Minecraft: 5 INSANE SEEDS You Have To TRY NOW! (Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/PE/MCPE)


Minecraft: 5 INSANE SEEDS You Have To TRY NOW! (Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/PE/MCPE)
minecraft seeds ps3
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so what is up guys historys MC here now in todays awesome video Im gonna be showing you guys the top 5 minecraft consolation seeds now these are gonna be seeds for the minecraft consolidation that we x-book 60 Edition the ps3 edition the Xbox one edition the Wii U edition the switch Edition the PS Vita Edition the Xbox one edition and the ps4 editions that just about covers every single Edition that should be there so if you guys do you want me to do the newest seeds for the Pocket Edition the Xbox one edition and the minecraft Windows 10 Edition let me know down in the comment section below and Ill make another video and like that for you guys but this one is the console edition fans because I know you consolation guys love your minecraft consolation so if you guys do enjoy the video dont forget to click like and subscribe Im about forever you guys lets get into the top 5 seeds or console edition lets get into it a German case for shout out dont get subscribe and keep notifications turned on these guys can see we are here on our first seed now of course this first see that were on guys is going to be the hair brown seed all lower caps now if you dont know how to spell hair Brian and will be on the screen so dont worry about that just look at on the screen and it should be there so as you guys can see the reason Ive chosen the seed and I always choose the seed to start off these top fives is because this seed is definitely one of the greater seeds guys this seed is absolutely insane like I promise you guys every single time I viewed the seed every single update this seed always always always currently has one of the best you know spawns and stuff like that so Ill show you guys that this seed currently has around six to eight villages and has tons of loot at the spawn and its just just a great great seed so one of the villages is at you know over here x53 y71 z2 five six and in order to mark out all these villages one minute do is Im gonna use a beak and Im going to use some stained glass just so I can mark out just a few of these villages just to show you guys exactly how how you know insane is absolutely seated so Im gonna show you guys right now so lets do this there we go one two three one two three one two three there we go and then there we go so this is the first for the chair and Ill just show you guys a couple other ones this one is R an axis one so you dont really meet in a location if you want to know is X 52 why 67 is e 2 5 2 then Ill go to the other one guys which should be right over here as you guys see weve got another I dont even know you call this by my school is savanna biome I think and then we got another village over here which is that X 2 4 5 y 71 Z 1 1 3 another village over here you have to see villages Flushing about now a lot of these villages do you have would you call them they do have the chests and stuff like that so thats why I really like the Cedars walk because the seed is really really good so were gonna be doing a top 5 Im just gonna be skimming through and yeah guys this reason why I like to see this wall because it has you know sand temples as well so another Sun Temple at X 3 to 8 3 to 8 y 7 to 5 + Z 58 so lets just check out what this has quickly guys Im gonna check out every single chest and every single thing in every single seed okay this one has some cold enough cause guys night is really really good cuz golden apples are really really you need it like if youre gonna go you know defeat one of the boss mobs you really do need a golden apple cuz a golden apple will save your life a million times guys so its definitely definitely different great then over here you guys to see we got another full village guys and once again weve got I forgot what you call this like you dont call it a stronghold chest but I dont know what you call it anymore I generally forgot but yeah this is a really really good to see guys as you gotta see weve got another both village over here at weve got it at X 3 3 5 why isnt 5 z – 201 and ya guys for the seed I did forget to mention you do want to make sure that the world size is classic and all other settings are left on the normal normal setting guys because if you do you know put it on large or something like that I dont know if the seed will still be the same so for this seed it needs to be classic as classic seed and it needs to be a balanced seed as well as you cant have any other random random stuff and its going to see weve got our seventh village over here at X 41 y 68 said – 2 3 8 so guys see you were just gonna beacon this one off like this there we go there we go beacon this one up there we go and then where the word would really be convicted Meighan Oh brown beacon okay Brown beacon okay there we go so lets go over here Ill show you guys why this one is absolutely insane oh gosh okay so yeah just pretty you could get pretty much get full armor just from going on this theater before I know I might just by walking around this seat and thats a great way to science valve game so yeah like I said guys its not another village over here Im not gonna give you the education of this one because theres so many villages around like I said guys we run eight villages on you guys and see there another village over here this ones a X minus two or seven Y 75 6 z OT so you havent seen another Sun Tan pues ya guys this seed is one of the saints hes like I love this seed because every single version of Minecraft that runs the seed it always always has tons and tons of blue the only thing bad about this is is that over here theres not really much stuff its just a large pool of water and like theres not really much stuff over here apart in this small island but problem that likely the ballon that do give you is really really good so definitely check out see it and definitely yeah just tell your friends that rhythm cito you succeed because yeah the herb run seed every single addition its always why I use when Im starting survival on this version of Minecraft because its just its just absolutely great and you know never know you might find her body so on to the next seed guys not the next seed is Ive got the seed loaded up here the next seed lets go over to the water generator next seed is two one five five one seven and then we go seven again so this seed should actually be the biome skill you know lodge world size small and then find a balanced seed if you go down you scroll the way down where is it where is it where is it where is it its in setting somewhere guys find abundant seed yet that its on tick so you want to uncheck that and shout out the frenzied gaming for this seed I found the seed because someone told me that frenzied gaming had this awesome awesome see someone coming on my last video saying check out the seed so Im gonna comment seed number two and then yes so this seed guys is a really really good seed and if you want to trick for getting more good season minecraft guys make sure that you actually use a seed that has unbalanced because of its unbalanced it could mean there could be loads of villages but the only bad thing about that is that you could

get like a whole world of like snow so its not really balanced so yeah its just you know depending on what you want so were just gonna load up this one Im gonna show you where every things I havent really viewed this seed that much but there are a few things there like a really really good seed like around nine villages and you know just just crazy crazy stuff so Ill show you guys oh hello did it survival the Loden survival guys okay Im gonna reload the walk with me Ill be right back so for our second seed hey guys were gonna be doing world sizemore biome scale a lot find the balance seed on ticked then were gonna be going into DC generator and were going to be typing Im going to be typing two one five five one seven so two one five five one seven seven and there we go and then those are the settings that you want to have for this seed this should work with all the other platforms as well and if it doesnt guys let me know in the conversation below because of course wanna find out if your seed can actually work as well with other platforms so yeah just make sure you know your comment down below let me know if that seed spawns and it works were gonna load up this see right now lets see what we got here doo doo doo doo doo doo doo its wait for the C to load cast every time you know you know you load a new world it does take a long time to load so hopefully this doesnt take too long lets see lets see come on come on come on come on come on come on come on much more come on okay here we go okay here we go so this is right see because I did record the wrong seat but this is the right seat guys I promise you so for this one I think why is it in nowise at nighttime its actually make sure we load this one up so yeah this seat guys is one of the greatest seeds of Ive seen so far and shout out to frenzied gaming because grabber told me that frenzied gaming found this awesome awesome seed and I should check it out and as you guys can see this is absolutely amazing so the seed apparently has like nine villages which is absolutely insane and nine desert temples as well this series absolutely in same guys absolutely insane seed so as you guys can see this seed as I was saying before was interrupted but you probably didnt even realize I got the video yeah another thing guys this C is absolutely insane the first village here is at spawn guys which is absolutely in saying its a village at spawn we love this we love this kind of stuff so were gonna instantly go ahead and get our beacons out were gonna make sure we mark these guys because I do believe that there are an insane number amount of villages on the seed and theres probably two men need to count Im not gonna lie to you guys cuz this one is gonna be the star in one so were gonna have this first village Im not gonna give you guys a number because its right spawns when you spawn and youll see it right in your face so were just gonna leave that one there and there we go there we go to go so lets go to the next one because I can already see some from where I am like I see one right over there I can see one right but theyre somewhere so Im gonna go to this one Im gonna go to this one oh there we go there we go there we go so this village guys is over here so this village number two guys videos number two is that x1 3 8 y 74 Zed 299 so lets get our beacons out guys and this is gonna be our second finish I really do hate the noise of the villagers tell them not allowed to just really annoys me some reason but yeah this is our second village as you guys can see villages crops and yeah dont forget guys a lot of people seem to forget that when they find a village you actually need to use that village to make crops so yeah just use the village till the crop some villages I know it might sound bad but the villagers not pretty much using them and you need that food you need to eat that village food so yeah just pretty much use that stuff so yeah its got some nice crazy crazy stuff going on around here and theres so many so many things in the seed like something insane loud I just love this eat so the third village guys is over here but village we have at X 350 y 76z a1 and this is our third village once again guys so yeah we got a lot of seeds to get through in todays video button on the left guys these seeds are absolutely epic guys so lets actually put some stained glass on this lesson see there this is our third village now all these villages guys they got lot of villages so make sure you also trade and you you get the best deals as well like I realize you get some insane deals when youve got all these different villages guys so this village number four but its number four is over here at X 290 Y 81 Z minus 2 3 2 and of course once again Im gonna make sure that I used this up use this beacons or whatever so were already on the already on the pink is this 4 is at five I dont know guys I want to have no idea I think its I think is I think its five Im not sure guys Ive lost count yeah its its five has to be pop guys cuz I dont remember using the green glass though but I think it is five yeah it has to be five okay so were on finish number five already so were gonna be doing now its going over to village number six and bearing in mind guys there are a lot of villages in this one word so this is probably what Im going to go into most detail of because this is probably one of the best ones other ones arent as good as this one but still insanely good as you can see we got does a temple over here at x37 7 y 73 is that minus 433 if you cant use the coordinates to find it always just oh gosh guys I dont mean to do that I didnt mean to do that guys I probably should have turned TNT off because I was you guys to see now everythings gets destroyed but yeah I guess that means when you guys are the world hopefully something will be there for you because mine just got destroyed TNT like I said guys I knew this game so you guys are gonna you gotta you know cut me some slack so I was going to see oh damn is on this one this is pretty good so lets see over here this one is at X 2 8 1 y 7-6 7-4 6-2 and then we got this guys I guess I see were gonna put some beacons down and Im gonna put beacon there and then this is finish number 6 its gonna see six villages and we havent only explores half the map guys half the map six villages this is absolutely insane guys absolutely insane stuff going on in this world its why I told you guys this seed theres a lot to cover a lot of stuff to cover now another village and you you might not even see this one you might even see the Sun Temple guys cuz its pretty well hidden so this sound temple is over here at X once X minus 1 6 5 y 57 is Z 4 minus 2 minus 4 3 2 and for this one guys this one is a really good one guys cuz we got a stupid listening Apple guys like this is not just any Golden Apple this is the golden golden apple guys which means that that one gives you some insane powers guys if you dont know what it gives you guys a load the world

and youll see youll see the insane powers I gives you guys so yeah lets see what this one gives us this is another village guys village number I think I think weve run out of beacons this is village number seven I believe so – two three five why 71 and said four tens a dead – for ten guys village number seven village number eight I told you the seed is absolutely insane village number 8 and every one of these villages so far I do believe has a hat I dont know what you call this guys please you call it a furnace chest and dont run I dont remember what you call it guys I dont remember what you call it just please remind me as you guys can see nearly full iron armor and you can even make some armor of the iron that you can get here and I know you get from other villages village number nine is over here at X – 3 8 3 y 67z – 4 1 5 right next to that village over there I mean I just an insane seed guys insane in a sane seed guys and once again another Sun temple over there lets go check out this sand temple guys probably has you know a lot of stuff so guys imagine loading up this world Im looting every single village guys its gotta feel a little bit like four night just to be looting every single village I got to see another Golden Apple save those golden apples guys for when you want to fight the wither or when you want to fight the ender dragon guys because I trust me you will need it you will need those golden apples when you go to Phi the ender dragon because those those golden apples if you were to make those golden apples that you get there you would have to use like I think probably around 64 go just for one Apple what its probably more than that its like 9 times 9 so probably 80 81 gold just for one Apple guys and this is village number 9 I think the final village and this is here in the middle of the map I dont know even in middle map this is that X – 1 6 186 y 7405 free so guys this is insane insane stuff this seed is by far one of the greatest seeds Ive seen so far Frank of consolation because theres also guys I dont know ruin your fun but I mean theres also a bunch of sand temples that I havent talked about so you know you can go find those ones for yourself as well because theyre located some in the world I dont want you guys to explore the world as you guys can see this one right there probably has loads of stuff theres some more around here Ill show you guys its probably some more around here there should be some more around here some more on here this is guys please tell me account this village is really number 10 guys I think this is just a tenth of village is this no we didnt even spawn it this video is number 10 guys um see if his number 10 is that X – 2 – 3 y 78028 5 so yeah like I said guys so much stuff in this world can barely your cover and want video guys cuz just imagined was down there below in the cave like this seed is a gift from Mojang so guys were gonna be going onto the next seed now and for the next seed because I did mess up this seed already I like recording the videos like hey guys doesnt she here and I messed up the hint I see but yeah this next see guys this is seed number three this is gonna be a bit difficult were gonna move safely with this one guys but try not to get this number wrong guys I will I should have on screen and I should have it in two different colors so you should be able to you know enter three colors first then the other three colors so this seed starts with – then it goes three to five then it goes six five three then it goes to nine four two nine four then it goes eight seven six then it goes four three six then it goes three a seven and then it goes six guys so yeah as you guys can see three to five three five six five three then weve got two nine or eight seven six four three six eight seven six guys house you guys can see that as a crazy seed guys bring creative on Martians go on balance he ticked gone biome size small words thats classic and those what where did my seat go it dont tell me oh my gosh guys I entered it in the name okay so Im gonna enter the seed one more time guys and hopefully Im just gonna skip this guys cuz Im gonna enter the seed and Im just gonna skip this part so as you guys can see this is now seed number three we have loaded up successfully seed number three now this seed guys is the seed of all seeds this one the reason why I like this seat so much guys its because this seed actually you know its its an around a seed guys its not just one of those seeds where you know I guess its gone like you know one two things here this is an all rounder seat so the spawn here is kind of a weird spawn weve got like this weird village here as you guys can see over to the right and then I think maybe I loaded the wrong Syria I think maybe actually loaded wrong because does look kind of like I want to see you guys so I might have to restart the video but I think I might just check it out over here to see if this is a kind of right because it should be a message to you guys but unless nonetheless this still looks like a good series yes and see over here we go once again another little desert temple right here so this one is more of like a water recede but its still pretty good though as you havent see by the loop that matched again so tons of run flesh which is really really good like most people dont think were on flesh is good but if you do get a dog one people one people one thing people dont realize guys is that you can actually feed that all to your guys without having to cook up steak so its a really really good thing got a little bit of snow bomb over here lets see whats over here lets see whats over here I dont remember the seed too much guys but so far its two proven to be not that bad so over here over here hell be good over here just bits and biome Im saying see not too good but its not too bad as well hes not do likes hes like this guys its because it allows you to like building a war and stuff because a lot of seeds do already have original land but I love these seeds guys and see you here weve got like an ocean monument which you dont find and a lot of the seeds that are actually Im you know covered with land so the ocean monument is over here X minus 180 for y 62 z13 8 guys yeah this seed Ill leave you guys to explode this seat on your own like I dont want to explain the seed entirely guys because you do know minecraft is an adventure game and you know of course adventuring is part of the journey and like you know you want to enjoy that part so Ill probably leave some of that to the you know for you guys so I just leave you guys over there if you want to find this cool cave this is at minus 2 8 9 y 59 is 0-1 fat free so Im gonna go on to seed number 4 now guys seed number 4 were going through some some seeds guys were going through a bunch of seeds guys so were gonna be going through seed number 4 now guys okay so this is you guys is see number four now see number four should be on the

now for some reason guys this seed is kind of weird like for sometimes apparently this seat is a glitch seed so what does itll do is that sometimes when you load this see the wooden match will not actually spawn in half which I know is absolutely insane guys so yeah try entering the seed see if you know whenever you enter the seed you know if it spawns in half I think like for a certain amout of people it will do that so I dont know if youre gonna be one of the people that does that for ya this is a wooden man since you know if you dont know in order mention there are diamonds I dont just show you guys the rest of this see because this is seed number four this is one of the incredible season now there are some pumpkins over here which are also used for for steinem form I dont know if theyre any villages in this world but I do know that this world its kind of like a cool glitch seed so some cool features in this world I dont want to spoil it for you guys but you know you guys if you want you can explore yourself and you guys can find out all the cool stuff oh my gosh Im going the wrong way I wanted to explore this way but yeah it doesnt seem like theres much over here because of course Im going off the map but yeah seed number four guys is cool Olav feature over there and yeah this is seed number for guys a cool little what you call an ocean monument not notion monument a cooler wooden mansion seed so yeah this is seed number four guys see to be on the screen theres another theres a temple over here at X – 6 3 y 73 Z 11 so over here lets see what this has cuz Ive been seeing a lot of things but I havent been seen any I dont even know if you can get diamonds and in these bottom chests can you guys I dont know comment down below if you guys cant get diamonds cuz you guys always comment on a stock but Ive never seen diamonds there so far so it doesnt see thats a really really cool struck stairs well we got another village over here I simple simple villager X 3 1 6 me 4 0 1 10 so like I said before guys this number will be on the screen I did try to enter it by failed multiple times and yeah thats pretty much it guys so um as you guys can see once again I wish a monument on the ground and this youve got like a weird um like I said thats why I like these seats because you know with all this ocean space you can get also monuments and stuff theres no other seats you cant so once again Ive got another stand theres a temple here x 106 was me 5 – 2 4 6 over here we have there we go there we go with diamonds guys we got diamonds on this one so this one is absolutely insane guys this one is absolutely insane so lets see whats over here so yeah that is seed number 4 guys see number 4 and lets go on to see number 5 now get seed number 5 is going to be a great one guys see number 5 is gonna be a great one now I do not make sure that this seed is good go and see number five nice guys to see you we are here with seat number five the final final seat coming to a close and this one the reason why I love the seat so much is that spawns right at the spoon with a village right here guys shout out to you know what Im not gonna say that name I dont even know if thats appropriate for YouTube but um the person did find this seed but their name is I dont know I cant really say it but I probably will put a link to the channel in description or maybe something like that but yeah so this seed guys is amazing so as you can see here weve got Im just gonna call this a stronghold even though this isnt a stronghold Im just gonna call it stronghold um I dont know we call this villager as you guys and see weve got a village at spawn two villages at spawn and the woodland mansion guys honestly this is in saying guys look at this of Ace oh my gosh guys its up to you I mean absolutely incredible so um I guess I see here weve got two villages with chests guys not see these chests come bearing many many gifts guys so I wont give you locations because theyre literally right in spoon and you can see them from where you are and of course this world guys keep classic ticked keep a world side small not whats a small thing words as classic as well so yeah just pretty much leave the settings on no more as you guys see weve got two wooden mansions not one two guys two wooden mansion which means twice the diamonds twice to lose twice the amount of stuff youre gonna get on a regular seed which is once again as I always say absolutely amazing guys so yeah this seed is by far one of the probably might the second best seed Ive seen so far reason why I say second best is just cuz theres so much stuff on the seed and I come on get through it all guys I wish I could but I cant so yeah this is absolutely insane so as you guys can see weve at X 376 Y 75 Zed one two two weve got another sand temple as you guys can see here weve got some stuff there weve got some golden apples weve got some I dont know what that green stuff is you call those emeralds I call them slime but yeah weve got some emeralds there see these guys and see we are here and another village right next to this its just like I said theres so much stuff in this world I dont want to say and if theyre all these villages have chest as well so its really really good so Im City and some some obsidian there which can use to create a map or guys so another point which would be amazing guys yeah loads loads of stuff guys this seed is you want to see it this is the one Oh probably the first seed I showed you or the second seed I dont know theyre all so good guys theyre all so good now before the video gets to an end guys I want to give you guys you know thank you for watching all the way to the end guys because you guys are absolutely amazing if you watch these yet it means you really really enjoyed my videos so I do want to say guys if you do have any seeds of your own and you found any seeds comment it down below so I can add them to the next episode if you do get added to the next episode guys I will reward you in some way Ill send you like a thank you message on xbox you know to your gamertag or probably send like like whoever I choose as the top first seed Ill send them like my gift card or something so make sure the seat if you leave one maybe lets get picked if you are the first person I do pick I will give you a gift card blast if I do pick you guys cuz I dont give out gift cards guys but I dont want to do them every single video cuz I think then it gets I want to make I mean it make them really really special and for subscribers that really do care about my content so if you guys do enjoy the video dune effects leave a like on the video guys its been a its been juicy of you guys have enjoyed todays video Ive been of quartering guys for about maybe two hours now whos going through so many seeds going through all these things I know if you guys enjoyed the top 5 seeds guys to do this for you guys I do this for you so lets be honest when I was going pace

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