How to Change the Keyboard Language on a Chromebook

how to change keyboard language on chromebook This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Change the Keyboard Language on a Chromebook. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This video. I will show you how to change your keyboard over into a spanish spanish keyboard on your chromebook and this could also work for other languages obviously. But will be our example and you re going to go down to your options. Here and go to settings and from there go to the device part and click on keyboard settings and down here towards the bottom it says change language and input settings click.

There now over in this language is column you need to click add and we re going to find the keyboard. That s called spanish espa ol here this one spanish espa ol. Do not pick the spanish latin america one that s a slightly different keyboard than what i m showing you right now so if we do spanish espa ol click ok and then over here an input method just make sure you also click on spanish keyboard and then we hit dumb. You can close out of your settings.

And now you ll notice that when you open up your options. Here..

You will have either us. Keyboard or you can click on that and change. It to spanish keyboard. And you can change it from here back and forth depending on what you need so another way to do this too is if you re working in google.

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Docs. Let s say i m on this document here and i want to put in special characters like accents or nes. Then i can also in a google doc. I can go to add ons.

If you click on get add ons you can find something called easy accents and this will always pull up in your menu. Once you ve added it to to google docs and then you can start it up..

And it pops up over on the side here you just pick which language. You need here will be spanish and it comes up with all of the special characters that you might need so if you click over here it will put that special character into your document for you this is not available in other google apps like slides and things like that yet so you still need to know how to change your cut your keyboard over for work on canvas and other things. But this is a quick way to use special characters in a google doc if we look at the keyboard itself. Once you switch.

The spanish keyboard over into spanish espanol. You ll see this little market out here at the bottom. It ll say es. That shows that your keyboard is in spanish.

You obviously will have to switch that back and forth once you are in spanish keyboard mode your keys are going to have different functions they ll still look the same on your computer. But when you push the buttons..

They will do different things a few important parts here or is if you do shift and these two buttons next to backspace those are your question marks if. You need to write a question spanish you need the upside down the upside down exclamation. Is here. And the regular one is over here by the one just like it is on a normal us keyboard and nea is the button right next to l.

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And then this button here next to the nu is for accents. So if you click this button and click up if you click this key and click a vowel. It will put an accent on top of it. If you click this button shift and vowel.

It ll capital. It ll put an accent on a capitalized letter..

Too so those are the main aspects. You ll be using on the spanish keyboard. When you re working in our class. And so that should be about all unique.

If you have any other questions make sure to ” ..

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