HDMI to eDP LCD Controller board, MS609LC

30 pin to hdmi adapter This is a topic that many people are looking for. museumoftechno┬áis a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, museumoftechno would like to introduce to you HDMI to eDP LCD Controller board, MS609LC. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“In this video. I would like to introduce our newest hdmi which hdmi to ebp ebp ioc controller. This special module was designed for a smaller screen that has much resolutions that only requires hdmi inputs for such as you can use on any applications. Whatever you require the hdmi input.

This will be the perfect module is so competent. So small. The size is about 72 millimeter. By 51 millimeter.

By 9 millimeter. High. So in a converted inches. About two point.

Seven eight inches. Long 2 inch. Why it s about 3 8..


Inch high. It s really compact small how small is it sometimes really difficult to tell by the video. So here s a chorus. It s really small so this kids a mess.

6. 09. You see our newest one and this is only what you can find in market right now this module can only go to k for k. Would be later version different modules.

But this one can only go up to a 2 case. This kit comes with the control comes with the 5 point really nice. 5 button touch with the molex wires. Which is connected here okay and also including one of the edp screen wire harness.

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30 pins. One. And the white light is match over here..


Ok. So. This is actually if you want to have an inverter. Some for example.

Some screens that you have a led backlight separately so you can use this this is actually for audio. This one also have all you amplify tools right here. This is an input for the shower box of pry and this hdmi. So it s so small so compact.

It s perfect for raspberry pi. So let s take a look here. I have a screen here i want to test it just plug it in this screen partner. This is 11 inch screen.

It s a call n11 6. H. Se e..


A 1. We should have 1920 by 10 ava solutions. So this thing you go this end connects to here. Okay.

Let s set it like that way okay can it here. I have a really old raspberry pi. I put it in the box. It s video 1.

So basically i m going to connect the hdmi cable to it hdmi cable oops. The table is kind of picks. Thick and here raw spray play. I m going to connect the power to it.

See what we got here give out the powers okay so a prior travel to the travel. If i travel here we care about this take this thing boom shot acqua okay tops waves off so we can name is back so after you re connected you cannot just soak you buy some tips for years. But that s okay..


It is it just an associations all right hd display. I m not sure you can see another link and connect to you show hd to spray. So i m going to somehow i hate to we put my last bubble using a probably this now let me disconnect power again so low signal. 50 text.

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So we connect power. See what happens here we go comes up let s put it up because i m taking a video to the right the lights play bright and in this on this bench. So it s put it out put it up you know you say and then. Oh this.

One and we also have a skd key for. 133. Inch a kit. Available which is comes with 133 inch screen with a capacitor so you can connect the raspberry pi or whatever the system you have windows system you can do water touches those are multi touches thank for watching.

” ..

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