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“Only word for our guide is big boy had this cookie today. I m going going to be showing you guys a lot too little tutorials so what you re is if you have a redacted risky. I guess. It s the only way it ll work for the redacted version on you so what i did is i transferred my old account that i had on the playstation.

3. Which i will make another video sooner or later about that attraction. My ps3 account to this which i found somebody to do it on the new division. I transferred my ps3 talk to it which is really over ahead and i never just used it and i got my comeback on it so i want to show you guys today.

How you can do your little butch on the desk in the reaching man version. So yeah if you guys want to go add me on the deck version. It has this flush that s it is my player card has had on most 62..


So yeah let s get to this tutorial. So let s go or do is underneath stapling. There s a little wiggly line and also using a reminder. It just did not work for um for shame.

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Unless you guys have leon developer. Console. Box you can then do this. And uh.

Oh. God all you a boy. All right sorry..


Excuse. Me. Add pops of every. Melanie.

Quick heads up this will not work for sheena and then she open the developers option so long you can do that through the peripheral. So you can and all through the scene. So i ll show you how guys going to do that but let s just get into this so under the escape button. There s a little wiggly line and what you go on do is press that it opened in total menu at the top of the screen and order not to do express scat get live name and you know are press space.

And you can watch it sea level and then whatever the speed you want to be and so i m just stay here. I m going to do on level 11. So i m the executive as you see there i m prestige master..


Now i ll have to worry about anything so we re going to do it again till. They put that set by name and they want to put you guys can also do your right. But i m just going to do the few levels kilojoule teen levels and let s just do a few nine people on survived all right so a little 52 on that so now we re going to do to put your rank is p on 52. Looking for terrific children stat stat stat set by name and then you put rank xp and then you re going to put in wherever you feel i m just going to do like eight hundred a hundred thousand vilensky.

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I m in love with 46 now so on i think i want to be like here. Now looking at high enough level to use it with stuff along hi. So should be stat sit by me and then our rink. No don t put a space between x s excuse and i love to do 950.

Yeah so i deal over 49. So now we can do step guide and then we re going to do rank xp. Let s do this is five million..


Yeah. I m now mobile 65. So that s as well just that you can do and sam is really cool um. If you guys need any help about this tell me down in comment section.

If it does not work. I have off i had no other idea how to do it um. I really could use a console version. So yeah.

If you have this video be sure to hit that like button subscribe if you guys are new and i ll see you guys in this little ” ..

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