How to Use a Bump Key

How to Use a Bump Key
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This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to Use a Bump Key. Following along are instructions in the video below:whats going on guys this is black Scout survival and today Im going to show you how to bump a lock essentially like bunk bumping is a method to bypass a lock you know you can pick a lock but this is different in the sense that what youre doing is youre essentially taking the pins inside of a lock and youre going to jolt them to meet the shear line and when you do that it will allow you to open up the lock now what youre going to need for this is bump keys these are some that we sell in our store and essentially a bump key is a key and its been shaved down to the full depth of the key way so it allows when it gets striped and hits the block it jolts those pins into place now this is the one we sell

in our store this is the universal set basically it will handle you know 90% of the locks out there quick sets leg and a master lock key and basically all you do is youre going to place it into a lock and this is the mortise cylinder we sell in our store so you can buy this to practice with you dont need to stand and Ill show that afterwards but essentially going to put it in all the way in youre going to pull it out one click now youre going to need something like a bump hammer some people use screwdrivers bump hammers obviously work better because it has kind of like a swing ability and it has the top here this rubber but basically youre just going to basically barely turn the key and youre going to strike that key into the lock and you know

it may take a few times just put in all the way and pull it back out one and that was open there I was putting too much tension in the beginning but open a lot there so basically just going to put very light tension on the bottom kind like youre turning the lock and then strike the back and its going to slap those pins into place allowing you to open the lock up you can also just use this you know in your hand so you dont necessarily need that you can just put in your hand and do the same thing or debit puppet so just do the same thing like that but thats the more two cylinder you can also just take a standard padlock using the master lock key pull it out and pop the master lock just like that Ill do that again

locked place it in and part the lot is very quick way to bypass a lot its just fun to practice obviously only do this on your own locks you know dont we dont condone any illegal activities but its good to have these you know the universal set the plum with this is that you know you may run across a lot that these keys do not fit youll need the exact key for that lock that style of key but usually like I said these will handle most locks in America and definitely I recommend having a striker a bump hammer as well and like I said you can pick out the mortar cylinder to practice with and the mortar cylinder is a 5 pin lock Schlage C style but anyhow guys thats it Ill put the links to those products below and thanks for watching black sky survival

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