Sennheiser RS 120 Review – BEST Sounding Wireless Headphones Under $100


Sennheiser RS 120 Review – BEST Sounding Wireless Headphones Under $100
sennheiser hdr 120
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hey guys Lance here welcome to my review on Sennheisers rs120 wireless headphones for less than a hundred dollars its going to be hard to find a better sounding pair of wireless headphones however theres definitely some considerations youll want to know about before purchasing these so Ill be going into that in more detail also of course talking about the sound quality comfort and features of these as well as giving you a live sound leak test now do check below and include any important updates about these headphones especially where you can get them at for the best price if youre interested in watching a group review of several wireless headphones kind of a head-to-head comparison check below for a link to that video as well so go ahead and walk you through the features show you how these headphones work first whats included is you have a your RCA cables here so if you have your audio output with the right and left you can go ahead and use these if you need to you can use this adapter go ahead and plug this in and then it just becomes a single input so this would work great for like a headphone output say on your PC or on your computer and so this this is certainly works great its kind of nice that they included it that way for you of course then you have your gold-plated adapter here so this might be for something like your receiver output you can use that charging the headphones is just as simple as having them rest here on this base as you can see the little red light comes on letting you know that theyre charging on the bottom of the base here theres three different channels you can select theres just a little button there you can slide over I found the first one worked best so if youre getting too much static or an interference you can try another channel see which ones going to work best for you so you can see this is the back of the unit here you can actually mount this on the wall and then also you have your power adapter and RC cable come out of the back here in terms of the features on the headphones themselves you have your on and off button here and then over on this side you have two things you have your volume up and down so you can just its basically like a little scroll wheel and then thun thun I found to be really important for getting a good signal one of the things that can be annoying about these is they go into auto shutoff mode after about three minutes so that sound youre hearing thats what happens after about three minutes and it goes into that auto shutoff mode so after your music or movie has stopped this is what happens so the challenge is lets see we wanted to fall asleep with these and your movie stops and all of a sudden you get this loud static kind of blasting in your ears its fairly noisy and so then if you turn it off it goes away so that is certainly a bit of an annoyance but for your situation it may not be an issue issue it just depends on how youre planning on using these definitely something I wanted you to be aware of though the one thing Ive heard people talk about is the fact that there can be an annoying hiss in the background and one thing Ive learned since using these is you want to make sure your source volume is turned up loud if possible for instance if youre playing these through your PC or an mp3 device or like my MacBook Air when I use them what you want to do is turn up the volume all the way on

your PC or mp3 player and then adjust the volume on your your headphones here otherwise what happens is when you turn the volume all the way up on these you start to hear a little bit of a hiss in the background now normally if youre listening to something extremely loud you wont even hear the hiss itll just be faded into the background but when youre using some of these other sources like a PC or like your mp3 player and especially if you dont have the volume turned up all the way you will have to turn this up all the way just to get it at a moderate listening level and then youll be hear the presence of this hiss in the background so thats just something to be aware of if you get these or maybe have these right now already is to just pay attention to the volume levels and thatll make a big difference now the tune feature I found to be real important for helping to get a good signal so youll want to scroll this back and forth until you get a really clear signal and what I mean by that is you dont get that background static or hiss itll just sound you know dead silent except for what youre listening to now that is one thing I found it was a little bit trickier getting these dialed in especially initially once theyre dialed in theyre okay for the most part but I did find these were a little bit Ill use the word fussier in terms of trying to get a real clear signal so thats something to keep in mind if youre bothered by that idea you may want to consider another pair of headphones if you dont mind a little bit of work to get them working right or getting that clear signal then you should be just fine now these do come with rechargeable batteries and the way that works is the pad twists off and then you can see here you have your batteries that you can recharge the nice thing about this setup is if these batteries lose their charging ability over over time theyre easy to replace as compared to say something like the sony MDR RF 985 where youre not able to replace the batteries you have to pretty much replace the whole headphones should the batteries ever go bad so pretty cool feature that way the opposite one twists off as well seem kind of whats nice if you ever need to replace the ear pads that way you can now I like that the headphones themselves have a good amount of range here on the ear cups you can see as they move back and forth you actually adjust the headbands over here on the side just a click adjustment that way you know find a comfortable fit overall Id say the build quality is good you know its a plastic build but it definitely I can tell you know its durable and it lasts a long time as far as the comfort on the the headband Id say very comfortable you know nice and plush up there but on the ear cups themselves you know they just seems like the padding is a bit soft I wish they would have either made a little bit thicker pads or slightly more comfortable pads but otherwise I like that theyre not that heavy and they have a nice look to them now in terms of the comfort of these headphones I found that theyre great for you know about two two and a half hours or so after that the discomfort starts to increase and for me personally I find that thats due to the fact that theyre there one on ear headphones and two the padding on these its just a little bit thin for my liking you can start

to almost feel like the plastic underneath the padding here which like I said over time you know as this is just pressing against your ears that discomfort starts to grow now initially when you put them on they feel quite comfortable like right now they feel snug they feel really comfortable and you think wow yeah could wear these all day long and then as like sit about two two-and-a-half hours or so goodbye theyre like oh yeah this is I feel like I want to take them off so again from a comfort standpoint its gonna come down to you obviously each persons head is different one thing I noticed is and other reviews I saw about these headphones I saw others kind of sharing a similar opinion to mine so I think it is something worthy of consideration bottom line from a comfort standpoint you know pretty good just not exceptional regarding sound isolation these actually do a really nice job even though theyre not around ear over ear headphones I found when I had these at a you know even above a moderate listening level thats super loud but you know I call it kind of generous with the volume that it was really hard to hear what was going on around me if at all you know especially someone talking at me I couldnt even hear them so from that standpoint like I said these actually do a pretty good job regarding the wireless range of these they did a really great job I was actually able to walk all around all three floors you know up and down trying to actually get static to come in and it didnt it really maintained a great signal now as soon as I went outside you know just even off the porch a few feet immediately that static the hiss starts to come come into play static in particular so it drops theres a point where starts to drop off really quickly but I found the like said wireless range was actually I would consider it above average as far as that goes so you should have no problem walking around your house if you want to do some housework where listening to something or you know youre watching TV then you want to go in the kitchen get a snack or whatever it is these should work really well for you so next I want to give you a live sound leak test and so what Ill do is Ill go ahead and have a movie plane here while I turn these up to different volume levels one thing to keep in mind is I noticed the volume varies whether Im watching a movie through say my blu-ray player or Im using the audio output on my MacBook Air for example if I turn these up all the way and I turn my macbook air up all the way I can actually I mean thats actually a good listening level but in terms of what Im using the audio output on my blu-ray player I cant turn these up all the way its just too loud so keep that in mind these can certainly get very loud but its just going to depend a lot on your source where theyre coming from or where the audio information is coming from so go ahead and turn these on and this is what I would consider kind of on the quiet listening level I mean you can hear the music hear whats going on or hear the movie I should say but its definitely a bit on the quieter side now go and turn it up so this is a good listing of a lot consider it like a moderate listening level and Ill turn it up a little bit more here so this is really loud I wouldnt want to I wouldnt really even want to listen

to it at this volume for very long so these connects would even get louder I had just a little bit of room to go there so yeah this is turned up all the way so this is 100% volume which is really loud I wouldnt want to listen to it at this level for very long so hopefully this gives you a good idea of how much sound might leak out at different volume levels because these are open headphones they do leak more sound than say closed headphones would so thats something to consider if you want to make sure youre not affecting others around you with what youre listening to next Id like to talk about the sound quality these did a really nice job Sennheiser is known for making great sounding headphones but I was definitely impressed especially for the price point considering your spending under $100 there is a good amount of bass the mids are nicely detailed and the highs also are crisp sounding and that really comes alive whether youre watching movies watching TV or even listening to music everything sounds really nice on these headphones the one thing that stands out critically speaking is the bass can be a little bit boomy its not to the point where it muddies up the mids or it really detracts from the listening experience but thats one thing you would notice as you spend more nicer sounding headphones youd see that bass start to tighten up sound a little bit more refined but it still sounds nice its still very pleasing to listen to when I was watching Lord of the Rings with these headphones it was a very engaging experience I like using that movie to kind of test out headphones because theres so many different aspects to it you have a lot of bass and rumbling you have kind of that low bass sounding voice from Treebeard and that sounded really nice on these also you have some hushed tones where people are speaking quietly and you can definitely still hear them and its well articulated also of course you have this incredible background music thats just beautiful all of that sounded really nice on these whether it was a trumpet blowing or a violin playing in the background or just some epic kind of cinematic score going on these really did a nice job of highlighting all that now a listening experience for me has this threshold whether its headphones or a home theater system theres kind of a tipping point where headphones may sound okay or sound good but then theres this tipping point where all of a sudden now the music or the movie its its at an inspirational level you know its an its an at this level of engagement where youre excite your youre getting into it these hit that point for me certainly theres still room for improvement these arent perfect and as you spend more money youll notice that that intensity that amplification of the emotion and the the detail will increase but the good news is and what I was so happy about with these headphones is you can come in at less than $100 and have a music experience or a movie experience that hits that inspirational element where youre brought in youre engaged and everything and it comes alive enough where its exciting to listen to and thats what I love about great sounding headphones is they take you to that place where youre inspired you laugh you cry whatever it is and these do that and they do a nice job so sound quality is important to you youll absolutely love these headphones especially if youre trying to keep it under a hundred dollars these would be a great place to start so I want to go ahead and wrap things up with my final thoughts and recommendation about these headphones theres

kind of several different things I want to bring up and kind of summarize here just to help you figure out should you get these she did get another pair of headphones under hundred dollars or maybe should you upgrade and actually get something nicer so some reasons to consider getting something else if youre looking for headphones that you can wear all day long you know at least you know several hours – all day I would consider something else you know something like maybe the sony MDR RF 9 85 s they are actually a round ear over ear headphones as opposed to these which are on ear the other thing I would consider is a do you mind fussing with your headphone a bit to get them working right or you want something thats for the most part fuss-free you know you dont have to worry about tuning it really much its just plug it in its ready to go you dont have to mess with it if you want more of the fuss free experience again I would consider something like the sony MDR RF 9 85 I found that to be a little bit easier to get that nice sound quality from the get-go it did take a little bit of tweaking but not as much as these did the other thing to consider is from a sound quality perspective these sound great and like I said earlier they hit that threshold for me where they bring that inspirational quality to music to movies everything comes alive and its very exciting to listen to but that being said you know I mention how the bass was a little bit boomy maybe youre thinking you know what I really want a more controlled refined base I want even more detail in the mids and I want the highs to be extra crisp and I want everything to just come alive even more if thats you then I would certainly recommend spending more money its one of those situations where especially with the Sennheiser line as you go up in price you do get better sound quality so if you have that in your budget sound quality is first and foremost and you want to get is the best you can for your money definitely consider upgrading and you can check below for a review to the to the group video where Ill be talking more about each of them individually and then maybe you can figure out which one might be a better fit from there so regarding the RS 120 s I would say if youre looking for headphones that sound as good as can be for under $100 these will deliver also from a comfort standpoint you know if you know you most of the time like 80% of the time youre probably not going to wear these for more than two and a two to two and a half hours I think youll do really well comfort wise with these and then finally if you the annoyance as I mentioned earlier if you dont think those will be particularly bothersome to you or maybe not even issue an issue at all then these headphones will be awesome I think youll love them youll be super happy with them and get a lot of use out of them as well so hopefully this review is helpful for you as always leave a thumbs up if it was I appreciate that and again check below for any updates about these headphones or information especially where you can get them out for the best price and as I mentioned earlier if youre interested in the group review of several wireless headphones kind of a head to head review check below for a link to that video as well but otherwise thanks for your time I appreciate you watching and hopefully Ill see you in another video

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