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“This video. I m going to show you how to schedule a meeting and invite invite other people to it so to do this i ll first click on calendar. I ll locate the time that i want to schedule that meeting so i m gonna do it for this week. And i want it to be let s see actually let s go to this.

Week and i want it to be at 10 am. So once i locate my week. I locate the time then i ll go to that time and double click on that section cuz you notice if you click once it lets you just add a meeting but we want to double click because we want to actual we want to set up an actual meeting so i m gonna double click on that and it s going to open up a new meeting section. So from here.


I can give it the information. So i m gonna say this is a meeting on link location. I don t want to add one of those yet attendees those will be who i will be inviting to this meeting. So i m going to invite this individual and then i ll set the time so the duration 30 minutes 15 minutes of a reminder let s like make this an hour meeting that s pretty typical showing us busy as in no one else can schedule around it it ll show on the calendar.

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And at this point. We ll have never repeat because we re just gonna do this once. But here s the key when it comes to link see how this says online meeting. What that does is it connects your linked session to a calendar appointment so if i click online meeting it s going to get some information and then this is the neatest part it adds in a link to your linked session that you are setting up so.


It s really pretty neat. So this means that it s gonna be so on someone s calendar. So it s gonna be on diana s calendar. And she ll be able to access it so if i go ahead and send this.

She s going to get the meeting request and then we ll go back and look at that and see what it looks like so there we go so it says online meeting and it s from me. And then look at this it has the link them to the online meeting that she can join and i can join it too so if i click on that online. Meeting and open it up it s initially going to take me to this you ll see it s loading up this web page. So let s give it just one minute and keep this in mind.


Two is if you have pocket pop up blockers on it will block it from from doing that so i m going to say allow always and then it s gonna ask me a couple of questions do i want to join the meeting or do i want to sign in because i m an office 365 user. What i m going to do because i m part of that system as i m going to sign in as an office 365 user. And since it knows who i am how neat is that it actually opens up my application that i had on my desktop and starts it so i am going to say useful capability click ok. And then it opens up that conference call so we re danna.

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It said. We re diana to join me on this call. We would now be a part of it together and we d be able to have a chat we d be able to use audio. We d be able to use video as well as being able to present content.


So that s how you schedule. A meeting and then open that meeting up in the online in the application that you have installed on your desktop. So to close out of it i m going to close those things i m then also going to close this. And it s going to tell me hey.

It doesn t close the meeting. It s just you re the one who s leaving so any ones that still there will not be closed out of the meeting i m gonna click ok and then well i ve left the meeting and it s now complete so that s how you set up a meeting open it up and then you can also close it ” ..

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