How to organize your notes in OneNote

problem setting up onenote This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, museumoftechno would like to introduce to you How to organize your notes in OneNote. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everyone this is a graphic design how to and so then i m going to to tell you all about guides in illustrator and also the rulers so we ll off with rulers hit command r on your keyboard or ctrl r. On a pc. And that will toggle your rulers on and off. And you ll see them here in here.

If you want to change. The unit type you can control click right on the ruler and choose for instance inches. If you want and if you don t want the edge of your artboard to be at 0 0. You want the rulers to start somewhere else you can grab this here pull it down and this will make that point your zero zero point.

So that s rulers in a nutshell. Let s switch over to guides. Which is what this is really all about so to create a guide. All you have to do is click in the ruler and pull a guide down like this so we ll pull one from both sides.

Now if your rulers are unlocked you can move them around you can pull them up and down and pull them side to side i like to keep my rulers locked. Because i don t want to select them. So to do that it s option command semicolon or alt control semicolon on a pc. So now i can t select them as you can see most of what i m going to show you today will need them to be selected.

So i m going to unlock doing the same thing option command semicolon and now we can select them ok. There are a lot of different things that you can do with guys you can click and drag. And then hold the option to make a copy or you can select two or more drag and hold option to create a copy again you can also create a lot of different shapes with your shape tool. I ll just make a few different ones.

I m going select all of them they don t have a fill or a stroke. So i m gonna hit d to give them a white fill and a black outline so i ve got all of these selected. I ve got all my shape selected and these two guys i can click once more i have to be right on the edge of the guide for this to work. But i can click on it and that sets it as a key object and then i can align all of my objects to that object you can also turn off the guides by hitting command semicolon.

Or control semicolon on a pc. Okay let s bring them back by hitting the same thing. If your guides are locked. You can shift command and double click on one and this actually changes it into a live object.

It s no longer a guide. It s a path now so if i wanted to give it an outline i could just hit d and that actually gives it a white fill and black outline and it can become part of my artwork..

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Then if you want to change it back into a guide you can just hit command v. Or control v on a pc and the last thing i want to show you is kind of a variation of what i just showed you with this one you can make any shape into a guide so we have this star here you can hit command v. And now this is a guy and you can t select it unless you have it unlocked and then you can turn it back into a shape by holding shift command and double clicking it and you can make it any color. You can even make text into a guide.

Which is really helpful if you want to create templates and have somebody see a note without being able to select it very easily so i m going to create some text here. We ll make it a little bit bigger and then i m going to hit shift command. Oh. You do have to outline the text in order for this to work and then hit command v.

And now it s a guide if you want your guys to be a different color. Maybe. This is too light to read you can hit command k. To get your preferences up go to guides and grids and then you can change the color of your guides.

I will say okay and so this is a little more readable. But it might conflict with what you re working on so keep that in mind too all right. That s my video for this week. If you liked it please click on the like button.

And i ll see you next week with another graphic design tutorial thank. dogs of the house or whatever. Other notebooks you might want to keep just for yourself. So that s a way to consider you know figure out if you want to keep a notebook separate or merge.

It into another notebook tip. Number six in organizing your notebooks is how much do you need to store for this particular area. That you re talking about is it a few pages or a few hundred pages. If it s just a few pages.

You might want to just put those pages in an existing notebook or section. If it s hundreds of pages. That might warrant its own notebook. So that you can organize those hundreds of pages tip number seven is to consider how you need to access this information.

So for example. If you have a recipe notebook you only need or even want that open when you re cooking or thinking about cooking or planning cooking or working on shopping lists..

When you re not doing one of those things. That notebook can be closed. You don t need it. Now.

If you have a personal plan or notebook which i do and i call it my bullet journal. Even though. It s got like a lot of other stuff in it as well that s open almost all the time so i don t need to fill that personal planner notebook with a bunch of recipes as well when most of the time. I m not using or needing access to my recipes.

Okay tip. Number eight is the ability or need to close an archive. So when you re finished with a notebook or at any time really you can close it and then it doesn t show up on your active notebook dashboard so when you re switching from notebook to notebook you can just have the ones that you are currently open showing. And it just makes it easier to get around within your onenote account now frequently.

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I do a lot of online courses. And i usually create a notebook for each course. Because when the course is done i can close the notebook and i keep my information from the course. But the notebook itself doesn t show up in my everyday view of onenote.

So that s something to consider if this is a project with a finite end to it that you re going to want to close out later and not really have to look out every day. That might warrant putting that in a separate notebook and keeping in mind. That you can decide later that a bunch of data should go in its own notebook and move it. There.

So tip. Number nine is to search and use keywords. The search function works great and you can use keywords for even better access. So you find your search function so right now we re in my demo notebook.

I m right up here at the top left. Where it says. Demo notebook and just so you understand what we re looking at these on the left column is all the sections of this notebook. And then these are the pages within this section.

So i m going to demo this search for you i have hidden the word kela. The phrase key lime pie in this section..

So i m going to show you how we use search to find it now i have already done this so it s kind of a killing my big reveal there. But i m gonna first. I m going to show you that if you spell it wrong. It doesn t find it so it doesn t find it at all so now i m going to spell it correctly.

And it has found two instances of it and you can specify whether you want to search all notebooks your current notebook. A current section or the current page. So this first instance is the page were on which was tip number nine now i m going to show you the other instance. It found.

Which was the one. I had hidden for this demo. So here s this page called keyword demo. And it says key lime pie on it so this is great it found it.

But what if i need to know where it is i m going to click here. Where it s showing me the details of what i m searching and i m going to click the drop down menu next to all notebooks. And it shows. Me that my current notebook is the demo notebook which i knew because that s what because i i know where i put the key word.

So the current section is digital art and the current page is called keyword demo. So i m going to go to this section digital art and you can see right here. This is a video. I had filmed previously and then i just added a page to do my key lime pie demo.

So that s how search works. Often when i m storing something in onenote. Oh. And it s highlighting key because it found that in my search.

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When i m storing something in onenote especially if it s a screenshot or an image or something i will just add a type of line that says key word and then just add a bunch of words that i think i might use later if i m ever searching for that thing so if i was actually storing something relating to key lime pie. I might try like you know key lime pie desserts summer desserts that kind of thing anything i think i might think about later when i m searching for that term that piece of information. Okay my final tip is expand as you go so just start with a page. If and then i had as you need usually if i m starting a new project and i don t know how much space.

I m gonna need i will add a page to my personal like bullet journal or notebook. And then i might add a second and a third and usually if i get to three pages that s kind of a rough guideline..

I use that it probably needs to be in its own section within that notebook and then if it starts to get really unwieldy. I might move it out of my personal notebook. My bullet journal and move it into its own notebook. So just start with a page you can move them around and then add pages as you need them so i m going to do a quick run through of all of those tips and then we ll wrap up so tip number.

One do whatever works for you tip number two store like with like three make use of links four separate the different areas of your life. Five. Consider your privacy needs. Six consider the volume of information you need to store on a particular subject.

Seven consider how you want to access information. Eight. Consider. If you may want to close an archive.

A notebook tip number nine use searching. Keywords and tip. Number. Ten expand as you go.

So. That s it three principles for getting started with organizing your notes in onenote and ten tips to help you along the way the most important thing. I want to give you in this video is to just start you can fix it later and if you re storing data in the microsoft cloud. You won t lose any data.

Unless something goes wrong at microsoft. So as i mentioned i created this tutorial in response to a question that was submitted to me on my website. I love answering your questions so if you do have any questions or comments or something you want to see in more detail leave a comment in the comments section of this video. And i will do my best to answer you there also be a link to my contact form in the comments of this video as well so if you re watching on youtube.

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