When you change your character’s name [FFXIV]

When you change your characters name [FFXIV]
ffxiv name change
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As promised… Im changing my name! And the winner… ..was “LArri Zur,” Its my YouTube name written Miqote style! 😀 I cant wait to show my friends! \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

So liberating… Hi, friends!! I changed my name! 😀 “Who the fuck is this guy??” “LArri Zur? Dont know her.” “Is this Midas?” You– -you guys dont remember

me? o( ; Д ; )) “MY BROTHER IS DEAD!” “New phone who di- -New phone who dis?” Aw, how could you guys forget me?!! We cleared Coil

together!! Come on, you gotta remember that stu–wait, -what are you guys doing?!! No, please dont do that! Dont delete me! No! ( ⁰д⁰) It was just a

name change!! Im still m–! ((He gone.)) ((Bloopy time!)) “Wow Larry, youre the greatest person ever!” *laughing* Noo!! “Larry is so cool, and should get all the subscribers!” *laughter*

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