Mod Limit Changed! – Fallout 4 and Skyrim: SE Updates (Xbox One/PS4)

Mod Limit Changed! – Fallout 4 and Skyrim: SE Updates (Xbox One/PS4)
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some new news came out recently bethesda has finally done what weve all been asking for and changed the mod limit I get tons of comments about this every single day but finally the day has come and oh wait Im sorry you thought they increase the mod limit no but thats not actually in their latest update to scarm special edition decrease their mod limit this is done very sneakily and only actually discovered by people not being able to download mods anymore they didnt put it in their patch notes or anything like that basically the scenario is this fallout 4 and Skyrim being on the gamebryo engine have a hard limit of 255 mods that including the original game so you could download 250 for additional mods this is just a flat-out engine restriction its played PC players for a number of years there are some different workarounds available on PC not on Xbox

one at the end of the day 254 mods is quite a bit and many people dont even hit that limit well for whatever reason Bethesda decided to reduce that limit with the most recent update to Skyrim special edition coming out about a week ago at this point the only Avenue we officially got this news is through a tweet response from the Bethesda support Twitter basically someone tweeted a picture at Bethesda saying I cant download any mods I have some free space whats the deal and in that image they show they have a hundred and 60 megabytes still a free space but its saying the download limit is reached then but as it does respond theres currently a cap on the amount of mods one can have for the ps4 does 100 and Xbox one is 150 so obviously again that is going to be a hundred less mods really 99 less mods

than you could before this patch and then on ps4 849 less mods since then but that has not talked about it at all it hasnt been discussed anywhere except this Twitter response and frankly thats ridiculous if you search on Bethesda dotnet right now for mod limit and actually go through all the threads you could find hundreds of responses about people complaining and having to go now and delete some of their mods despite still having a ton of available space obviously Skyrim special edition on Xbox one does have five gigabytes of free download space well five gigabytes of free download space is great and all but if you only could download 150 mods you could realistically hit that pretty quickly now moving on to fallout 4 many users have been clamoring for a new mod limit increase the two gigabyte limit is just not nearly enough well whats the new limit going to

be are they going to give us 5 gigabytes of mod download storage but only allow us to have 150 ml number users date report that they contacted Microsoft support and they had no idea about this so people are blaming Bethesda for it I dont know if thats an official response I wouldnt be surprised if the support agent didnt know what this is about I dont actually know whos behind this was that being Bethesda or Microsoft regardless again I do think this is ridiculous yes the title of this video is a bit of clickbait this is a serious problem and something that should be addressed immediately just a simple explanation would be a number of people and the real thing I think people should be paying attention to why this is kind of scary is are you can be flying Skyrim a few years down the road when theres a lot more mods

still a ton of mods that havent been ported over and youre going to now have to start making compromises as to which mods you want to download after you establish kind of a base load order that you want to play through your game life obviously the game works fine without the mod limit because its been out for a few months without it regardless thats my opinion on the topic let me know in the comments down below what your thoughts are Im going to link but does this two main Twitters in the description down below I highly recommend you tweet at them just kind of inquiring about this it make some noise about this I definitely will be tweeting them myself I think thats the best way to actually get a response as always a thing guys youre watching I do hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you all next time later

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