Summoners War: Common Abbreviations for Dummies

Summoners War: Common Abbreviations for Dummies
what does gz mean
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summoners war has a lot of abbreviations and words that may leave new players confused and youll be asking questions like this guy but today Im going to help you not be that guy so lets go ahead and start with gz DS e stands for graphs or congratulations this is what you usually say when someone pulls in that five on the check so like this person fold an Oracle youd say GZ grats next up CC CC stands for crowd

control units who stun or freeze which are typically AoE so this means units like farad Aria beretta etc which brings us to our next word a oe what the hells a oe well its area-of-effect what the helld area-of-effect a skill that hits multiple enemies this once again units like ver ad area beretta most units who are crowd control or also AoE units summoners war players also love AOE Dedes area of effect designated drivers what now Im kidding damage

dealers DD same for damage dealers pretty self-explanatory what they do is just monsters that deal damage also people always say LS guild LS blank SD what the hell is LS well its looking for so people that are typically looking for a secret dungeon and SD or guild will say LF guild just to save time another thing a lot of summoners word players like to talk about is TOA they can need to talk about TOA or ta OAH which

is trial of Ascension and trial of Ascension hard its pretty self-explanatory its a trial of Ascension mode and summoners work GB ten thats giant ski base ten one of the most important beginner things to focus on so people like to talk about a lot DB 10 means Dragons keep b10 and then NB 10 is necropolis beaten pretty simple all right here we go rune slots speed HP hit points CR Kurt rate CD crit damage death defense attack attack

simple self-explanatory you guys have any questions on that leave it in the comments and last but not least people are always talking about Jews why are they talking about Jews well Jew bago of course that one of the biggest youtubers in the summers were community and when theyre talking about Jew bagel and theyre saying Jew Jew Jew they are not talking about religion our promise you only sometimes hope you guys in joyed catch you guys in the next video

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