PowerPoint: Inserting Audio

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” m working on a presentation that people nare going to be watching on their own own as part of a training program. I want it to be as interesting as nso. I think i m going to add some audio to spice it up a little start by going to the insert tab where nyou. ll find the audio command on the far right of the ribbon here you can insert audio from a file or nyou can record your own for this first slide.

I want to add some intro nmusic that i already have saved to my computer. So i m going to choose audio on my pc and na dialog box will appear powerpoint is compatible with several different naudio formats. Including mp3 wav and more all you have to do is select the file you nwant then click the insert button you can easily move the audio. If you need nto then click the play button to preview.

It to jump to a different part of the song just nclick anywhere on the timeline next. We re going to take a look at ways to nadd narration by recording your own audio. You just need a microphone. One that s either nbuilt into your computer or the kind that plugs in separately again go to the audio command on the insert ntab.

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But this time choose record audio from the nmenu and a little dialog box will appear when you re ready click the button with the nred dot to start recording. Then click. This one to stop. I m just going to record a short intro for nthe slide.

Okay. So i ve recorded my audio now we can nclick the play button to preview. It when you re happy with the results you can ngive the file a name then click ok. And it ll be added to your nslide.

Now that we ve added a couple different types nof audio. I thought we d take a look at some of the options on the playback tab. This is where you can change the way your naudio works. When you play it.


During your presentation. You can even do some simple editing. Say you only want to use part of the clip. Nfor example.

Not the entire thing you can easily create an excerpt using the ntrim audio command just look for the little green and red markers nin the dialog box you can click and drag these to change the nstart and end times. I m going to leave the beginning. The way is nin this example but end the song after only a few seconds or so. When you re done click ok.

And the clip nwill be trimmed. You can also set your audio to fade in and nfade out if you feel it starts or stops too abruptly just look to the options in the editing group. I like the way this song starts. So i m not ngoing to add a fade in but i will add a fade out of let s say n3 seconds.

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We ll take a look at what this sounds like nlater if you want to be able to jump to a specific npart of the audio during your presentation you can add a bookmark all you have to do is click the timeline to nmark the point. You want use next click the add bookmark command up here non the ribbon and a little circle will appear. Now you can easily jump to this spot anytime. Nduring your presentation.

When we play this in slide. Show view. We will nhave to click the audio controls to make the music play i d rather have it start automatically. Though nsince.

It is the intro music. We can change this using the settings in the naudio options. Group just click the drop down arrow next to start nthen choose automatically from the menu you can also hide the audio icon during your npresentation set the audio to loop until you stop it manually and more finally. I think i d like to make some changes nto the appearance of the audio icon.


We can do that by switching over to the format ntab these are basically all the same options you nget when you insert a picture in powerpoint in fact you can even change audio icon to na picture of your own instead of using the default speaker icon to get started click the change picture command you can choose an image from any of the usual nsources including files saved to your computer and a bing image search. I bet we can find a simple music note somewhere nonline there we go this one looks good you can even adjust the image using the usual ncommands in this example. I m going to change the color nso it blends in a little better with the slide. So i think this audio is finished.

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Why don t we take a look at the final product nin full slide show view now you know how to add and also edit audio nin powerpoint including music sounds effects t these things down. Here. You can kind of just tuck away just to make a nice clean installation. ” .


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