Multi-zoom Preview in Photoshop 2 Minute Tutorial

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“Guys you re watching danske and in this two minute tutorial. We re going to to learn how to preview multiple zoom levels on a single file in photoshop. So can see i ve opened up a psd file this happens to be some pixel up. But you can do this with anything whether it s photos.

Any other file that you open up in photoshop this will work so with pixel art oftentimes. We want to zoom in and we want to do a lot of detail work and then i want to check how it looks so i zoom back out to the original size. Which in this case is 40 by 40 pixels. So quite a small artboard here check.


If it looks good zoom back in do some more zoom back out. And there s a lot of unnecessary zooming. There. So what we can do is we can go up to a window down to a range and select new window.

4. And then it will have your filename so in this case. Tutorial. Dot.


Psd and we can drag this out here. If it is in a tab. If it s not great so. This is now a floating window.

Now there s a couple of different ways. We can handle this we can bring photoshop in from the right and as position this outside photoshop. The reason that you want to outside photoshop is because especially if you on a mac. If you have it inside as soon as i click again here you will see that it disappears and it puts it to the back so you can have it outside.

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What we can do is now we have two windows. We can go to window. Arrange and then select either two up horizontal or two up vertical. Now we don t need all this space.

So we can adjust that divider here. And we have our pixel art here now at 100 and in this view. I can zoom in and this is all the same file. We re just previewing it differently so one file.


I can work on my pixel art or whatever. It is up close it might be a photograph that you re retouching or something. And then i can see those changes applied as soon as i let go of the mouse button instantly on the right hand side and there we go that s how you can view a single document at multiple zoom levels in photoshop. ” .


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