Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 502

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” s the control see that back but what is this what s this phantom is is gonna fight damage for skipper canessa lot of our most miss yeah. That s s quite a lot arms. Most connects that s the most armistice. I ve ever seen another guest tomorrow.

What this seriously why it always first games are retarded getrekt throw with this handy novelist rogue. But for free i m not really interested only if i am interested on my own to try that game. What the fork is this hello are my eyes deceiving me what i need to draw into i beam. I thought that there s no way to lose this game haha sorry asante arabic.

Do not know laughter for one speaking ithorian corporal skipper corporal missing anything yeah i mean i like a tv..

Yeah neither am. I like a stupid yeah charge lack evening god no it s clear beach boy. Damn reason this way lost a tortoise thanks under the commission of nima s only next under aha a spell never surrender. 30 jokes.

All the really bamboozled see of octave mb really assess this is no no fabiana kuchiki ruggiero paulo rio grande this camel a the rest ajumma coming fight regina oh cool you have a good film. Oh super video ok thank yo. I gonna go get ice cream. I regret it as the post america ah okay.

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Ah ah wow..

Why very similar to where. I was it s shrink meister of all no fresh amat paul. There s the wax. Oh.

I miss this there s a whack situation. Yes. Happening much the second you left so it s not lethal is it you always going to ask that question we see a chronic session at plays. No okay.

Wait seven wondrous..

One four zero. Oh. My god yay a wondrous. One four zero monocrops is if he draws more clothes.

He romantic roxas. Then it s li. Oh wow. What a game of a stone.

You came back just in time sold..

Because that was the spicy finish since a monster. Just has the flick in hand to deal with all of this and viper just does it all as an old tk that s absurd. Honestly. It s not boston s day is it and i m genuinely i m not taking anything away from vibe.

I think by the plane very well stoechas he owes not this ship ligand our syriana magnet is to be chopped and he was not i did need panel a camera with the chicago. But with kana met one animal in dark. Though i mean sure the villainous personal job though i m the network delicate yet ” ..


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