Soft Block Part 1

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“We re going to cover the concepts of what s called the soft block or or what passes down the wage strike. It s a very fact of method. I let me jamming a limb. And follow a lot with multiple attacks or switch to the guy in their actions.

I read out acting as adam and stuff like that the next parts. We do all covered in water that i ll quickly go for the soft block its concepts and then lead on from there so the soft blocks basically. I need this arms loose as possible and we ll take it to me your most common collector. Your lack of violence which problem you i beg.

What s going on good points off that i am coming from stewart unless. But their end yeah..

And i saw the case of doing okay blocks blocks not blocks as in stat points to earth sue through key. Heck i punch sure the look you know that s all titan techniques and different applications the soft block that s a wave for maximum nice and loose and i sort of like hey. The international relaxed okay. It s got the flow.

The lutheran or relaxed as s. The more shot goes through the opponent. That s the first thing. We identified here okay.

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Not block thank more foresight can examine the hook punch comes head mississippi throw him loose. But hey v..

Book and you catch him on the floor. Armed officer before adam. And he fills out already sonia practice unless go careful wanna throw. A few shots and perhaps be loose.

He practices. Getting hey v to the fields that he s getting those results back into his body. Okay. Now that i stood up to this for me why i called the white strike.

If any of you study. Any fact there s a concept called the wedge..

I m not going to go into that but when i studied that what i took from was there was a piece noted that if i use you know when the cottage does so nukes you get multiple styles. But sit here below whatever is that 4rm at the 45 degree angle in relation to the opera. And that s what s a is a naturally that s your honest naturally structurally strong to the body that way not try to look for me at that point intersection of that soft block. We need unique that 45 degrees flavia.

That s what you said chief at stranded with no i for example you see that you ensure the new case. If all got that 45 in relation to the upper forearm. The data of the eye and the point of intersection. An application has got that angle.

There for example that could be the point at which that arm bar goes on there that stopped at home and i m through you study. You okay you can see that multiple examples..

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So that s pretty much the first part on the soft block or more details on the whole concept these parts that they do refer to my dvd. My dvd is called that s pretty much a breakdown of balance point theory and lucci me concepts for chili done to whom this the details for thought of that dvd is on my website. Know. Which says wwe shetland budokai com.

Okay see you about ” ..

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