Mahabharat Stories B. R. Chopra EP 87

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“War did not stop even nafter ghatotkach s death the pandavas wanted to nmourn nmourn for ghatotkach . but could not do nso in between the war so wiped their ntears and continued to fight ghatotkach s death nenhanced. The morale of kauravas so. They fought with ngreater determination in hastinapur ndhritrashtra.

Was still worried i share. The grief of your ngrandson ghatotkach s death. Thank you sanjay duryodhan has made a nvery foolish move. He used a divine npower to kill ghatotkach.

He should have used it nto kill krishna or arjun had any one of them died duryodhan s victory. Nwould have been certain prince duryodhan is in the nbattlefield and you are here. He may have thought it nbest to get rid of ghatotkach. Even sage drona was nhelpless before him this was affecting.

Nthe army s morale. Strategically the prince nmade. The correct decision. After ghatotkach s death.

Sage. Drona is nlike a river in flood. None can dare stop him the pandavas army is ntrapped and helpless. Seeing this the king of nvirat.

Is. Approaching sage drona. O sage. The use of divine npower.

Does not befit. You why because. I am nfighting arjun s army. I know these gods very well o indra don t you know nthat.

It was you who took the divine shield nand earring from karna o sage. I am a nrepresentative of the gods on their behalf. I request nyou not to use divine weapons. Even the sage desires it divine weapons should be nused.

Only to protect religion. How do you know i am not non the side of religion. O indra. I am protecting my truth.

While my opponents are nprotecting their religion. Wait o. Son of bharadwaj. My respect to lord brahma.

At his moment. I stand namidst a river of blood. Please tell me how i can serve you no need for that in the lord s name stop nthe use of divine weapons. It violates.

The brahmin code. You are a giver of knowledge. Why have you embraced nthe path of a warrior. My teacher sage parshuram nis also a brahmin he too has gone to war many times.

The one who holds nthe vedas is a brahmin. But when he raises a nweapon..

He becomes a warrior as the commander of nthe kaurava army. It is my duty to protect nhastinapur and its army don t stop me from doing my duty o sage. It is my duty to warn you if your are determined to nviolate the brahmin code than i cannot stop you you may use any nweapon you choose. But you very well know why ndhristadyama was born o brahma.

None can go nagainst your wishes. I did not ask dhrupad for a promise. My wife would paint my nson s lips with rice paste. So that he could tell his nfriends.

He had drunk milk dhrupad did not keep nthe promise. He gave me. But i fulfilled his promise. I gave him half a nkingdom and made him my equal even.

Then my coward friend dhrupad would not give up his pride. He married his daughter to arjun who had defeated him in war. But forgot that ndrona was his friend if you still think it is nmy fault then so be it in indraprasth when he nwanted a blessing for his son. I did not refuse him did i not know why he nwanted that blessing.

I knew even then my friend nwanted a blessing for his son. Even in kurukshetra. I ndid not fear the blessing given to dhristadyama and ndid not forsake dhritrashtra. I am indebted to the kurus.

The person who did nno own a single cow. Now has hundreds of cows therefore forgive me i know the pandavas nwill eventually win they deserve to win. I am the commander nof this losing side. I am only doing my duty o brahmin.


What are you ndoing in the battlefield go to the hermitage nand teach the princes that is your duty o king of virat. If your weapons are not for show then fight me ask your charioteer to think of easy ways of escape. Wherever he takes your chariot. My arrows will stop him o brahmin make use nof brahma s weapon.

You are not worth nusing. The brahma s weapon. Beware. Take the chariot ntowards.

The virat king. I wont let you live drona on account of king. Virat s death you have killed a brave warrior. If you don t stop barring my way then another nbrave warrior will die.

This is our last meeting let s pay respects to each. Other you are not worthy of my respect move forward today sage drona has repaid my debt. He has killed two nbrave warriors in one day. It is an auspicious nday for duryodhan now if he can only nget rid of krishna.

Then duryodhan is safe a father who has lost n98 sons is happy today really very happy look and tell me who nhe is fighting now. Prince duryodhan. Is nsaying something to him. He must be praising sage drona.

Listen carefully and ntell me every word killing the virat king nand. Dhrupad is not enough. I want the pandavas corpses their killing is not that easy why would i tell you if it was easy you have divine weapons neven gods cannot fight you and you cannot ndefeat your own pupils if you cannot kill nthem when they re awake then kill them nwhile they are sleeping. I cannot fight a war of treachery go away let me fight.

The truth is like grandsire nyou. Too do not wish to fight remember..

A war is nfought. Only for victory you are not fighting nthis war for my victory 98 of my brothers have nalready died fighting. But those five nbothers are still alive. I am a warrior not nthe.

Lord of death take the chariot ahead look krishna. I am seeing everything everything nobody can defeat sage drona today can t defeat him in war. Do you mean we will nlose the war today. I did not say that one thing is definite nnone can defeat sage drona.

If all the rules of nwar are strictly followed. There s no harm in doing nevil to protect truth. What are you saying. I am.

Merely nsuggesting an idea arjun. The one who opposes ntruth is a symbol of evil. It is every person s nduty to vanquish such evil anyone who does not to nthat will also be evil that is a mere logical argument logic is the basis of life life is meaningful when nbelief is rooted in logic. Do you agree that nthis is a war of truth of course.

It is you also agree that sage drona is an nobstacle to the victory of truth. Yes. I agree then you must also admit nthat. The sage s defeat is necessary for nthe truth to triumph.

The protection of ntruth can never be evil you did not think ntwice about making shikhandi face grandsire. What should we do now. There s only one solution. If he is made to nbelieve ashwathama is dead.

He will give up nhis arms in mourning. Forgive me o krishna. Victory is not worth. The price.

Who are you to win or lose this war. It is your duty to fight evil. Do your duty and nforget about its result o krishna. I do not nknow the art of falsehood o yudhishthir nwill.

You not side with truth. If there is no other way nfor truth to triumph. I am willing to nbear the burden of sin. I will bear this burden of sin the churning of the sea ndid not yield nectar alone it also yield poison the one who drinks nthis poison is lord shiva did not lord ram violate the nrules of war to kill bali do you know the nname of that elephant it s called ashwathama i have killed ashwathama ride on charioteer.

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I nhave killed. Ashwathama be careful elder brother sage drona may not nbelieve bheem and may ask you i have killed ashwathama. I have killed ashwathama. I have killed ashwathama.

I have killed ashwathama take my chariot to yudhishthir. I do not want your respects i want the truth is it true that my nson ashwathama is dead answer my question ashwathama the elephant was killed what are you saying sanjay yudhishthir lied to win a war the truthful one krishna has truly spoiled my sons totally spoiled my sons. But his logic was faultless whatever goes against me and nmy sons will seem faultless to you tell me of drona s condition. As you wish my lord the sage has shed his weapons bheem is saying something to him what is he saying.

It befits. A brahmin nto teach o teacher. How did you became a warrior. These are your teacher s weapons crush them under your chariot nif.

You wish i still cannot believe that my son ashwathama nwas killed by you yes yudhishthir will not lie hence. I have shed my weapons..

A disciple is like a son bheem if you were not my disciple. I would be nstanding over your corpse. No krishna move aside sahadev nlet go of me leave me nakul. Leave me dhristadyama.

I ll never nforgive this cowardice. I ll kill you you have killed. My unarmed teacher dhristadyama. You are a coward arjun.

I ll kill dhristadyama ni. ll kill him what crime has ndhristadyama committed panchali. Why did you stop you ll have to get rid nof me before my brother do i have any nimportance in this family o warrior. I am.

The same draupadi who was dragged by her nhair to the hastinapur court. I am. The same ndraupadi who was disrobed and five brave nwarriors watched mutely sage drona on whose ndeath. You are so angry.

Sat quietly in the same court. When my unarmed son. Nabhimanyu was killed this very drona nled. The other killers.

No coward can dare pay nrespects to my father yudhishthir. I am. Not the one whose death. Nyou announced to my father cowards look at me carefully i ll never forgive you nfor this act of cowardice.

I ll make you pay the nprice for my father s death my respects grandsire what blessing shall i give you i cannot bless you with victory would you like the nblessing of a long life no grandsire. The chief of a losing side ncannot desire a long life if you really wish to bless me. Wish that i am freed nfrom duryodhan s debt. The chief.

Yes grandsire. Then sage drona is o hastinapur. What is the fate will none survive. Till.

Nduryodhan s last moment. There is a lot wrong with him. But my heart feels for him had dhritrashtra not burdened nhim with his own ambitions duryodhan would not nbe self destructive your becoming commander. Only means you are going to leave him.

Soon you are his friend tell him that he is a warrior. It does not befit a nwarrior to be a slave allow me to leave nmy respects grandsire. My respects krishna what was the ncharioteer s son doing here don t keep ninsulting karna like that this is not he nlanguage of brave warriors. I know who karna s mother is she is to be respected do you really know karna s mother all mothers are alike.

Dear nakul. They are all to be respected accept krishna s respects ngrandsire won t you bless me. No. I am honored by your presence.

O krishna. Give me a part of your merit. So that my life is also a success success and failure are mere words who knows this nbetter than you that these words have no meaning victory defeat nsuccess and failure are mere names for the result. The result is not in your hand.

Did you know the result nwhen you took the oath. If you knew you would nnot have taken the oath..

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If sage kingdom s ncurse had not intervened king pandu. Would still be ruling and dhritrashtra would not nbe addicted to the throne duryodhan. Too would not be nin the hell of ambition. If all this would nnot have happened you would not be non this bed of arrows.

This is the nend result of your oath. Which lies in shreds because you ndid not know the result of your oath. Do not hold nyourself responsible for what has happened is nhappening and will happen you have a right to your salvation yudhishthir. Why are your brothers heads not able nto carry their own weight.

Today. We have committed a grave crime crime. Did you turn nyour backs in the arena. No grandsire did any one of you nkill an unarmed warrior.

They are not ntalking about abhimanyu. Then what did they do they themselves will tell you then why are hey standing silently their crime cannot be greater than the wax house the game of ndice or draupadi s insult sage dronacharya sage dronacharya has died due to a lie spoken by me ngrandsire. One lie lied yudhishthir. You lied you go away from here.

If it was in my power. I would remove this nmoment from my life my dear yudhishthir. Lied o. Mother satyavati o mother satyavati if you removed all nyour unwanted moments.

You would have no life span left the five brothers could nnot. Defeat sage drona. What could they do nlose this holy war. So that duryodhan ncould rewrite history deny the wax house and ncall draupadi.

A whore prove that this holy nwar never happened that he was on the nside of truth in this war for sage drona ndhritrashtra s debt was greater than truth. But they were not alone you were with them how long can a nbhishma or a drona last when you stand before them. I have sworn not to take nup weapons in his war. So what did you nnot run to attack me that was my tribute to your bravery.

I had heard you had left nbehind your naughtiness in the by lanes of gokul. Which means you have forgiven them who can refuse you anything tell the king of madra that karna is waiting for him outside as you say sorry for the delay commander do not embarrass me. In my enthusiasm. I nhave come before time it is an honor to have nyou as my charioteer lord krishna on that nside and you on this side.

What can a mere charioteer do i can only try to save you nfrom arjun s accurate arrows. The charioteer alone can do nothing. Arjun s accurate. Narrows will be on fire.

I know that but karna too has naccurate arrows in his quiver. I know all that but you too have tasted narjun s arrows in virat. Even the kaurava army ncould. Not face arjun that army also had nmany great warriors like bhishma sage drona nkripa ashwathama duryodhan and yourself besides that war nwas on behalf of virat.

This is his own war the wax house the game of dice ndraupadi s insult and the deepest wound of all nabhimanyu s death all those wounds nhave ignited his anger even a brahmin s weapon ncannot pierce that anger this is open partiality shalya should not cross nthe limits of a charioteer do not talk of limits. My lord. Why why shouldn t i talk about limits both abhimanyu s and drona s ndeaths are fresh in the mind bharat s dynasty has nlost all its values the lunar dynasty is on the decline. It is a poisonous darkness.

Who knows when this night will end and the sun will nrise in hastinapur. ” ..

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