range is thirty-two four hundred and your external port range is fifty thousand which we manually set up here to avoid any conflict with any other open ports from any other services apps or programs so we are going to hit apply and looks like everything is set okay so after we have situated the port forwarding we want to go back to the Plex software and select the Nvidia shield also if you did not restart your Nvidia shield earlier on in the tutorial now is your chance because if you dont youre not going to see this little green checkmark lets click that there alright and so now we have at 32 400 for internal port and 50,000 for external port everything is nice and green you can now use Plex the way its meant to be used which is absolutely amazing access your media from anywhere you have an internet connection access live TV check out what the weather is gonna be like when youre coming home from your business trip or whatever the case may be but this is Gabe with four view dork I hope this tutorial helped you out make sure you guys like share subscribe and if you have any questions drop them down in the comment section peace

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