Level 20 Monk Zen Pilgrimage/Peak of Serenity

Level 20 Monk Zen Pilgrimage/Peak of Serenity
peak of serenity
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whats up everybody its woke talking today were going to be doing another World of Warcraft video I created a new character his name is Jackson and I put the little title of Jenkins hes just a monk hes full of heirloom soup and he reached level 20 I was just playing for fun he reached level 20 and since at level 20 when youre a monk you get to go do training at some Mizpah dairy spot Im gonna show you guys how to do that right now Ive only done this once before so I dont really know how to do this that much so I think you just go in your spell book and you just go over it to Zen a pilgrimage and you can just bring that down your bar and thats thats just uh it just travels you to the Peter serenity in penned area which you learn your training and thats where you come actually certified as a month so its gonna so then this has to load into mr. Pandaria Im a monk monks came out the pandas but Im a human monk so all right so this is where you come we do okay okay this is where you come when you do the Zen pilgrimage

spell this is we come I think its already yeah so actually first let me tell you guys when you reach level 20 as a book on the right hand side over here where it shows request they will show a pop-up request for this that you have to turn it right show p cursor and e begin your training is to show both here all you have to do is left click that and accept it then once you do then pilgrimage like i just showed you guys heres come here baby mist then you accept it just says begin your training master Chang so we go to Master Changs training and we complete it so thats pretty much just over here you go through the left side of the gates and just go down down all these flights of stairs keep going so master Chang is over here there is no hurry so now I think were gonna duel actually anybody and this is a master so now its me and we shall begin oh so you just go to your text bar over here and click / go type / target yeah I was pretty easy plus and pull heirloom students tell me of your troubles alright so then youre gonna want

to pick one of these snaps its gonna depend what you are to pick those staffs I picked wind Walker whats your primary status agility your mistweaver this last one right here the aspirants staff of harmony which gives you in front to Samba in spirit which the primary staff for that is intellect if youre a blue master and lawyers waiting to Walker you want this second staff right here so we just click that second staff well just click complete quest it says the following spell will cast on you in killing enemies you challenge him again I guess so I guess well the sparring session but we just did one so were just gonna do this again beat them a little bit again now that quest is done again oh we had to duel up again but I was a little bit weird I think Roxy Grandmaster tell me of your troubles thats all you have to do are you thinking Ive done as far as him the second time but thinking Ive spotted him the first time yeah thats all it says you have to do to pique your serenity or your level 20 bump-bump quest three guys so thats all you have to do for that so behind a string

I say fun to go behind us I actually yeah so Im just gonna right-click on that really easy trip to Stormwind so if youre assuming you are going to get forest well youre also gonna get a little quest on the right over here that says learn to ride so thats all you have to do is accept that quest logging camp the bottom right of Allen force so see you guys there right now Im installing so Ill pick Ill start recording this again when I get there Ill see you guys there alright guys now were in Ellen forest East Bay logging camp and one thing I forgot to mention earlier when you if you want to get back to where you did the zelans encode bitch all you have to do is click doesnt open menu button again and just return to back so thats another way you can do that also as then pilgrimage return button which is the same spell as building so it just spells so when you fly here to the logging camp if youre a human world world go turn this quest over here to this girl youre gonna turn in this guy over here his name is Randall hunter Hughes Wilma riding trainer 360 silver

to be level 20 to do that earn giddy up so belonging and then heres a horse breeder right here my name is Katie hunter its just the right hello just go over there and you just buy these I guess thats pretty much all the ways to that you just buy one one of these three you can buy all three of these mounts right here theres Pinto bridle brown horse bridle and those chestnut mayor bridle which are all regular horses have a good one to have them out yeah they do actually heres the Pinto right here thats what he looks like heres a brown horse right there I dont know where the other ones at in here chestnut chestnut horse right here you get these swift ones when you reach level 40 thats pretty much all there is to this video you guys enjoy this video and really helped you out leave a thumbs up if I miss anything on this video or you have any questions about this video leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel you can also get more updates and when I post more videos on world Warcraft or any other content that Im gonna post and Ill see you guys my next video peace out

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