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” re at heinz field. The steelers home since 2001. This stadium has sold out every every game. It s hosted just like its predecessor did throughout the 70s 80s and welcome to pittsburgh tom hammond.

Here and beside me. Chris collinsworth. Thanks for joining us for this afc north showdown. Let s head down to the field now for the opening kickoff graham places.


The ball on the tee and we ll get ready to pick this one off booming hip takes it at the floor from their own 26 yard line. The bengals come out in a 4 3. Drops back on first down. He rolls left steps out of bounds at the 33 yard line.

Parker called edwin for a gain of 17. Most call here was the end was he out if he was in that he have control of the football before going out well obviously they saw something or they wouldn t have challenged this and remember it has to be conclusive visual evidence to overturn the call on the field. So let s see use all of the field wind passes make sure. The defense can t just sit there on any particular round.

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The cincinnati bengals line up in a 4 3 pitch left. He can t bring him down yeah. They guessed wrong on that when they thought. It was going to be a play inside.

They slanted those tackles in got caught to the outside and when you get an athlete in the open field like that look at he almost broke that one from their own 30 yard line. The bengals go with a four man front he looks to throw on first down rolling right andy cortices gain of 10 second down in less than a yard now the cincinnati bengals come out in a 4 3. The halfback with the carry he had him in the backfield. But just couldn t hold on no question about it that one looked like a loss.


All the way he made one defender miss and picked up that first down first down tend to go the bengals go with a four man front here s a counter play tried to run. But there was nothing available and if you can make a running back hesitate just a little that time you can see they re really and the running back was just fishing for a place to go second and long situation coming up here the cincinnati bengals come out in a 4 3. A little misdirection. The defense held their position and didn t let him get away on that one third down play they have to get it to at least the 35 yard line for fresh set of down the bengals lineup with a nickelback.

He drops back defense closing in and the pass falls. Incomplete. And even though that one doesn t go down as a sack that s one of those that the quarterback remembers and probably rushes him just a little bit on the next throw. Number nine is set back ready to punt.

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He ll probably try to pooch this one into the corner. And it will go out of bound all right first down tend to go ace backfield this time. Here s the give fumble on the play. It s picked up and a great job by the defense to recover the phone bill eleven yards out they find themselves in the red zone for the first time today still pushing he s into the school and got picked up a lot of yardage on that run get the offensive line a little credit.

They created the initial hole. But after that it was all running back that s the reason this guy is so popular ” ..

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