Stream movies and music from your computer to any Smart TV (LG Smart share DLNA server)

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“What s going on guys and in today s video. I will show you how how to set up a dlna server. So you can stream. Different media content like movies videos and music across different devices for example a dlna capable smart tv.

This comes in very handy. Because you don t have to copy anything onto a usb dryer or a hard drive. Whenever you want to watch something on your smart tv. You can directly stream content from your pc to the smart tv.

So let s begin alright guys so on your computer you ll need to go to this website and we ll download the software called lg smart share scroll down click over here to expand and select this option download for windows. And this also works on laptop. So don t worry if you have a laptop you can use this easily so now we wait for the program to download oh and by the way guys. If you re connected to the wi fi network go ahead disconnect your computer.

From the wi fi network and connect it to the wired network. Pictures 4k streaming does not work so well on wireless. So you so both of the devices. Including your tv and your streaming computer needs to be connected to the wired network at your home.

That is your land network. So here you can see the download has finished and if you can t find the file. It s usually in the downloads folder..


So let s go to downloads. You can see this much share application is there so we re going to extract this i m going to extract this on my desktop. So extract to now we can go ahead and run the application double click on the setup file to start the installation. Just click on next.

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Leave. Everything default. All right. So.

It s telling. Me that folders thunder music. Pictures and video libraries are set. As default.

So. I think. It is telling me that this music pictures and video folder is automatically shared so you can change that you can change that right now. But i m going to change that later on if i want to and that s all you need to do and now we wait for the application to launch automatically you should see it up here on the taskbar.

There you can see the smart application is running right click on it and open smart settings. We need to make sure that the sharing service is running so right now. It is turning on all right so this sharing service is turned on and here you can see..


Which which folders are shared so now you can go ahead and add your content to these folders. So you have any videos movies tv shows you can go ahead and paste them over here and they ll automatically show up on your smart tv you want to share pictures add some pictures over here. You want to listen to some music on your hi fi system. You can add the music.

Over. Here. And really. That s all you need to do and whenever you add more content just click on refresh and then click on ok and that s all you need to do on your computer oh and one thing.

I forgot we need to change the default name. So go to my device setting and here you can see the default name is lg pc administrator we re going to change that to media server click on apply then click on okay now let s go ahead and test this out shall we alright guys so here. We are you can see the tv is connected to the local area network through the ethernet again i have not connected the wi fi network because on wi fi. The video streaming it s not perfect so this you can see this is an lg tv and on the remote you need to tap this button to access the network resource.

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The tap on this recent button and go to photo and video and here. You ll see this media server. That we just created. I have two media servers on my network.

So this is the second one this is the one we just created you can see we just renamed. It to media server select. This and here you can see the different folders that exist on the pc..


So that can all folders need to see a video. So here are our videos so let me play a video you can see it works. No problem seeks also without a problem. There is no frame drop or anything let me play another video go back.

And this is another video that i recorded on my phone now i can t show you any 4k video because most of them are copyrighted. But yeah 4k streaming does work and this tv is also hdr compliant that works too and here is another one let s go back alright. So let me show you another one a high quality video. You can see the sounders working and now let me go ahead and show you some pictures that are there on the pc.

So for example this one you can see it is working without any problem and you can also do a slide show so on this lg tv. There is a slightly different way to access the music on the network. So we need to go to that menu again and scroll to the right and select this music option over here. And again select the media server.

And if you have seen my video properly there were two music files and here we are let s go ahead and play one of them you can see it is working pretty cool huh. It s directly streaming off the computer. So here i have my sony xperia xz and as you guys might know this phone is dlna capable. So let s see whether this phone is able to stream.

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Some video off of my computer. Let s launch. The video player open the side menu and tap on home network..


Over here and here you can see it sees both of my media servers. So we re going to select the second one tap on video. Happen all videos and here you can see the videos. Which we are sharing on the pc.

So let me play big buck bunny here we have some options view and mobile. And there you go guys. It is working your phone is streaming the video directly off of the pc. It is strange because sound doesn t seem to work maybe some sort of incompatibility so let me just try another video.

So i m not sure why sound is not working in that particular video. But this one it seems to work let s try another video. See you sound works sound is working a playing in music. File off of the media server again home network go to music.

And as you can see the soul is able to playback music directly from the pc and this will come in very. Handy. If you don t want to store each and every music file on your phone you can leave it on your pc at stream your music directly from the pc. So thank you guys for watching this video.

And if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section down below. ” ..

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