The Iron Phoenix – Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm – 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

The Iron Phoenix – Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm – 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)
iron phoenix
This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you The Iron Phoenix – Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm – 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+). Following along are instructions in the video below:
hello hello everyone tango here and today guys I am very excited to bring you my new design for a 64 village iron farm that Im calling the iron Phoenix this thing puts out 2600 iron every hour and is capable of automatically recreating and repositioning its villages on-demand which means you dont have to build it in your spawn chunks you can build it anywhere you want in your world my primary goal with this design was to make the cheapest and easiest to build large-scale iron farm in existence so aside from these lower resource costs compared to the other designs out there it also has a smaller footprint and is going to require a lot less the villagers needing to be moved around and shuffled around which is such a pain alright so how does it work okay when you want to start spawning golems and overflowing your chests with iron simply come over here and press this button right here to kick off the village assembly process 64 villages are going to be created and moved into position over the next 90 minutes each of them are going to have 22 doors and be centered perfectly over the center of this farm now golems are going to start spawning within just a few minutes and the spawn rates will continue to increase over the next 90 minutes until all 64 villages are formed at that point youre going to be getting a golem spawning about once every 5 seconds so youll need to keep the area loaded while the villages are being assembled as well as afterwards to continue spawning more golems so next time you want to FK and start the iron flow again youll just need to kick off the rebuild process but as long as you stay in the area the iron will continue to flow your first important decision is going to be where to build this farm orientation does matter on this design ok this tall elevator here must be built on the west side of the farm now the whole thing is approximately 120 block in the east-west direction and 60 in the north/south you can build it it just about any height you want just make sure you accommodate for the water elevator before you get started okay so supplies that youll need lets go through these three chests here and quickly review what youll need these right here are just any solid blocks I use them for the border of the spawn area as well as the blocks for sky axis the sticky pistons Bush they can be any solid block you want some signs a bunch of lever 70 does a bunch of glass now the glass is mostly taken up in the tower there it does not have to be glass if glass is a problem for you but I would definitely recommend it its good to see where the villager is and how hes moving through there but glass is definitely not required there some sticky pistons a little over 2 stacks some torches to light things up regular or redstone torches 1 lava bucket a ton of slabs but these should be cheap cheap to get obviously I used iron here for the main block source this is mostly just to form your platforms of the various levels here obviously does not have to be iron it could be anything you want a couple sections jack-o-lantern some gates some redstone some comparators over here a whole bunch of doors are obviously going to be necessary to build this because were building a lot of villagers some repeaters a couple of chests there light on hoppers this is really where were saving on this design is most designs are going to require a lot more hoppers and we all know how much hoppers are paying when you dont have an iron farm so this was my main goal to really keep this one down and you can even lower a little bit more if you want some droppers and some slime blocks which this is probably going to be even the hardest thing to get right there if you dont have a slime farm but that will do it for requirements all right here we go lets get this started so first thing we need to do is build two platforms like the ones you see here they need to be 11 blocks wide by 32 blocks deep with a space between them of 33 blocks at a gap in between a 33 blocks the diamond blocks you see there obviously are not important you dont need them theyre there just for measurement just so you can make sure your spacing is correct youll also see Ive got a big end up in the sky there that is to show the north direction and you absolutely want to make sure you get your farm oriented the correct way before you start building this because were going to be referring to north and west and things like that quite a bit okay now were going to build another layer on top of old ones we just built there you need a two block gap in between just like that and this time were going to use some lit pumpkins some jack-o-lanterns and some slime blocks now the jack-o-lanterns are there to light up both platforms some knobs on spawn on them and the slime blocks are there because light passes through them these are the only solid block that you can actually place doors on that emit light and also that light passes through so youre gonna do this on both sides now the third block in from the inside its going to be a jack-o-lantern then the fifth and six is going to be slime blocks and then the ninth is going to be the jack-o-lantern again there so do the spacing just adjust eight here and then just mirror it over here same exact concept but again coming from the inside its the third block the fifth and six and again the ninth block and one more final layer again out of whatever block youve been choosing to build this out of here this time were going to go and hang the hanging edges off by five block here so one two three four five you can see theyre hanging off by that much there and the same over here on this side one two three four five hanging off by five blocks like that okay so this one here theres also going to be a gap a three block gap here on the fourth fifth and sixth block in from the inside so one two three and then four five six up here just like a gap of air this one here then just a double check should be eight blocks long a three block gap and then this one here should be ten blocks along it again both of them hanging off by five blocks on either side and then just going to repeat the same thing over on this side as well eight blocks three blocks and then ten blocks and again five blocks hanging off on each side just double check okay now we are ready to get started on some of the redstone up on top of a roof for controlling sky access to the village doors down below they can correctly register with the villages so with this little three block gap here again were going to put the first sticky piston these are these are the keys here pointing on that block theyre pointing in toward the center of the farm with the gap on the the closer inside portion right there so obviously the block can extend and then put another sticky piston up on top of that block there with another solid block I chose use different blocks here just for looks honestly but you can use the exact same any solid block that will work fine repeater over here with a gap theyre facing into that block where it extends and any power source behind the repeater to power it you could use torches whatever you want your levers generally tend to be the cheapest stuff and then a piece of redstone dust right up on top of that block right there so what this is here is when we power this line which is going to be a line going all a down youll see both Pistons extend and as you may know pistons that are piston heads that are extended are transparent to sky axis above so all of this is visible to the sky so the doors down below will all be able to register just fine but that lever is not part of it then over here with the same exact thing just as usual mirror it so bottom side is pointing in towards the center of the farm top side on top of that one again you can see we got here and then just take this pattern everything we just did and stretch it all the way down to the end of the farm on both sides alright so now that we got that line in as you see there on both sides now it is just a good time as any to start putting your wooden doors okay if you dont have the doors now you dont have to do it at this point you could literally put the doors in at any step during the creation of this process before you turn it on itll work just fine so you are going to need every block here every block here to have a wooden door on it and the same on both platforms there okay they have to be wooden doors they can be any type of wooden door they dont have to be the same type of wooden door they just all have to be wooden doors okay make sure when you place them they are all facing in the east-west direction like this and of course youll see some of these are going to power because the lever brother you just go ahead and close them like that is fine so place all your doors and this east-west do not place them facing north-south like that okay it wont work everything in east-west all the blocks down here all the blocks right there all the blocks on both of these layers right there as well okay your doors are in all eight hundred billion thousand of them or whatever it took all right now were going to do is add some more redstone up on top here this is going to be our redstone signal strength incrementer thats going to go down this line here that is going to one at a time extend these pairs of piston heads to allow sky access one village at a time during the build process so from right here a block out there and then four blocks out like this so just build that little shape right there add a comparator right there and another competitor there and there okay and put them both on subtract this is important so make sure theyre lit up right there take a dropper and place it right there so it is adjacent to that comparator pointing this way here and were going to add another one facing into it I holding she have been doing the same thing again so these both these droppers are pointing into each other okay now were going to do is add on the saw the block here with a redstone dust on top of it and a torch on the side of it right there another block right there with a lever and power it and so that that comparator lights up right there okay now for these two droppers here okay this is the part thats a little bit I guess interesting you are going to need to fill this with whatever you want okay is a lot of it but its you got to have a lot of something as probably cobble is probably your best answer maybe dirt depending whatever even doing but basically anything that stacks up to 64 needs to go into this dropper right here and fill up the entire thing okay then take some redstone dust and place it here and here okay and I was important here that you dont do this backwards and get that okay where this block here is dark and that one is lit up all your pistons will extend and you dont to do that so place this one first and then this one so that the one closer to the droppers is dark alright at this point I do want to mention that some of the upcoming red summer we doing here may look a little complicated some of you personally its not that bad but I do want to mention that it is in lieu of some way more costlier designs in other 64 village iron farms a lot of them are going to use 64 hoppers here that form a loop and they pass one item through it to I basically extend each of these pairs of Pistons that is arguably a simpler system but its also a way more costly make having to make all those all those hoppers so just in case youre curious that is why were doing it this way here it is cost savings and its going to be much cheaper so moving on then were going to place a temporary block right here and put a power source here when youre done with this step you can just take both of those out come down here now and find the last piston that is extended now also the last block that is powered so that in this case right there and put a torch on the side of that block right there and two repeaters right there and put these on maximum tick and Im going to place a block there there and then a line of blocks all the way down until you get underneath this torch right here okay place some dust now coming down like so and into the little dip there but another torch up on top right there and then off of this guy come dust dust dust dust just like that okay were going to hook this up to the next bit in the next segment there but just make sure it all looks like this right here and itd be good to go next were going to build another one of those pulse increment errs right here so block right next to that torch and then come up a block like that and turn that into a 4×4 with another blocks they can help you backside like that take a comparator and put it right there so its pushing into that line right there and take another comparator there and there and again put these both on subtract important to remember that grab your droppers again and one can go there and the other one can go right there okay so theyre both pointing into each other again and a grab a a power source right here sorry a lever put it right there and take a are you want in this case now fill this hopper up again or just dropper sorry so this dropper all the way up with items and then take your dust and go there there again making sure that one is powered and that one is off then grab some solid blocks out of this one go one two three so that should be right up on top of that torch that replaced their three dust like that and a repeater on that first dropper there and make sure to put that on two ticks and youre all set okay we need to basically repeat what we just did right here one last time over here so go ahead and build exactly what you see right here starting in at the fourth block from the end torch two repeaters along the end there with full redstone tick couple blocks there with the torch on top of it okay so it looks just like that and then down here from the redstone that we left kind of hanging over there put a block right there with a repeater coming out of the back of that block so it looks like that you can leave it on default ticks and then just run this redstone line down however you want like this youre going to hear some doors open and close underneath thats fine if that somehow really annoys you you can raise these up the blocks but it really isnt going to affect knitting it doesnt matter if the doors down below open or closed and run that into that torch right there and again now for the last pulse extender over here okay block here Im going a little bit quicker on this one because its exact same thing comparator right there compared to there and there put those on subtract mode you want a dropper there another dropper if I could click right there so these doctors are facing into each other block here lever lock block block just those dust repeater right there put that on two ticks fill up this dropper right here with all items and then a dust there and there and again make sure its the outside dust that is powered all right so now we need to add a reset line so that once we go through the whole sequence chain of 32 piston extenders one for each village there we need a way to reset them all and close them all back up again so add a torch to the last block there at a couple of dust right there grab four comparators there there there and there with a block up and it dust right there this is your basic pulse extender here thats going to delay the reset of this just a little bit torch on top of there block in a block on that side so it looks like this now over here at another block right there in front of the lever with a couple of repeaters here put those on max tick this is just a little bit more delay that were going to need and then from here now we can start adding blocks all the way down take them all the way down thats gonna be redstone on top of all this which is going to reset our three pulse incrementer here put a block down there with a repeater right there you can leave that one on default ticks and another repeater right there I already had one there but go ahead and place it there and then a final one right there okay with a repeater pointing in there also we have those repeaters and whats going to reset each of these lines now just take your dust and run it all the way down this line here putting a repeater right in front of that lever there its going to refresh the whoops going to refresh the signal coming down its also going to block the power source in that lever so and then again just take this all the way down so it goes right to there to power that repeater there as well okay in case you were wondering and were trying to figure it out yes I did forget to tell you to place a repeater right there okay I didnt explain on the first little dropper pulse incrementer here you need a repeater right here and put it on two ticks so basically just following the same pattern as the other ones but again this guy is flipped around okay so at this point what I would highly recommend is test to make sure that your piston line incrementer is going to work so we have to put a button right there on the side of that first one and then all the way down here you can put a button on this guy right here thats the reset line and this is the increment line later on were going to have a redstone line feeding into this block here but again make sure that all your blocks are in that one drop of their and press the button and one piston should extend press the button again another one press button again another one continue this process a little bit tedious but I would recommend doing it especially past the first segment there so keep pressing this and make sure that every time you do one piston extends out all the way down to the end dont do it too fast though or will get jammed up and youll have to reset your items there and then when youre done and it does work go ahead and hit your reset line here and all of the Pistons should retract back to their closed state just like this so double-check everything works once its all working you need to take everything we just built here and repeat it exactly over here okay the only difference is its going to be flipped so everything that was down there the one the one flipped segment right here is now going to be at the North end over there so both sides is reading from left to right so from there over to there over here when you do the exact same thing only start there and work your way down so the first one youre going to do is over there and the bottom one that youre going to do is over here or the last one you do this over here and this is where the the pulse extender will be

with the reset line that is over there so just take all of that flip it and put it right here okay there we go the second piston line a full 32 piston line incrementer is in again it is exactly the same as the one over there just kind of flipped around but since this is such a big jump cut I will do a quick little flyby here make sure you have everything again you know its working when you can put those two buttons in place and test them increment it all the way down to 32 make sure they all extend out and once that last one is done a few seconds later they should all retract automatically thats how you know it is working so pretty much exactly like the one before okay it is time to move on a little bit now so there will be more redstone later on thats going to hook all these together and everything but for now these are kind of nice standalone and closed systems here the 32 village piston incrementer x that reveal the doors below those are done again well hook them all up in a little bit more but what Im about to now is the tall tower on the west side here that the villager is going to be looping around hes going to be one creating of all all of our new villages and linking everything together so with that said come over here on your west platform and find this comparator right there were going to call that our middle I know there is no middle because its 30 blocks but from that block right there at that comparator come down to the end here and go off seven blocks these are temporary blocks youre just counting three four five six seven okay those will be destroyed after this step from there now you want to take some glass and go ten glass out one two three four five six seven eight nine ten okay and then like I said you can break all of those guys there this right here is the bottom track where the villager will he falls down here he will swim a little bit this way and then he will go up the elevator another 70 blocks or so back up into up into the sky okay so now that we have that base layer there for the villager to walk on we need to kind of enclose it all now to give him a you know so we can put some water in here and so that he cant get out obviously so just go ahead and close this whole thing give it a nice edge like this make it too tall so he cant get out like this like this on the end and then bring it down here its just like that okay so again just showing you from the inside here hes going to drop right here and swim this way and then just go up the water elevator over there okay so just make sure that your bottom is still ten long and you didnt enclose it make the end cap on that tenth one like that alright so now coming in from the end here on the fourth one from the end so one two three four right there put a sign okay thats going to just be used to hold some water back and then right here what we actually need is a fence gate okay so put a fence gate but a block down there just so you can place the fence gate actually place it that way right there so you want the fence gate like that later on were going to power that fence gate to open and close it thats basically when the system is done processing or building the villages but your villager will be sitting right here pushed up against that fence gate waiting for you to kick to kick the system off again and then from there just put water there and water right there okay that will flow down so the villager not when this event fence gate is open he will flow right through here and when its closed hell stop up right against that at 50 so now Im going to work on the water elevator thats going to take our villager all the way up to the sky were going to go about sixty eight blocks or so I believe so first thing place a sign or right there its going to hold back a water source block and then get a four block gap around this this column right here this is where hes going to swim up and basically were just going to start placing a lot of water with signs every 10 block now the best way to do this is just to grab a stack of regular ice if you have it Im in creative so it wont work but if you just put regular ice and break it it will create a water source block rather than having to deal with all the buckets so thats what I would recommend but for this I am going to just use water because its easier and creative and were just going to keep doing this and do this water another one and then water and take this up and every tenth block just put another sign instead of a water source block that way obviously you dont want your villager to drown and suffocate as hes swimming up this thing but it is absolutely you know critical that you make sure every column that is water is a water source block otherwise also your villager will drown that way too which you definitely dont want so water source blocks up we have the sign every tent giving them gap and just take this all the way up all right now that you have that water elevator going up 68 block and I want to make sure you do it 68 blocks or how Im measuring the 68 blocks is what Im going to show you now so the village is going to come up this area here where hes going to then walk on to another little pathway very similar to the one we did down there okay so hes going to come out here like this and the main water source said is going to push him along this so hes going to be walking on this surface here and then from here hes going to fall all the way down so I want you to subtract the Y height of the two so right now you can see Im at Y 178 on this one here all the way down at the bottom over here this guy is 110 so you want a 68 block gap between the two surfaces that your villager is going to walk on okay so just do the subtraction yourself and thats how high he needs to go make sure you get it right obviously youll change the timings of how long it takes him to go up here if you go a little bit longer its not going to hurt too much going shorter could cause some problems but just do your best to make it exactly 68 so then go ahead and finish out the walkway that your villager is going to walk across or swim across and you want this to be eight blocks long so eight blocks that he can walk on so count them one two three four five six seven eight and you can see from this side its not counting the water source but the first block is hell walk on come out eight right so right there and then this is where hes going to fall down so let me break these right here and you want to enclose this area right here your village is basically just gonna walk across here and fall off the end so place a sign there to hold the water back and then basically somewhere along the edge here doesnt really matter somewhere in the middle you want to do basically like that put a water source now on top of your last one there it will flow and then another one there and itll keep pushing towards the edge there okay and this point you can go ahead and close off the top completely just make sure nothing gets in there or somehow he doesnt get out if he swims up a little bit there but there you have it hes going to go over there walk straight across here and fall all the way down okay so now we are going to start the process of building the long drop shaft that the villager is going to fall down so as hes doing that theres going to be some very key locations where were going to want him to stop pause momentarily recognize some village doors register them and add them to existing doors so that we can create a village and start moving it into place so the easiest way to do this Im guessing is from the bottom up given that you guys are probably in survival so now if we get time to add a cap on this if you havent already I guess I forgot to mention that to you obviously leave this spot open here eventually were going to need to get a in here so if you leave that one open and save the glass but this is probably where were going to drop them in but were going to save that till the end to get all the builders in place okay so bring the cap over and then cap this off like this so now we have our our column here okay now this should line up exactly with the drop area all the way up you can double check if you want to now so from there now were going to go up two more blocks okay bring it bring the whole column up two more blocks so it looks like this so weve got three blocks here one two three from that area I guess I mean you just look at the picture youll see our works Kay and then from there were going to put a solid block out one block like that because were going to put some tripwire hooks with some string in between it and theres going to be a lot of these tripwire hooks as we go up now um I guess three or so because thats how we detect where the villager is falling of what state hes at so from there you can go up another keep going up like this and were going to take this up two more so theres two glass blocks between this tripwire hook and the next one so just go ahead and repeat this again over here like this and a couple tripwire hooks with a string in the middle so theres a two block gap right there that you dont need like that and then down here theres the two blocks from the top of the roof from this downward area here – thats your bar hook so it should look something like that so I might have lied to you just a little bit here we can make a little slight correction here I got ahead of myself we actually need to break this string and a couple of these blocks here because we need to get a fence gate right here and I probably know the only way to get a fence gate down is to place a solid block underneath it for whatever reason they still havent change that so get the fence gate right above where the string would be and then be sure to replace a string and then these two blocks just like that what we need to do now is get this block right there to be a solid block and we need to put a torch on the side and lets see if I can do that without probably not break the string put the string back sorry about that okay that torch is going to power that gate obviously the gate shouldve just open there and over here were going to put a solid block with a comparator and were gonna grab a couple hoppers now what were building is the timing system for the villager stand on its going to keep the villager in this place for just a second for like you know a few seconds so that you can see the door so get these two hoppers here to make sure theyre pointing into each other just like that and then grab 16 items of anything that is stackable up to you know its got to be the stackable of the 64 but 16 of those items there and then put a torch right there and you should see that you should have all 16 of your items in this hopper right here which will probably that comparator which will turn the torch off and block that or close that gate so we basically have heres a time system where as the villager falls down now he will land right here stand on top of the fence gate and then shortly thereafter once all these items transfer he will automatically fall through now if your villager is going to be dropping onto this from great heights it would be preferable if he did so without having his life come to an abrupt end because that would be very unfortunate okay so continue the glass column up a little bit more and what we need to do is put two water source blocks in here to break his fall so a sign should go right there against the side and then just come up two more like this and then add two water sources make sure you get the bottom one first and then that one not as hes falling down the two water sources will ensure that he will not take any fall damage when he lands on the gate there now from this just keep taking this all the way up alright so keep your glass drop shaft going up and up here were going to need to build another hopper time-release fence gate release drop system what I want to call it looking exactly like the one we did down below now in this clip and some of the ones to come were going to be doing a lot of things at very specific wide Heights so Im going to keep measuring off of that base line down here that we took before and again its going to be this base line here where the villager walks in which consequently is also the height of our top platform here so well be much easier so lets just use this top platform for now so mine for instance is y equals 110 Ill try to remember to highlight it on the screen right now in case going on with the coordinate is but we are at 110 year for my roof I guess you could call it there up here now were going to do another one of these just some stuff thats standing on top of this block this solid block right here is going to be 32 blocks difference in the Y height okay so this one was obviously 142 so 32 block increase in the Y height there once you have that block in place then go ahead and just built the exact same system that we had before to tripwire hooks make sure you get the string in between with the torch there and the closed fence gate down below it makes you get to comparator here pointing into the solid block to hoppers facing into each other with 16 blocks inside there torch and you get to get to point there couple I add a couple regular torches here just to keep miles from spawning on this which goes without saying everywhere that you want mobs to not spawn which should be of order dont dont be afraid to just span the torch as ever so obviously the reason we want to get the villager to stop here and stand on that fence gate for a while is to recognize some villages or some doors and turn them into village doors so that we can start moving the village that we created up there and start pulling it down so from this location here which is 28 blocks above your roof down there so I have a 28 block wide difference or you can just do it relatively compared to what you see here youre going to skip and block there between your fence gate and come out were going to come out ten blocks so the first eight are just counting blocks so one two three four five six seven eight and then two more that are going to actually be permanent blocks and make a little shape like that and you can break your temporary blocks right here okay now from there go ahead and put doors four doors on top of all of them like that with solid blocks in the same shape and then just bring it out one more on each side so that youre looking something like this and then just go ahead and put slabs on top here so the Duffing cancel on up here a torch or whatever you want and maybe a torch down here so so they cant spawn inside the doors and stuff so these four are going to be now valid village doors once the villager is standing on that gate he will see them and register them okay we are ready to finish off the drop shaft now make sure you obviously get your water break in here to water sources with a sign right above the string of course dont forget that oh youll be sad when your villager plummets to his death carry the glass all the way up here now and hopefully it should link up perfectly with the drop area that you already created before and the only thing were going to do now is add one or little door out here with this little oddball block here and thats going to be this is going to be the door that actually creates all of the villages heres me the first door so well create here and then be pulled down by those and then be pulled down further by things were going to do do coming up real soon so we need to do is coming off of this little corner right there come out seven blocks a one two three four five six and the seventh one is the one that the door is going to go on so just move around here so you can see the counting and positioning of all this you want to put a door on there just like that with a torch and get a block up and off to the side dont put it on top also make sure your doors arent being placed this way that wont work you got to get the doors facing in the east-west direction it doesnt matter which way though east or west like this itll work the same both ways but yeah go ahead and door in with the block off to the side there like that a torch that doesnt light up and then obviously break any temporary blocks and you are officially done with your Tower of disks okay so like I said before at any time you can get your villagers into position anytime before you want to start this machine and kick it off for the first time but for now Im going to get one of these guys in here and like I said best way to do it is to drop him in right there unless we got a nitwit and he is going to sit right up against that fence gate when hes there that basically mean this means the system is either not started its not its not assembling villages either done or its never been started and its waiting to be reset you want to make sure your villager is right there before you reset your system for it to work correctly but he should be there all the time unless youre actively under way with another reset with that said you are going to need almost 50 villagers for this whole design youre going to need for in very key locations a longer farm to create and move the villages into place and then youre going to need about 44 or 45 or so anything over 40 or so in a little holding area that were going to do later on basically under that end area over there so definitely get a villager breeder Im not going to cover that in this thats a whole separate category find out how to get a villager breeder going get them get a bunch of them going and start getting them ready to be moved into position with mine carts or whatever is probably your best bet okay now that our Tower is done here we can move on to the next containment area that its going to hold our next this ones going to be in a boat and hes going to use this little slime block launcher here to bounce them up and hell be in three different positions therell be two fence gates up here that he can sit on and then all the way down there in the top position hell only be able to see the top doors in the middle position or in the second fence gate

hell be able to see all the doors here and then the bottom section sitting on top of the actual slime block youll be able to see nothing so the next few bits are going to be us building this little area to contain it and put the fence gates in and get it all wired up and everything so that we can control him moving between those states so the first thing we want to do is again find our center line here on the west west side of the farm here take that comparator right there that we used before it comes straight to the edge and break those three blocks right there okay and then down here now were going to build this little guy here which Ill show you in a second but the important thing is that he is 11 blocks lower than the roof that weve been using as our reference point so for instance you see I might y99 right now and then up here is my standard 110 that this Ive always been using as my reference point so drop down 11 blocks will point you to that guy right there okay weve got three solid blocks there there and there with a repeater on four tix going to adust right there into a block up with a torch and over here we have a sticky piston with a slime block on top of it over here we have another sticky piston with a block on top of it with a repeater pointing into it on one tick okay I pre-built all that just for convenience hopefully thats making it well things easier for you now again just to make sure how you want to see how this lines up here if you were to take sand and drop it right there in that middle block it would fall right down onto this block right there so just go ahead and get this all built out okay so now were going to run our power from that torch there up a little zigzag vertical slab pattern up to even flush with the roof up here so from on top of the torch there put a block on top of it and like I said were going to zigzag so honestly I would just do a bunch of temp blocks like this and just make sure the last one is is a slab flush with the roof right there then you put a solid block right next to it as well and now were just going to go down and stair step down like this breaking those temporary blocks as we went so like that and break that one there okay so you have something looks like this now and redstone on all of these going all the way up so they connect to that solid block right there so just so it looks like that now were going to get some of our fence gates in there that the villagers boat is going to sit on and some of the redstone torches that control it so put a torch right there on the inside we as a dust right there as well and now put a tent block right down like that so we can get a sense gate on top of that one just like that okay and now come down lets see come down like this and we want to solid block gap in between and a fence gate right there as well so were going to have basically two fence gate stacked on top of each other with a two block gap in between okay so break all those temporary blocks there we want to get now a block right there even with the fence gate and put a torch on it and then another one over here as well with a torch on it maybe two different ways were going to control that fence gate and we also want to get a torch on that block there as an alternate way of controlling that fence gate so there should be two torches pointing at each fence gate were going to control all of their States independently okay now we are ready to enclose this thing in glass which isnt actually critical or anything to the functionality its mostly just to protect your villager because youd be very sad if if a zombie got in here and he died or something like that so were going to do is make a 2×2 shape I guess you could call it a glass right here the boat is obviously wider than one block so it needs a 2×2 to fit in so go ahead and make this 2×2 right here and then were just going to carry this all the way up to the top there okay right past the fence gates all the way up to the roof right there do the same thing on both sides over here bring it up up up even right across that right there one more on this side here up like this and now at this point we want to go up three more blocks actually like this bring that one up ignore that dust for now and bring these three guys up over here and then these guys here on top of the redstone up like that okay so because this is where our villager is going to sit right inside there now we want to add a solid block of there were going to actually power through that block and then add some glass like this because basically were just trying to make this baby zombie proof we dont want any baby zombie spawning anywhere up here and its somehow finding a way to get into our village of there and eat his face because again that would be much sadness so there you go get the glass column in all the way and youre looking good it is now time for everyones favorite part of getting a villager into this hole we gotta get the villager into a boat and push him off this ledger so he follows that in there now I have added a couple of extra glass blocks down here which I would highly recommend because once the boat falls down here if it falls past those fence gates and stuff youre going to want these blocks here to push it up against kind of and kind of a line it correctly but again just make sure you dont put anything next to the slime block or anything on top of the piston there just in block okay so how to get your villager up here is really up to you I recommend just trying to get him at this height somehow I know it depends where your villager breeder is and all that go ahead and grab a boat which would have been handy if I had one ready and basically just go ahead and drop the boat down as close as you can a lot of times theyll pop right in sometimes you have to give it a little nudge and hell go in and then if you want you can try to push the boat in or its better sometimes just to get in the boat yourself and just go ahead and drive it in the hole here and fall down okay now at this point you probably want to like go to like an f5 mode and youre going to want to get the boat into the southeast corner I know this is getting very weird let me see if I can show you a better angle here okay lets see here now I guess the fence gate is going to cause some problems here but you can see Im kind of jammed into this corner here now Im gonna hit shift in and get out and then you can just ender pearl out or whatever you want here let me see so yeah you can just ender pearl out of here at this point if you want Im going to turn on the bounding box of the boat youll see it is wedged right in the corner that was f3b by the way if you dont know how to do that you can see that that boat is kind of jammed in that corner and thats where hell stay whenever he goes up itll always be kind of in that corner even when he floats down here so if hes on top of that gate or if he falls down here for now it doesnt matter because were going to reset everything anyway so get your village in there look okay lets put in the next section of doors here this is going to be the next piece of doors thats going to move the newly created village from up there it starts up there then it moves here and then its going to attach to these doors here and get pulled down even farther so you want to add three blocks just like that right on top of your villager guy here and then put nine doors on top of the whole thing so just cover the whole thing like that again make sure the doors are facing east and west and it should look just like that and then guys can cover it up like this with some more blocks were going to carry these guys all the way back to meet up with your block right there so they should touch up there I think there should be seven here total one two three four five six seven right and then go ahead and grab some slabs which I dont have and go ahead just place those on top yet this is mostly just respond proofing here but we are going to leave a little bit clear right here no that not okay leave those clear theres going to be some redstone there later on so because youre putting those in so they go well hello there hello there this would be future tango I am coming back in time Im time traveling back to this point in the video to tell you that I just made a mistake and I fixed it and I want to put it in the right spot in the video to avoid headaches for you guys those nine doors that you just place okay the nine blocks that they are standing on three by three those actually need to be top slats okay I do apologize for that but now would be the best time to tell you that so you can get and break them right away and just replace them the doors again on top of them like so one two three four five six seven eight and nine okay you may see those as solid blocks for the rest of the tutorial again I didnt find this until the end Im sorry but they absolutely need to be half slabs and that is because when youre villager pops up if they are full blocks you will take a couple damages a couple picks of suffocation damage each time and eventually it will be dead so make sure that those nine blocks are just top slabs right there sorry about the mistake okay next were going to add some rubbers and some fluffers and some hoppers and all that good stuff so go ahead and add two droppers right here like so facing into each other this one facing down this one facing up as you can see double check all around make sure its not poking up the side or anything that line obviously will power that top that top dropper and then go ahead and put a single item that of set of stackable sixty-four or wherever and it honestly into the bottom dropper there grab a solid block right there with a comparator coming out of it so that we know when an item is in that one there and go ahead put another dropper there with a hopper pointing into it and then this guy here you want to put sixty for a full stack of items basically whatever whatever you want there into that hopper there okay this is basically our counter system where every time a villager falls through here and I will push through back into the topper so theyll know when the when the system is done so theres no one else IXY four villages are formed so also go ahead and just cover all this up here and then spawn proof it or like that and out of the side of the dropper that you just place getting put a slab just below it just like that there with a comparator coming out of it like so and then break these three glass pieces right there put one there and one there so theres a little gap in between there and put redstone right on top of it grab some more solid blocks one two three four and then break that one and go down one so that one should be right next to the fence key that we placed before were going to need a repeater right there to refresh the signal and then just run this down the line like that what this is basically is when the when the farm turns on for the first time all those items are going to get sent over there and then this is going to power down on down and open the fence gate thats going to release the villager so that he can start climbing up the tower to start the process okay so Im going around to the other side of your your drop shaft here and right there add a block so theres a little air block right under your tripwire hook there and were going to hit this guy with some redstone dust there were going to come down one two more like that keep the dust going there and a couple slabby Chevys there and there another one there cut into the corner there and this guy is going to come out in two three four five and then over two and then were just going to start coming this way were going to pick this up a little bit later but take this red stone and fill it all on here and again like I said were going to this line is going to run all the way down the back of the farm later but well get to that later but yeah it should look just like this all right moving on next were going to make some downward redstone its going to power that repeater down there so coming out of the side of this hopper right there go ahead and throw a comparator so we know when the first item is in there get a couple blocks like this throw some dust down there okay comparable power through the block down onto that dust and then this guy here you can take a repeater because were going to need to strengthen the signal and then from here you can go were basically just going to start spiraling down right now so down like this down like this just an old-school redstone line going down were going to go around twice if you want to keep it a little bit close to this but however you want to get that signal down there is up to you and that one goes there that one goes there and were going to connect it up again to this repeater right there so lets go up a couple here Ill stand back and show you how all this how I have all this in the second here let me just get it in here like that and then one more like that okay and then go ahead and just redstone dust the whole thing in from there down down up this guy may go make sure you just get all the pieces around all the loops like so one two three okay got them all and that should raise your piston the first time you hit that so lets see here hit it there it goes okay you saw the piston pop up real quick down there alright so this is what I got here basically just a little spiral loop that goes down it doesnt really matter how you run it just make sure that it does reach and the signal strength reaches that repeater right there on top of that block there and youll be good to go okay it is now time to add the two redstone lines that are going to be incrementer for our piston line kids are going to expose sky axes one slice at a time here were going to have one come down here which I have partially built already and the other one is going to go down in the back to power that line over there so first one here coming off of this line right here both of them are going to be off of this tripwire hook which is when the villager falls down here that is when we need to expose sky access so from here come down the two blocks like this and then connect straight over there and from the line that we already have their redstone and connect it up here and then I have some of this already built here for speed or just for convenience you want to get four repeaters on full tick there come around the corner here another repeater here this one can be on regular tick here basically just to extend the signal and Im going to go up some top slabs here putting these block here just for reference too so you can see how theyre how theyre laid out that their top slabs go up here and then from here were going to hook into this guy right over there so to grab this redstone and just connect it all right in there so this step base is consists of from here down around four repeaters on full delay over here another repeater to refresh above up over here and into this signal here and again as you know before this was the incrementer to extend our piston line here okay now for the other line which we need to run all over to the other platform this ones a bit bigger so were going to pick up where we left off with this line here and go ahead and place the repeater right there leave it on default tick thats just to refresh the signal okay and then continue your slab line down here and take a look at urn one off the edge just like that and start running it this way here okay all this right here is new and right here right one block back behind all your levers youre going to start a repeater line and youre going to add 12 repeaters all on maximum delay the last one should end right at this block if you have here already and then from there do a solid block and then another slab and then down to solid blocks like this and then youre going to do start doing some more half slapping there and run ten more repeaters on maximum delay up to this point and then put a solid block right there so again Im just going to pan slowly back across this ten repeaters right there on maximum delay couple ticks up like that and then a bunch of slabs all the way down here again from this angle here you can see it is just barely off the edge of that line there we have 12 repeaters right here maximum delay around the corner and then dont forget this guy here otherwise the signal will never reach over there okay so from that block now were actually going to split it the repeater is going to power through the block onto this line here which we will come back to a little bit later but for now were going to go up and into this line here so get the get these slabs in place now okay one dust and then a lot more slabs were going to add 13 more repeaters on maximum delay there and four tick delay there so add all those guys down and push it into a solid block there thats solid block if you did it correct we should line up with this redstone line here that you have in place to make sure you get some dust on top of there and then back to the slabs add five more slabs with four repeaters on maximum delay cut around the corner there with some dust two more on maximum delay and then hook into our incrementer signal right there just like we did on the other side again double check that this repeater is on two ticks not on maximum ticks but everyone else that we just place here is on maximum tick okay so before we go any further we need to next make a little holding area for this villager over here its gonna look very similar to the one we did a little bit ago for the other villager in the boat over there this is going to be for another villager in a boat here and hes going to be responsible for seeing all the doors and registering them one at a time as as he is called upon so for starters here were going to again knock out three blocks here this one is a little different though it is not perfectly aligned with the middle comparator it is one to the side so see the line Im on here and it is one just to

the side of that central comparator so make sure you punch that block out in the two adjacent to it just like that and then were going to go down, 11 blocks again so just like we did last time I and again just a refresher I am here at 1:10 y equals 110 on my screen were going to drop down to down this line block down to here Im at one time at Y 99 again just like the one we built over there is the height of this block here okay so heres what were going to build here were going to build a couple solid blocks theyre sticky piston holding a solid block right there comparator on top of a solid block like that over here is a repeater on full tick delay with some dust dont forget the dust there right next to another sticky piston holding up a slime block there and we have two droppers facing into each other here so make sure theyre pointing into each other and then just put a single item into this dropper right there now youre probably asking well how does this line up with this up here well here is your drop test so that sand drops right through the hole so right there goes to the hole so you could say this guy would line up with that block right there if you wanted to so make sure to keep him on maximum tick and throw a couple torches in here just keep everything everything lit up but once more around that is what you need to build okay were going to need a block up like that with another one down another one up like so right there and throw a throw torch on top of that were going to build on top of that just a minute its a piece of dust on there and then bring this guy over like this and then no no there we go up like that / – that dropper right there then were going to run dust all down this line down here and throw a repeater right there you can leave it on the default tick and then as usual go ahead and throw you know a torch in there or whatever just to keep things lit up over there maybe you want over there whatever whatever works to you and keeping it going now we are going to throw a blocker right on top of that guy right there and now were going to start a glass column coming up to right about there with a solid iron block on top of it and then down over here were going to start right in the gap like right there and bring this guy all the way up to there as well now here were going to go see like that we want to go up three from the the top of your roof there from there so one two three and one two three and were going to have some were gonna have some redstone on there and all we need to do is make another slab zigzag back and forth so were going to start there go there there there there there there and there and then just redstone it all up all the way down like so I missed one I didnt okay good so it should look like that okay so when this torch obviously changes right there its going to power all the way up and down to this guy right here where were gonna have a trapdoor on the other side alright once you get that in we are going to just add some more glass and finish building out this little cage for our villager guy here its going to be in the boat so we want to go up there we want to go up these two but make sure you leave that one open for when that distant extends there were going to take those up and were going to take these up right here so carry up to the basically up as high as they can go just go straight up here these go up to the bottom side like that I believe right there this one goes up to right outside you can even leave this gap open if you want easier to get it now I mean this is really very little way the zombies going to get in there anything its really up to you but continue taking these up to 2/3 up here so those to that guy and then maybe well even do this side over here maybe well do some over here its up to you but next were gonna have to get our villager in there Bodie mcboot villager guy I lied I lied Im a loter and stuff alright we need to get our fence gates in there first otherwise the motoring on had nothing to fall on to so I get one up there like that and then skip a couple of blocks and get the other one there so there are two solid blocks between the gates like that okay obviously whatever blocks you use to put the gates on make sure you get those out go ahead and break this block right in front of that gate we need a torch key there and a tour key there to control those two gates alright you guys know the drill get a villager up here in whatever mysterious magical ways you can hopefully they dont run off like that and instead we hope that they stay up this here you go villages are awesome we love them we love the villagers alright were going in were zipping around here were dropping down in were pushing back to the back wall like that were going to spin it around again we want to be in this corner right here in this case it is the what northwest corner of the block try and get it in there like that if you need to hit f3 be to turn on collision volumes and you can see that the boat is jammed in there once you get mr. happy in there go ahead you probably want for some glass on the corners here just in case the zombie gets on the roof you dont want to sometimes they can attack villagers do the corners you guys know how it is and then go ahead and a Gebbie all this up right here just to keep everything out everything happy okay there we go excellent okay and youre good okay for this next bit we are going to put in a rather long redstone line picking up from where we left off a little while ago right here were going to send a line that comes down here over here down this line trigger some business over here and then heads out down here which is going to be to our easternmost village of the satellite villager out there so its already built I just want to show you now I already built it to save time so from this line over here youre going to extend the slabs that we had put a repeater right here you could just say its even with this line right there leave it leave it on a single tick more slabs repeater right here you dont want to make you dont to blend in with this redstone line here so throw a repeater there which also extends the signal step up the slab right here run your slides down a little bit more into a solid block this is five from the end right there so solid block so you can come down over here around the corner into a repeater and then these two blocks here youre going to take out of the roof and just lift them up right here so that you can stair step down this guy stair step all the way down you dont need that block there stair step all the way down and it should take you just like this at which point youll have three blocks left run those into the dropper cut a sharp turn to the left there or some more slab edge abbys another repeater to refresh the signal dont worry Im going to run back through all this and give you another another camera angle at it nice and slow Im just talking through it now onto a solid block right there down and then were going to run another slab line all the way down here okay and this slab line here is 26 blocks long and you want to get a repeater down a little bit of the way you know they right about there to refresh the signal and then one at the very end so let me go back here and I will show you again a little bit slower so that you can see whats going on again all right slabs down repeater right there keep this left going even even even repeat it right there too severe that you dont want to blend in with that line there step up right there where the pistons are over here into a solid block right there and then step down right there over to the repeater there pop these two blocks up from the roof so that you can stair step down and just giving a camera angles of everywhere here turn the corner right there and step down right there and then this last line here Ill cam out so you can see the whole thing it should be 26 blocks long with repeaters as you see them and move it all the way down to the end here and what were going to do now is build a little pulse extender here so couple dusts on this little platform just like that grab four comparators there and theyre there and theyre locked there and some dust right there and that is going to keep our redstone signal alive just a little bit longer go ahead and put a block down there with our little dust on top of it grab a sticky and stick it right there with a block on top of it and this block right here now is where were going to put our last villager thats going to be part of the village creation process this is the guy here theres going to be doors above him its going to pull all those villages away over here because were going to add a ton of doors right above this guy so go ahead and build a little happy fortress of eternal solitude here for this guy and bring it up three like that and then go ahead and place your happy villager inside there greet him greet him and say hello and go ahead and slap up the roof like like this with wood slats that cover the roof like that and finally were going to add the doors up on top of this guys head here that hes going to be able to recognize so when he gets extended and lifted up here is the time well hell be able to see those doors otherwise when hes down there he wont be able to see them so what youre gonna do is build a nine by three platform here above his head centered or I guess offset like you see here so theres two blocks on that side the one hes on and then and well another six over there so its one two three four five six seven eight nine build it just like that okay and then its three deep like this so you got a nine by three platform now Im going to play some doors the first two rows the ones on the western side of the side closest to the farm are going to be full so nine and nine, 18 doors and in the back row here were only going to have were only gonna have five doors so leave off the two ends there so no doors there and no doors there okay once you have them all in then just go ahead and add another slab roof like this thats going to make them valid village doors and this is six blocks deep starting at the first set of doors right there okay moving it along now we are going to put in the reset line now which is basically this green block right here you need to strongly power that is what youre going to hit this button or if you want to make a torch tower already onto the floor or something thats fine too all that matters this block is strongly powered when it does its going to reset the whole farm back to its initial position its going to release your villager over there to start climbing the tower and its going to more importantly kick off the entire process start forming all 64 villages so this is what you press as you want to start a new afk session so Ive got most of the main line built here its going to be a couple little shoot offs of this but lets cover the main line first day okay so starting directly underneath this block that you had here okay thats a thats a block and a half gap there from what was there all right you want to flap lock there and were going to do a slab line all the way down here okay up until you gets right to the edge of the roof over here repeater couple blocks up one down this is mostly a visual thing here okay so just follow what you see Ill try to go Ill try to go slow so that its obvious slabs down here this is even with that floor theyre all the way over until you get to this pumpkin line right there put a repeater right to edit refresh the signal five more slabs stair-step up until you get to the corner right here and push the line right into the back of a new block that youre going to place right there when the torch on the back that is going to invert the signal and then dust down the edge here well pick that up in just a little bit here okay so going back a little bit slow here just so you can kind of see whats what here Im going to move down to the other end and right here okay so again you hit that bone and its going to just take this slab line down here put a repeater to refresh the signal with a one-block gap between the edge of that roofline right there again repeater to refresh the signal more slabs more slabs down here another repeater directly under that piston more slabs more slabs or more slabs down to you until you are basically cue from away from the end of the roof over there cut a corner put another one more repeater to refresh the slab there or so that refresh the line three more slabs right there and then were going to start stair stepping down with solid blocks and these are in sync or in parallel I guess you could say with the other stair step thats there so just run that one down exactly the same one more repeater right there coming out of that final block and run it into the line that should already be there right up next – thats rapper there so basically when you reset the farm the item thats in this dropper is going to kick over and as far the reset process there alright so now for some of the offshoots on the reset line one of the things that we obviously need to do is reset this whole piston line back to its default state and set all the pistons back to retracted so that looks basically like it looks now so off of this bottom reset line that you just added and a slab right after that repeater with a block up like that and dust is going to run you right up here into this line here which I just placed before this clip we repeated refresh the signal down down down down down up a couple blocks repeater and you basically want to power right into this which will power down that line and power all the way down there to reset all three of your dropper incrementer things you did a long time ago and of course we need to do the other side as well much simpler over here so from that repeater right off your reset line off that repeater putting you already had your dust there pop up here for four and then up a couple blocks like this with a repeater pushing into this line here and obviously that will power all three of them going down the line there and over here on the west side again by our first Bodie villager here we need to place a repeater right there and get a couple blocks to stair-step up here like that and like that okay so theres a four block or the repeaters four blocks off of where that torch was right there so I could look like that hop it up like this another block like that turn them around the corner like this and were going to want to power that guy right there so just take these guys and go into that like that so this this line right here will power that block which will power this dropper and take the item in there and push it up to the top which it looks like I just did actually go ahead and throw a slab on top of there so it doesnt spawn any zomboid and then down here down below were actually going to break this and use the same line to power or invert that torch there to trigger the gate to make the villager fall down if he happens to be on there but when you do that make sure that you also put some slat or some glass back here again because youll want any Debut zombie sneak it under there and one more little bit here on the west platform as well by our villager here we need to take this repeater source here and power down to this block down there so were going to place a block right there and break the break of the block right there that the repeater will then power down into that guy okay from down here now come up two blocks like that and put a dust right there and then a block right there and were going to take one more repeater and put it right there so repeater powers that does for Peter pulls off of that power since that into the dust and down and in to toggle that torch right there thats whats going to allow our villager to fall down from the second gate so it seems Ive apparently kicked off a rebuild Im already on like village six or so there goes our village about the tower now but thats okay we could actually just keep building this thing as were going here so were actually getting close guys so bear with me end of this video is ungodly long anyways on our pulse extender here this is when the end of the first line is done at that point we need to lower our villager down from the top fence gate to the second times gate where he is now so were going to put a torch right there okay and thats going to go into a couple slabs or a hole with a whole slab line here were gonna have four repeaters on maximum to lay there solid block here is important because you dont get powered by that lever down there up a couple slab steps there and then over like this with another repeater there on default tick just to refresh the signal over and into this block here to power that dust that we should have play eh by the year and a half ago yeah but pretty pretty straightforward stuff here Ill give you one more look down here again this torch will and this torch fires thats when were done with our first line here and the villager will drop down will Dori no were going to do the same thing on the other side and over on the east side very much the same off of the same pulse extender we have their drop a torch couple dust on some slabs there into four repeaters on maximum tick block right there just like before more slabs up here hop up a little bit like this and were going to run it into a sticky piston here so we gotta stick you with a block with a repeater coming off its just a simple pulse limiter make sure to put that guy on two ticks right there and then just run the dust down this line here into a repeater right here on default ticks break that glass change it into a solid block break these two right here and run the dust over there so I can power that fence gate and then just go ahead and replace those two glass of example woods dont crawl in there and ruin your day and one more look here Ill just go by slow here because I said that kind of fast I have a tendency to do that sometimes alright so they got piston right there slabs like that Ill just back up here so you can see the whole thing pretty easy stuff right

there alright guys it is time for the infamous bucket of villagers it is time to get 40 villagers over here a little bit over 40 to play it safe so the way this works now is every ten villagers that you have in range of your village allows one golem to be in the spawn area at the same time so if you have less than ten villagers youll never get any golems if you have less than 20 youll only ever have one goal this wanting at the same time and that will severely limit your spawn rate so theres many many times youre going to have to three sometimes even four golems on your spawn platforms at the same time so in order to allow that to happen which is what we want were going to have 40 plus villagers split between these two block here and thats to accommodate for max entity cramming obviously we dont wanna put them all in there if our max entity cramming is 25 so were going to split them and put just over 20 in both of those okay now the way you find this location this is critical that you get this distance correctly which is why Ive colored these blocks here from our solid power block over here the one were powering to reset the whole line come down five more blocks right as you can see and then from there go over 13 more blocks right there so the whole bottom line is 14 blocks total and again Ive colored them so you can see double check look for yourself count them make sure everything is fine once you have that those distance correct go ahead and build this shape right here with like a nice little glass platform and two solid blocks those blocks are where you want to get your villagers on top of now from there just go ahead and start building this all the way up go up another three so in two three like this and then dont forget of course to add the middle columns so that they cant they cant meet shaking is in the middle there and what were going to do is add in our villagers how you get them in here is up to you mine cards water streams use your creativity but just get them in here so you can see Ive got twenty-one over there now and over here I will just take this up to 40 now you can see my e in the upper left corner Im counting how many entities there are here make sure youre not looking at other entities when you count these like dont look down at the ground and count ground entities if you want to count these for real its best to probably like get right underneath and look up and make sure youre not looking at anything else you can see Ive got 42 filters in there right now so were good and once youre done just go ahead and cover up the top there now there is one other thing I want to mention right now and that is you want to add a cover to this so come up like another you know five or six blocks or so and you want to add do this out of slabs here add a little platform of slabs here so that nothing can spawn up here but also this is your lightning protection so as many of you know if am I covering everything here yet two by five okay you want to cover the whole surface there just up as many of you know if lightning strikes a block near a villager I think its like within four blocks vertically people turn that villager into a witch so you dont have your whole stack turn to witches here thatd be very bad and very sad and yeah you dont want that Ive taken the N out here Ill probably add the end back in in future clips just so its there for the world download the other thing that I wanna mention is over here I didnt tell you to make a lightning protection pad you probably want to do that as well again just come up four or five six blocks or so to protect this village your hair from being turned into a witch so add a little platform up here make sure you cover all the bits down there and everything just make sure whatever you dont dont cover up this line over here otherwise you will never get villages spawning again all right it is finally finally finally time to make the spawn platforms for our golems to spawn and fall down through now it is at this time I feel obligated to say that Im aware that there are other designs for slightly more efficient spawn platforms okay but I need to say that first were talking one or two percent more efficient you know its negligible and in my opinion they look a lot more cumbersome and are a lot more complicated to build personally I like to be able to come by here and just watch my golem spawn on the various platforms and fall down but if you want that extra 1% or 2% edge at most then you can definitely go find how to do those on some of the other iron farms out there but Im choosing this one for simplicity and looks and because it just works and it works great with that said though we already got our first customer here which is a very good sign even though I dont even think just build this happen because the redstone wasnt even done yet but its a good sign that we have a goal in there so where to build these now okay first what you want to do is come off on the west target of the end back up in this guy there okay off of the west platform here okay youre going to come in five blocks one two three four five like that okay and then diagonal from that guy or I guess you could say just come in six is your is your block right there come off one so theres a one block gap between the edge of the platform and that corner okay now once you have that corner youre going to make a 21 by 21 square with half slabs underneath it okay obviously the half slabs are not you know theyre top slabs so the golems can spawn on them okay fill the whole thing and very simple and just leave a 3×3 in the middle of all three of them okay youre going to build three platforms obviously the one I showed you is the top one and there is a three block gap between each one okay like so so just go ahead and build all three of those and then Im going to show you how to add the water in there okay for the water super simple stuff here very easy what you want to do is take some iron bars these dont have to be on Mars I think they look good you could use full blocks if you want there and the way were going to add water in the corners is is is like this imagine there was three blocks like that okay were going to be adding water all along the sides on every block like that and on every side like this and then we get to the corner we just want to put one right on top there okay you dont need those blocks there but its just to show the point of where you should not be placing water water should not go on that block that block or that block right there okay do that to all of your sides and all of your corners and all of your water is going to push right up to these edges here if its settle off then you got some measurement problems you want to take some stuff here all the water should come right to all of our edges here and all the goldens that spawn will be falling down the hole now okay so for underneath the farm here theres a lot of things you should be thinking about youre probably going to want to build a massive storage room obviously a good killing chamber you might want to be creative you know Ive been known to do that myself you probably want to make an area where you can craft your ingots into blocks and store the blocks it a lot of things you got to think about here you know how far do you want to drop your goals for this Im just going to keep it very simple Im gonna do a simple drop shaft collect the the iron with a lava killer and put it into a chest were not going to do any sorting systems for poppies or anything like Im gonna leave that up to you guys but from the bottom here personally I like to make kind of the minimalist drop chute here just a guide for the golems from the middle of each edge there with glass that right there is sufficient for the golems to not escape the – theyre too fat to fit off the edge of their order and then from there youre going to want to start thinking about how you want to let me come down a little more youre actually will come down a couple more like this and a couple more like that and then grab some hoppers now okay what you want to do is have all the hoppers going into a common output line it doesnt really matter which hopper points into what just make sure you dont have any loops in there things like that now from there youre going to want to have a least a series of chests here okay this hopper I know is not pointing to that chest right there at least a series of chests youre going to have you know if you afk for one night youll fill up if easily six or seven double chests I havent done the math yet but itll be significant here so Im just going to again do the through the minimum here like so like so and then youre going to want to fill up the edges here like is only at the bottom is this necessary because you want to catch any excess any excess iron in case it pops out and the hopper doesnt pick it up or anything like that lets actually go one more like this to do okay were going to grab some signs and some lava like so place your signs and lets see they go right here theyre there same thing on the other side you just want to cover up all the squares hold shift and get one into the middle you can do that one on the edge and that one right there so you have all the all nine squares now filled up with with stuff sighs yeah place the Templar there put a lava source there you can break the same the ten stores that will flow out to the edges and you are good as the golems drop down now their head will burn their art gets caught into the hopper chain there obviously if you want you can put carpets down there theres a lot of options you could do you can have massive projects that even just begin right here but this is the simplest right here you made it you made it the final step you finally got here we have one more step to do here just to finish things off here and that is to make it so that golems cant spawn on this platform because you see as the villages are being created and moved into position here there is a brief window of time where each village is actually kind of sitting right on top of this platform here so there is a small chance that it could spawn a golem up here at that time and its a very small chance per village but when you have 64 of them you might get one every other time you rebuild this whole farm here so we want to prevent that just to keep them off hearing because you know if you get too many up here it might start counting toward your toward your cap on your village and stuff and it could messed up so golems need a four non solid blocks of vertical space okay they can spawn inside slabs so a ghom could spawn right there and he would be right inside the slab and its just going to have their own spawn algorithm and everything its just very weird but all we need to know is that they require for vertical blocks and they are more than one wide so what were going to do is make these like stripes like this okay and carry them down here so the gold cant spawn anywhere in here so to do that go ahead and start Oh over right here on your middle guy here I should mention this is only for the Eastern platform over over here this guy on this side here okay you do not need to do this on the western side over there okay so from your middle dropper incrementer thing here put some blocks on either side of the that repeater right be sure not to change the subtraction mode on your comparator there okay take this one all the way down to the edge of your platform right there and then take this one actually this is important you do not want to cover these two lines right here the piston or the block gets pushing okay because those are the ones that need sky access but this line here you could take all the way over to your glass build your containment area like that and then from there just go ahead and skip every other block okay if there are more cases where you need to do some redstone Shinae shenanigans like this one here probably just going to do the same thing just make sure you do not clip any redstone lines or anything like that and then over here same thing and carry this one down like that another one right here like so and then when youre done and you have all the slabs in go ahead and are all they all the crossbars in go ahead and slap them up and yeah at this point you can even slap on top of suddenly any redstone hip this is just to make it look a little bit better and to keep mops from spawning off here so you dont want to get any zombies or especially creepers or anything salon on up here could could ruin your day here so finish all these lines up here again do not cover this up dont cover it up with slabs either dont do anything there just keep those two blocks empty the whole time there and when youre done I will show you what it should look like with a completed set and there you go there you go just a bunch of simple little bars very easy to do you can see I didnt even take it down this far on the Southside didnt even mess with this guy at all here so one block off the spawn platform there is easy enough and then down here I didnt really even mess with this guy at all either so really its just a question of this guy here and I just kind of like I said I just put some blocks around the redstone and the repeater there not to even mess with it other than that bunch of solid stripes this one here I kind of have to do a little bit around the redstone there no big deal and these were all under structured by redstone or anything so just carry these all the way down and again just a quick aerial view of what your look and guys you are done lets see how this thing works okay if you have made it this far I owe this to to show you how this thing actually works so what you see here is a mod a client-side mod I have called the villager marker mod and what it does is it draws lines for every door in a village and it draws a line to the center point of that village so every line you see here is pointing to one of the doors in the village the big rectangle box area is the area where iron golems could spawn if it met all the right criterias of having enough doors having enough villagers that sort of thing and the dots here you see in these big circles they represent the radius of the village now theyre all color-coded here okay the first one is red and the next one it creates will be a different color but what you can see here is the village it is originally created all the way up there a single door then it merges in these doors moving the center down there then it move merges in those doors then the ones on the actual door spawn platform then all the doors over there and then finally the doors inter actual Eastern spawn platform there now the important thing to note is the only doors that are actually going to stay are the ones obviously on the spawn platforms all the other doors are temporary and you can see their timing out right now and being removed from the villages that they were used to create so right now all thats left is these doors over here once these go then this center point is going to go and pop right into should happen or about now any second now there it goes okay good so you can see this is our red village now and it is perfectly centered inside this spawn area here and those lines represent the center point of the village so that the the golems for this village could spawn on the top platform or the middle platform okay so all 32 villages on the top side get the top two platforms and all villages on the bottom platform here get the bottom two platforms so the other mod now that I want to show you and this is what makes it really cool so right now I take you know a little over a minute to create one of the villages okay because the villager has to swim back up here and thats actually why this design is kind of elegant in my opinion is because theres no timer to control how fast we can create villages because it takes exactly the right amount of time for this villager to swim up this water elevator and then come back down and create new ones so I also have a tick rate mod on here that Im going to kick up the speed of the game now to ten times its normal tick rate and youll be able to see the village is being created at a very rapid rate which is extremely cool I think and pop into place you know what let me kick it up even faster here for you guys this is not time lapse this is just the game running at super fast speed youll see the villager is basically just climbing up that elevator and just a few seconds network only takes a bunch but you can see every village thats created starts on that tower over there get stretched over to the east side and then re-centers in and the reason you can only see the most recent colors because all the villages are perfectly overlapped in that center point and you only see the one that is most recently added now this will continue Im going to slow this down because its actually pretty hard to fly in this stick rate this is going to continue you can see what door youre on right now so were on like door or was that ten or something that I guess I dont know this is going to continue all the way down here until it gets down to the end here and then all of these are going to retract back in and our villagers are going to go from this gate down to the gate down below and theyre going to start doing the exact same process again all for the doors down below once that ones done then youre pretty much done with the whole thing youre going to have 64 villages all perfectly overlapped all right in the center here you can see even with ten already here its already starting to look very pretty and very cool but when you get 64 in here it is amazing and thats what thats when the golems start slowing alright guys that is going to do it that is everything I want to thank all of you so much for watching and please remember to do me a favor and hit that like button on this video if you can appreciate the massive amount of effort that went into designing and putting together this tutorial and if you are new to the channel I definitely recommend you consider subscribing for more crazy tutorials like this one as well as for my very very unique LP series on the hermit crab server again guys thank you so much for watching I will see you later this is tango Im out

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