PowerPoint 2016 One Line At A Time

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“The quick question is in powerpoint n2016. How do you get each line of your your bullet items to show up one line at a ntime welcome to sele training. Am jason nsele so you run into this a lot with powerpoint 2016. They made some changes nand it s kind of confusing.

But what you re looking for the quick answer is nanimations when you go to animations you have different effects that you can mark non lines. That you want to display right now..

It s set to none. If i highlight all nfour of these lines and i change it to appear. What it does is it assigns. A nnumber one for that block that i just highlighted that means that when i click nthrough to this page.

It s going to bring up all four of these items as number one nall at the same time. But what you can do is you can come in here..

And you can take nan individual line item change it from with previous to on click notice what it ndoes is it changes that to a number two and the remaining ones are twos as well so nnow when i click. It s going to show this first i click a second time it s going nto bring up the remaining three so we ll do this with each one of the lines on nclick on click now we have each line separate one two three four so if i do a npreview and i hit the arrow to click. There s the first item click again third ntime and a fourth time just like we want so there s the quick answer. So let s say nthis fourth item is really supposed to be the third one well you can highlight nit you can move it just like normal text.

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But now the order is out so let s take nthis item. We just moved and move it earlier now it made it number three and nwe re back in the right order..

Again so you can take different sections. You can nchange. It you can move them up and down as you need to i can take the fourth nitem and i can turn the on click with previous and now make nit grouped with the third item and they ll come up together on the same nclick. So if i preview this click once second time and a third time it brought nboth of those up together.

So that s the quick fix for powerpoint 2016. And how nyou get each line to come up one at a time if you like these videos..

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