Mystery of the LOST Foster’s Home Game (Big Fat Awesome House Party)

Mystery of the LOST Fosters Home Game (Big Fat Awesome House Party)
big fat awesome house party
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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends was a popular cartoon that ran from 2004 to 2009 while many people remember the show I feel like a lot less people know the lost online game due to the success of the show Cartoon Network opens an online MMORPG called big fat awesome house party it wasnt the traditional MMORPG where players interact with each other because no other player can interact with another directly but there were a ton of awesome things to do in the Fosters mansion the main purpose of the game was to go on adventures with max imaginary friend blue players would create their own imaginary friend perform chores and build up their citizenship then go on an adventure with blue this unlocks various minigames and players can win prizes and games this online Fosters home game began in May of 2006 and was supposed to end in April of 2007 but the fan popularity led to it being extended for a much longer time however in July of 2009 it closed

for good daddy Fred new adventure come on in the Fosters house is bursting with holiday cheer unlock new holiday buddies packs and photos by performing new duties papers and adventures lost to new minigames a new basically the purpose of this game was to promote the show and since the show ended in 2009 the game was closed as a result big fat awesome house party has been completely lost since its closing eight years ago now I have personal experience with this game because I remember playing it all the time and going on adventures with blue but I never really recorded footage of myself playing do a search on YouTube and youll find a few videos of footage although there really isnt much because not many people felt the need to record the game still you can get a good idea of how big fat awesome house party works when you watch these videos even though theyre pretty bad quality now that you know all about this game and how its

been lost since its closing is there any way to retrieve it or at least see some old files relating to it well the first thing I did is go to the Wayback Machine and see if there was anything worth playing if you go to the date June 14 2006 then youll come across this little intro to the game as well as some menus well it doesnt show anything playable this is still a nice start and you can tell how the game began one of the really interesting things here is that blue is talking at the corner of the screen and every time you hover over him hell do something different I tried going through more dates on the wayback machine but I didnt find much most of the dates led to the main menu screen that I just talked about and some other screens only led to the border of the game with no flash portion inside if you really want you can search for yourself using the URL awesome house

party comm but right now I dont think theres an answer on the wayback machine so theres not much else to say about it where does the search take us now is big fat awesome house party ever going to be recovered well right now its gonna be really hard I researched to see if there was any way to get in contact with the company who created the fosters game but I dont think thats happening the name is powerful robot games and theres almost nothing I can find about them online the last tweet on their Twitter account was in 2012 so its like theyve gone completely off the grid I dont think contacting them would do anything though since its Cartoon Networks decision to run the game on their website since Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is a finished show I doubt they would bring back big fat awesome house party theres one more way to get this game back but its extremely difficult if we get a team of fans who want

to recreate the game using various flash things seen on wayback machine then the game can be remade of course youd need a ton of other people like programmers and stuff so its super unlikely to happen and you dont send in Cartoon Networks permission since they own the rights to the game in the end I dont think the game will ever be recovered its a real shame though because I loved playing this as a kid and itd be nice to play it again for nostalgia but lets not all lose hope yet if you have any ideas for bringing this game back then say it in the comments section part of why I make these videos is to bring awareness to topics that people have stopped caring about so at least now more people know about this game anyway thats all for this video subscribe for more awesome cartoon videos give a thumbs up and comment below to let me know what you think thanks for watching and Ill see you guys next time

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