Replace 12v power cigarette lighter 2010 Yukon Denali XL

how to remove cigarette lighter socket silverado This is a topic that many people are looking for.  is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today,  would like to introduce to you Replace 12v power cigarette lighter 2010 Yukon Denali XL. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Everyone so what i m going to do is i m going to replace these these sockets here for the cigarette. Lighter as you can see i ve done this already it s nice and shiny. This is the old one that was all flaking off and everything so what i m going to do as i m going to show you how to get the insert of the cigarette lighter out without using the special tool that i found online that i didn t buy. But it didn t get great review.

So i didn t do it so when i use for this was a flashlight and two small flat headed screwdriver he s real small flat fitted screwdrivers like this and basically. The screwdriver has to be able to fit down in this tab. That s down there in the bottom there. And then there s also a tab right directly across from it up here in the top alright.

So he s going to have to get your head down..

There and take a look and get it in there alright. So what that does is when you push those down. It pushes this little tab here behind my finger. It pushes that down and out of the way and then as i mentioned.

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There s one up there at the top too behind my finger. So they re kind of like right across from each other on an angle. This one right here so at first. I thought it was a metal tab connected to the metal piece here.

But it s not it s actually the plastic tab underneath..

There that you could see so if you get real close you can see that i ve already pushed this down. And i ve already pried it out a bit. But then i decided to be a youtube hero and do my first video. So you can see it so basically what i did is i just took this and i put it into this space right here.

And i just push down really hard i kept pushing until there was actually a gap there in between the tab and the metal alright now this looks a little bit different. Because i ve already kind of pried this out just a little bit as you can see right here. I ve pried it out. But if you push that down really hard till.

There s a u bend..

The plastic back on the old one. Which is the plastic connect it to this piece. Then you go up underneath. Here.

And you do the exact same thing and you push up real hard. And it s harder to get up underneath. There and look. I just i just push really hard until i saw this go in a bit.

And then what you do is you just can come around here on the outside and get your screwdriver in there..

And you just start to twist. A little bit and work it out a little bit you work it out a little bit to work it out a little bit. And then it comes out like this you just keep going slowly pull it right out like that and what you do is you take the screwdriver and we have one hand here so i m going to put this down for a second you push on that tab. And then that releases that like that and then you gently go behind here without scratching your vehicle and you pry this out you can see that lovely gm quality flakiness coming off you just pop it out like that and the other new one is in the house.

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So i got to get it so that s my part of this. But you basically just take the new one i put it over snap it in you take your take your metal cigarette lighter you line up the pieces you plug it back in you slide it back in and everything snaps right back into place. And you re done and then you end up with this just a piece with a nice door and everything ” ..


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