How to Add Music to Streamlabs OBS + Make a Music Playlist (Easy Method)

how to add music to obs This is a topic that many people are looking for. museumoftechno is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, museumoftechno would like to introduce to you How to Add Music to Streamlabs OBS + Make a Music Playlist (Easy Method). Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This is tim from your six students today in this video. I m gonna show show you how to add music to stream labs. Obs and also how to make music playlist coming up next in this obs. Tutorial.

So i m gonna go ahead. And make this tutorial. Quick and easy for you guys so i m on stream labs. Obs right.

Now under sources. Let s go to the plus icon and select. This and then open up. The source menu now let s go over to media source and select this option.

And then go to add source and let s go down to this section. Where it says add a new source instead select this over to the right and now i have the option to name. It i m gonna go ahead. And put single song in here and then go to add source and then go to browse and it s going to open up my music folder on my computer.

And i am using all ncs songs from youtube. No copyright soundtracks and this is great for making music videos that aren t copyrighted. So if you re into youtube and you don t want to get copyright claimed go ahead and go to ncs on youtube. Let s go ahead and select a song and then you ll have the option to loop.


The song so it continuously plays and then i also like to go to closed file. When an active so if i switch to a different scene. The music will stop playing in the background and then you have the option to go ahead and speed up the song or make it a little bit slower. Now that the song is added.

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Let s go down to done so that s how you add a single song. How do we make a music playlist well let s go to the plus icon. Again instead of going to media source. Let s go down to vlc source select.

This option go to add source. Let s go ahead and rename this now all songs and then go to add source and then will have the option to shuffle. The playlist. I m gonna go ahead and do that now i like the first option right here stop when not visible and restart when visible.

I ll sometimes use pause when not visible and on pause when visible so i m on the same song and then under playlist. We ll let s go to the plus icon and go to add file and here is my music playlist. Once again. I m gonna go ahead and highlight one song press shift down arrow.

And then i m gonna go ahead. And just select all my songs in this playlist. Everything selected let s go to open. And all the songs are in my music playlist on stream labs.


Obs. Now let s go down to the done option and select. This and you can see my two songs playing on the right hand side in my mixer down here let s go ahead and drag the mixer over to the left and just make it a reasonable noise level. And i can do the same thing with my single song over here.

And let s go ahead and just mute. One of them for this example. If you go to this cog right here this will open the advanced audio settings. Let s go ahead and select this so if you want to hear how the song sounds in stream laps obs.

What we will need to do is go to monitoring off and go to monitor and output. If you don t want it to be recorded go to monitor new output. But i m gonna go ahead and go to monitor and output. And the song will be heard in the background.

Now so if you want to adjust your sound volume go to monitor output. So that s a good way to get the sound volume in the correct position. But typically i like to keep it out of the yellow section and more off to the left a little bit. So i can talk over the song.

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Suppose you got the music volume. Exactly where you want and you just want to get the song of the mixer. Go ahead and go to the cog on the mixer right here so i m selecting the single song cog and then let s go up to height. So that single song is now taken off this list and i m gonna do the same thing for my all songs so those are off my mixer.


And i ll only be able to see my microphone audio and my desktop audio. But suppose you want them back in the mixer. How do we do that right click and go to on hide all and you will see all your songs and everything back appearing in your mixer. So adding.

A song to stream labs. Obs is very easy if this video. Did indeed help you guys out leave. This video.

A thumbs up and subscribe. My channel down below. For more stream labs. Obs tutorials coming up next on your 6 studios.

vie will know that but despite this movie being really bad as you can see the tv is displaying a nice crisp image. Very good colors very good contrast all that good stuff so one song through this tv. Out is beyond me. It was probably too round for them they probably upgrade to a flat screen.

Thought they were being cool by throwing this thing out and i watching this tv. It may not have the high definition resolution that modern tv will have but i can tell you this tv is going to last a lot longer than the lcd tv they have i m assuming in fact just about any crt tv is going to last longer than an lcd. But yeah. The dvd player works fine as soon as i can get a remote for this thing.

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It will be all fine and good until then i can still do basic functions like looking for the chairs. And actually looking things up to this the video inputs on the front store. And as you already saw the dvd player works in fact just to show you the video input works. Let s switch to line put my camcorder in i m just going to plug in the video.

Because i don t want to get any feedback. But you can see right there that it s picking up the picture or damage from camcorder whether that even picks up the menus. That s something you don t see a lot. So i think that s pretty awesome that can do that and again.

I m not plugging in the audio. Because i don t get a lot of feedback. But i can guarantee you this thing does work so let s switch back there s the game mode. Which is the same thing.

Except it doesn t look as good i even know what it s for. But i ll just unplug that now you can see that s about it so this tv is fight sitting out in the rain and cold weather for at least a week still working perfectly i m going to clean up a little bit more but other than that it s just beautiful there will be a good tv to keep hearing garage or in the basement. If not i ll sell it usually i can make a little more money off these tvs. That have a dvd player built in still not very much since the demand for crt tvs is a carry high except the nut cases like myself.

But that s all today hope you enjoyed this video and hope you found another reason. Why technology is better than new tech and that s all for ” ..

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