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“Guys splits here and we are gonna see what happens. When we don t have have ps plus on the ps4 so right now. My ps plus subscription actually ended. I thought of this idea and i know you need ps plus to actually play multiplayer but what actually happens when i play multiplayer like it s something gonna pop up like i just want to see what happens so let s first go to the playstation store and see if we can actually access this cuz.

I m pretty sure you can alright so we can access it without playstation plus. I know you can um. I know you can t download our use a pin all these apps without ps plus shout out to the derivative you network. But yeah you can t use those apps.

I know that but let s actually play a multiplayer game like we re gonna try out friday 13th and then maybe other games. But let s just see what happens so we re gonna start off with friday. The 13th the game and here we go in three two one alright. So if you guys don t know this game.

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This is strictly a multiplayer game. Which is perfect for this test. So you guys ready for this. I ma play click play and three two one.


Oh shit. What is happening. Join playstation plus. Not a member join now are you serious.

This is what pops up play online. With friends will join playstation plus well i ll see if i press. Oh. My god guys this song s about getting playstation.

Plus. Cuz. Wait you will not be able to use this feature until you join playstation plus. Do you want to cancel wow.

What is this sucks. I wonder if it s the same message for every game. I guess we re gonna go on to the next game. Which will be i guess let s do overwatch and let s see if it pops up the same message.


So let s do it all right here. We go press x to play. Oh. My god.

It s gonna be the same message are you kidding me this same mother effing message. Wow. Alright. Let s let s try another game.

Let s actually try like black ops. 3 cuz. I know this is a multiplayer and singleplayer so i don t know if you can play a single player. But let s see alright here.

We go ok well straight off the bat. I m in local you are playing local area network. Which is for you we don t know if this is because i don t have ps plus. I m pretty sure this game is updated.


But let s go to multiplayer. Oh my god so many local. I came in like there s no multiplayer option like what the heck alright. So we re gonna try out the last game which will be gta.


5. This is a multiplayer and single player game so i m pretty i want to see what what s gonna happen so let s load it up alright so right now. It s loading. The single player.

It didn t it didn t um let me choose a multiplayer. I don t know why obviously because i don t have ps plus. But if this thing can load any slower that would be great alright here we go so it looks like i can play single player. I don t know alright looks like we can oh wait what was that message.

Oh okay. Alright let s see if we can play online and let s see what pops up. Oh. My god are you are you kidding me this this stupid message haunts.


Me right here. This this the screen right here. Well. This frickin sucks.

You can do anything without freaking ps. Plus. At least play single player. But who honestly knows that fuck this well i guess that s what happens guys just because i m mad i m gonna kill these skanks right here yeah pull them up pull them up fuck you and your skanky.

Ass and fuck. You you little fucking skanky ass. Need a haircut alright well that s what happens i m not gonna quit this cuz fuck cops. They re gonna get me so yeah guy that s what happens when you don t have ps plus on the ps4.

They honestly does suck that you can t do anything at leas multiplayer. But yeah guys subscribe if you re new give it a like if you enjoyed and yeah guys thanks for watching. ” ..

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