Ziqo’s Black Market AH guide

Ziqos Black Market AH guide
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whats up everyone is Zico some you guys might know me from world work at PvP and some of you guys might know me as Tuco Salamanca as the cartel leader of the black market mafia cartel I dont know my point is Im also Im not only a PvP player Im also a person who has done a lot of black-market smuggling as we refer to it and basically what that means is that I have moved gold to a lot of different servers and collected all the different tier 3 sets in the game I have collected all the TCG table arts Ive collected different mounds like these two right here from the black market auction house Ive bought a lot of stuff there and Im going to teach you guys how to buy these items how to get them fast how to get them cheap and the best methods basically that I know of and my entire expertise when it comes to this first of all what is the black market well black market is this auction house that items that are bind on pickup or items that are no longer in the game spawn now Im over here in broken Isles Tyler on he walked down that tunnel that I just did and then you go over here to this NPC called Madame Goya this Panda she sells certain items I mean today is not her lucky day I guess but yeah she has a different bunch of items here that she sells they are very valuable and theres a list of roughly 900 items that can spawn on here some of them are junk just like that item that you just saw and some of them are very very valuable items for transmog that no longer can be gained in the game now number one is the black market spawns new items every single day at 11:30 p.m. its random it can be one item it can be five items I think was up to seven items and its random from a list now theres roughly 900 items on this black market and theres a couple of rules here that we get a no number one when you bid your bid has to be 5% higher than the current bid for you to them to be able to bid so and this is obviously to prevent people from just bidding one copper over each other for infinite amount of time so number one the rules of bidding is 5% more number two is these auctions come with a timer which means that they end at a random time the only information that you are given is here it says very long or its as long or it says medium or it says short now very long means that its over 12 hours long means that its 8 hours or less medium means that its 2 hours or less and short means that its less than 30 minutes now when an auction is less than five minutes and its short if you bid on it the auctions duration gets extended by 5 minutes so an auction wont randomly time out as long as you bid within 5 minutes of the previous bid obviously you dont want to be on the lower end of that you want to just if its short you want to be keeping you want to keep bidding anyway the items are random and they are also restricted to your armor type what this means is that this piece right here is a jury tier 3 head which means that only leather users can get this as a transmog so if I went ahead and bought this on my mage I wouldnt be able to transfer get on my druid or rogue because I am a mage I have to be a leather user so after be a demon hunter I Windwalker a druid or a rogue to be able to buy this item and actually get the transmog appearance in my wardrobe the same thing goes for plate users so dont even think about being a plate user and buying all the sets because I know a guy who did that and hes pissed as because he lost so much gold plate users can only buy warrior and paladin tier three sets image can only buy priests cloth you know warlock or matchset you cant buy you know hunter said for example on a mage now the other thing is there is no level requirement on tier 3 so that means if you want you can make a level 1 character on a different server where your desired item is lets say you make a warrior there is a warrior 2 your 300 up you go and by that you can do that on a level 1 character without having to level that character up this is the question that a lot of people ask me so figured I might as well answer that one right at the get-go now when something is short you always want to be bidding minimum bid you always want to be bidding minimum bid you want to take your time like 3 minutes or so between each bed and you know you want to just exhaust your opponent a little bit you want to just be aides you dont want to you never speak with them you dont say anything all you do is youre just bidding on your level one but a little bit more about the bidding strategy later first up were gonna talk about what are you actually gonna do so this is the black market what what do I do with it first of all you need to have a large amount of gold this is a high-end gold usage this is basically when theres nothing less for you to buy in this game in terms of gear or whatever and you have lots of gold left over this is where you spend it okay so if you dont have a lot of gold this guide is not for you but if you if you still want to know about it of course feel free to keep watching but I can just tell you a couple of quick methods of getting gold highly recommend doing what you good at you want to be you want to be doing mythic plus and instead of doing it with five people and pushing keys you can do it with 4 people invite a random guy with full green gear have him pay you to get that plus 15 or whatever and then you can split the gold four ways for example or you can the same thing but with arena thats what I did Im a pp player I just played with random people and help them get UK for example and then they would pay me some gold and so on I do what youre good at if youre good at buying and selling buy and sell stuff on normal auction house if you like farming herb do that whatever you like doing in a game do that but do it and make gold with it you know because thats what you get at so use your strengths basically but yeah you need to have tons of gold now were going to talk about minimizing your losses here and smuggling this gold in a minute and when I say smuggling is called I mean moving it to dead servers essentially where she items are much cheaper but before we talk about that were gonna talk about researching your base realm now the black market auction house is a lot about patience and about research its a lot of boring stuff before it leads up to the exciting moment when youre bidding for your items so number one is you need to find a base realm and what I mean when I say a base room or multiple base realms is that Im talking about a dead server low population shared auction house with few realms a server where you can move your gold there is little competition where you can get your items cheap now Im gonna show you guys an example of what Im talking about here and I just said the term shared auction house now if you guys didnt know this servers share auction houses with each other theres a thing called connected realms in WoW and what

this means is that certain realms are connected with each other that means if I post something on the back more on the normal auction house of this realm it will also appear on a couple of other realms so for example Im gonna go through this server right here this is a German server which means that it only shares auctions with other German servers this is a low pop server and this is also an RP server which means that it only shares auctions with other RP servers or RP PvP servers now the server that youre looking for is a server that shares no more auction house than with two or three servers in total so it either theres only two or three servers in total sharing the auction house thats what Im trying to say here sorry that came out a little bit wrong so this server right here I think shares auction house with maybe one more or two more servers now items here I mean this isnt even bid at all you know if it had it would say ten point five K no one has even bid on any of these items like this server is that you know lets see who bore Alice you know this server you know it is that it is as that as they get you fill me now you need to find servers just like this one shared auction house with two other servers what you need to Google is connected realmlist World of Warcraft then its not a complete list but thats the best youll find then you need to go there and look up what servers are sharing at the auction house then you need to look are they low pub or they French are they Russian what are they and then you need to look at these servers you need to make a character just like I have here go to the auction house every day when the auctions have ended so around 8 oclock or 7 oclock its kind of orangey but I would recommend have the 6 p.m. definitely you want to be looking at the auction master at least every half an hour here or every hour and see if items have completed and see how much they went for if items are going for cheap then this is a good server to make your base server okay and what that means is you want to move most of your gold from your main server from Outland from tight corners from Kazak whatever big server youre playing on where you have your gold presumably you want to move it from there to here and Im gonna explain how to do that soon now this server in particular you can see that I am on a level of one character if you buy a tier 3 item I am on a level one warrior right here that means I can only buy a warrior and piled in tier 3 lets see what did I have I got myself an arcanite Ripper when I was on the server this item you know its very valuable on Outland this item would go for probably ten million gold and here I also have a warrior two your three helmet this item right here also would go for millions of gold on any big server now lets see what did I actually how much gold have I ever had on this character here most gold ever owned 667 thousand gold this it was created in Legion by the way so go figure this server I mean rest in peace now because of the video but this server definitely a cheap server a good server to make your base you need to find service like this where you can get some steals just like I did you dig now numbered number one when you make a level one character you smuggle gold here you go here to bid this is where you bid from Im not even kidding you you bid from under the bridge like this the reason why is because you dont get targeted by these bats that randomly spawn up here and also if people spawn imps and youre already under the water they dont target you youre on of site them under there so just a quick little tip there while Im here and then were gonna log off onto the next server and now youve researched your base you found the self a nice server where youre gonna put most of your gold well how do you actually put your gold on this server now the answer is through something that we black market entrepreneurs or you know us in the black lizard cartel like to refer to as smuggling your gold okay so if you hear me say this the term smuggling gold thats what Im talking about Im talking about moving gold from your big server out land for example – youre dead server your new base okay now how do you do that because this is the probably the number one question that I get on stream so Im gonna go ahead and answer that right away are you guys familiar with trading card trading card game or the warcraft basically in real life you can go out to stores and buy trading card game World of Warcraft its literally cards with you know World of Warcraft abilities on them or something Ive never bought anything so I dont know but you these some of these cards have a code that you can scratch you can fill it in to the game and you get rewards in the game for owning this loot card theyre called now what this means is that you can essentially get items that are tradable that are very very expensive because nowadays ever since they made hearthstone they stopped making the wild trading card so these these cards are pretty much extinct theyre kind of like oily now at one day were gonna be all out of codes I think I dont know how it works but bottom line is these are very expensive and you can buy things like the magic rooster egg for example this thing goes for millions and millions of gold now theres also pets okay and there are trading card game pets which are very valuable pets theyre super expensive one of these pets for example is called purple puffer this pet as you can see it goes for you know hundreds of thousands of gold now what you can do is and Im not gonna do it with a purple puffer but you can buy a pet lets just search for any pet here its just by a random part these are a little bit expensive to test with but whatever lets get this qualified in power here so lets pretend that this qualifier imp is actually a purple puffer its a TCG pet theres lots of TCG pets by the way I would highly recommend looking them all up they theyre super good theyre for example is this one where Im searching on humanoids this ethereal soul trader and this is a TCG pad it sells for tons of gold there is a spectral tiger cub this thing sells for tons of gold as well and so on there is I dont know how many exactly this product like ten different ones they all sell for a lot of gold on your server on your base server you want to go to to that auction house first you want to go to your big server to outline or whatever you want to buy this pad and you want to right-click it and so your uncage it then you log out then you look back onto your dead server so in this instance this German server right here and then you go here to the normal auction house you uncage your pet and then you you post that pet over there and therefore youve moved 200k gold to this server right so what was called it was an empire bought right this so you just right-click it here putting cage you have your imp now in your bag you go to normal auction house you post it there eventually it sells now the problem is youre on a dead server with not a lot of people and not a lot of people who want to

buy those pets so theyre gonna take a while to sell so before you before anything even spawns that you need this is the first thing you want to be doing you want to spend gold buying pets as cheap as possible you want to pray the price is kind of fluctuate they go up and down all the time you want to try to find it when pets are relatively cheap you buy as many TCG pets as you can and then log on several base servers because you dont want just one server you want at least three to start off with and then you go to those servers of course they need to have a different shared auction as with each other you cant have three servers that are all sharing the same auction else that would be ridiculous and then you start posting these pets eventually theyre gonna sell this is very slow very tedious way of doing it but this is something that you always have going in the background while youre actively also trying to smuggle so this is just background this is kind of like your youve laid down your traps and youre waiting for something to walk into it and while youre doing that youre also outside hunting elsewhere okay kind of a weird you know whatever but you get the point now pet smuggling aside theres also obviously transfers transfers is you can transfer your character I dont know what the goal cap is now I think its 1 million gold but back in my day it was turned 50k gold you put that on a character you transfer it within 2 hours youre there now of course you can also buy wow tokens if you buy wild tokens remember they take 12 hours to sell so you need to discover you need to go at 11:30 on every single server that you have a level 1 character on waiting at the market at the auction house the black market then you need to check the server you find something that you want and then you need to immediately buy tokens and sell them because otherwise the auction is gonna end before you get your gold so if youre buying tokens just a heads up they take a shitload of time to sell post them as early as possible or dont buy them at all or dont post them at all and wait you know now tokens aside and transferring aside you can also of course buy up the entire auction house and then put gold cap on a character and transfer that for one big smuggle now I recommend buying herbs buying pots flasks elixirs you know buff food and chance like ring and chance you know weapon and chance like this buy that because its gonna sell its gonna take is youre gonna have to post a lot of its gonna be a lot of work but it will sell and you can even make a pretty decent profit smuggling this way this is one of the good methods of smuggling now the other thing you can do is also do a guild bank transfer yeah you have to add an Authenticator to your account if you dont have one already for seven days then you can put up to ten million gold in your guild bank and then you can move your guild master character and move the gold with it and this is what I recommend doing if youre going to snipe and Id them sniping an item refers to discovering an item that just spawned such as this Swift zillion tiger right here and then going after it baiting a gold cap now if you bit something if you put gold cap on something no one else can over bid you and you will get the item guaranteed so if you bid nine million nine hundred ninety nine thousand gold you will for sure get whatever you bid on and of course when items like this one that a lot of people want their are unobtainable spawn usually they go for gold cap you will guarantee you have to go look at this if you ever want to get it from the black market now thats gold capping and sniping thats guild bank transfers killing transfer is obviously bad for a lot of ways as well because youre gonna have a big concentrated amount of gold one spot you know you dont want that what you want is if you have ten million gold you want three million gold on three different realms preferably two million gold on five different realms but you get you got what Im saying here you wanna have your pets always active in the background you can obviously obviously transfer now the other method of smuggling and this is what I ended up using exclusively in the end this is the best method of smuggling is to go to these threads right here well so I went on Google here and I went and searched for while TCG thread by cell forums something like this you just go here to a TCG selling thread and as you can see here these people are decked okay this guy already here full tier 3 table or defrost selling a bloomer lock egg this thing is worth like 50 million gold had TRLs hilt this thing I dont even know I think this this things worth like 2000 euros I dont know these guys as you can see here are freaking decked all of them I mean this guys I think thats the same guy actually in tier 3 but here you can find a lot of decked people and the important thing is that these guys all have gold on dead servers and theyre all selling all these big items and you see here accepting gold trade for other TCG mounts on all realms these are big-time these are big-time gold makers all of these guys you can see here theyre selling stuff for 10 million 3.3 million you know this guy and at the top was selling you know all these guys are deck okay this is the elite of WoW and all it takes to find them is a quick google search thats what I did I found them now your excuse for here for being on that thread is you got TCG pets youre selling purple puffers you dont give a if people are selling through expect little Tigers out there you deserve to be there so what you start doing is and this is what I did I started adding all of these people I started making connections I started getting to know the people and NS are trading gold for gold for example if someone was done with the black market on a server where I was then I would ask him hey you want to trade your 500k colder you still have there for lets say 600 K on Outland you wont have to move your gold and you make a little bit of a profit hell yeah he gets rid of the headache of moving his gold back and he makes a profit and I get rid of the the hassle of smuggling this is perfect of course its a win-win so find connections and theres a lot of people in my stream personally that are doing black market so you can probably start there even and find people all the way over there of course is gonna be a link to my stream at the description so dont worry about that even now you make connections TCG by cell you can also by TCG items and sell them on your dead realm but again you are moving a concentrated big chunk of gold dont recommend it too much but theres different ways to smuggle the best way making a big network of connections who all have gold on different realms and then working together especially and this is what I did in the end its all started with me doing black market alone then I got myself an associate that I was doing it with also known as Bowie also known as dispel 39 raised 39 Cedars lost son man as many names what can I say but we started doing it together he started getting gold on Russian servers that was his territory I started getting gold on French servers then

we met a dude who had cold on English service and German servers and we met another dude who had gold on a bunch of other French servers so in the end we were four people all with our own territory all owning like five six servers each essentially with millions of gold on each one of those and what we would do was we made pacts and of course Trust is important here but I said hey youre looking forward to your three Im looking for mage tier 3 as an example if mate shoulder spawn on one of your servers buy it for me if water spawns Ill buy it for you and then in the end whoever owes the other guy called well just pay it on our main server so we made a pact me and the other cartel Dons essentially and then there was big drama with that and now in the end its just me and one guy kind of left in the game but thats the story for another day the point is get other people who are doing the same thing as you and work together the black market auction house is at its best when its a team game let me tell you how I got full judge druid tier three in a week for 700 K gold in Legion and I got four items the first day I went for it I was bidding at four rooms at the same time for while windows open timing between them D seeing myself god dammit one of them was on a Russian server by the way and the log on Russian servers Im gonna show you how to do it because its actually useful for this video but you go to assist them then you go to languages then you go to Russian and you press apply you have to close your battlenet before this and then you open your battlenet and then you reload on your battlenet closed Wow and then you can log on the Russian servers and Russian server let me tell you they have a sale over there I dont know what theyre drinking but theyre definitely having a sale over there no one is bidding on jack over there you can buy everything cheapest back I got warlock 3 or 3 robe for 10k at once hes ridiculous but anyway you want to find these dead servers you want to smuggle your goal to them after you have smuggled your goal to them you need to be willing to lose gold while still making a profit and what this means is that if an item that you desire responds you buy gold on lets say youve bought bonds a bunch of pets for 1 million gold on Outland if youre selling these pets and the item is up sell them for Half Price sell them cheap dont maybe not a half price but you get what Im saying undercut make a loss because in theory your 1 million gold in Outland would have bought you you know one piece but your 1 million gold over there on a dead server thats gonna get you like three items four items you know what Im saying so youre losing gold here if you only move lets say 800 thousand because you lost so much you know selling stuff cheap but youre still making a big profit here because the 800,000 will get you more items on a debt server than 1 million will on a big server because the competition is just on another level you cant even compare you know now after you have youve done this youve accepted that youre gonna lose some of your gold but youre doing it smart you you got a after you youve accepted it you got a still min/max it you got a you dont want to lose gold obviously you want to lose as little as possible and in some cases even make a profit you want to be clever be creative with how you move it be creative with how to deal with people if you have gold on a dead server if you have 5 million or that server and something spawns that you dont need be a loan shark give someone 1 million but ask him to pay you 1.5 back or ask him to pay you 1.3 or at 1 million on another server you dont have any golden you know its a good server work together with people do go for gold trading do TCG trading buy and sell pads do all this stuff and try to cut your losses as much as possible but be aware that there will be losses but in theory those losses are still worth how much youre going to gain in terms of items ok now were gonna talk about bidding strategy finally number one you need to be like water youre not one of these noobs who goes to the black market stands in front of Managua and just looks at her like this the whole day you are a methodical person what youre doing is you log on level 1 characters that no one even knows that you have obviously youre showing us a flying on battlenet youre on a server where no one knows who you are your character is called Swifties toe and youre completely undercover you know number one is do you see anybody else there are they the same armor type as you if they are are they on the same shared auction house as you if they are do you have any other tier threes scout out the competition check is there anyone deck two seems interested in your item thats number one number two a lot of these deals most of them actually are all of them in my case are going to be made off of level one characters theres a couple of things you can do to protect yourself because this is a PvP zone right here number one is you speak to this guy you get a bodyguard cost five gold you get this blood off right here I dont know what shes gonna do protect me and you know 15 times rank one but whatever actually you know what I dont either but you need you do on your level one what the you cant get one of those clingy bitches yeah you buy yourself a bodyguard number two is this is your bidding spot and Im not kidding and I said this earlier I think in the video but Im just repeating this this is your bidding spot you bid through this bridge right here right here theres an air right there I can tell you you bit from here number two every single hour or so you log and check your auction house did the auction go from long to medium if it did what time did you notice it if you check the auction house lets say an hour ago you log in an hour later you look check it an hour ago it was long and now you log on an hour later and its medium then you need to type between five and four the auction went medium that means I have an hour at the at worst because it might have switched right as I logged out unlikely but it might have I have an hour max before I have to log here and check if it went you know if the auction is over or is it at worst-case scenario theres an hour left of the auction okay now you need to write down these timers you need to know when the auction is timing and then and only then when the auction is short is when you bid and when you bid you only bid minimum bid and you always wait three minutes between your bids because you want to mind-game your opponent also if you do see your paw and this is how you check how much gold they have compared achievements statistics then you scroll all the way down here hey where is it might have passed it actually my scanner is getting old right there most gold ever owned you see this guy this guy is broke heres 117k gold I dont even know what hes doing here but for some reason hes here I mean look at his transmog dude youre a

got bigger problems like theres no transporter thats gonna fix you theres no transport you could transfer make up folks on this worgen mail and still it working mail you know its like it why are you even here anyway thats how you check that some other strategies is I dont think I actually actually explained but when you bid from under the bridge you learn of sight a lot of the pets that spawn here the other thing is you need to be aware of is that there are something called a black market container which can spawn on the auction house an unclaimed black market container is this item right here and it contains a item this tooltip is by the way it contains an item any item in the entire list of all the items that can spawn on the black market auction house so theres about nine hundred give or take items that can spawn some of them are that proto wealth that we just saw AKA garbage and they can spawn in that box okay so you can be lucky as heck and get yourself a zillion tiger from that box or you can be unlucky in yourself an Elvin lamp God knows Ive gotten a lot of lamps okay so thats thats another thing because I guess a lot of people always wondered what are those boxes and how do they work does someone actually have to not buy an item for it to be able to come into the box that tooltip is a bit of a debate thats not true all you need to do is just buy the box and pray to rngesus now of course with the box the same thing applies as to when youre buying tier 3 if you buy lets say a box and you get match tier 3 and youre a warrior that equals you know 20 gold or whatever its worth to the vendor thats it thats all its worth its not gonna be in your collection number 2 you might get junk so be careful with getting too greedy and going ham in a box on the feeling that I know if I want this one has something good in it because I havent done a mistake a lot of times number 3 always buy a box on a level hundred or hundred and ten trial character the reason for this is if you do get lucky and you get a mount in the box youre not gonna have to level it up now if you do get a Tier three piece and your level one you still get that in your transport collection so that doesnt matter but if you get a mount you need to level it to the appropriate level for the mount and then and only then you can use it and actually get the mount in your collection like I got a level one character with a son of galleon on it Im never gonna level that up you know because I didnt I made that mistake and Im Way too lazy to level to 85 I dont give a what month it is you know so theres that as well now some some other things is I thought you had a log on Russia Ive taught you how to bathe and avoid as much of the possible causes of death as possible now the other thing that we should talk about are your characters that youre making because give me making a lot of love 1 characters and moving them around you need to be able to know which ways are efficient to do this so when youre making level 1 characters let me do you a favor and tell you make humans so for example if youre going for shaman tier 3 you dont make a drawing a shaman or a dwarf shaman you make a human hunter a hunter is male which means he can equip the shaman tier 3 but a hunter can be human and humans start right next to Stormwind which means that your mage friend which is going to hate you when youre doing all of this hes gonna have to walk barely anything to give you a portal and speed especially if its someone if someone is on a level one character in your trading and youre porting him $2 on to help him win an auction or whatever and its already short if things are stressy because they get stressed you with the black market if they are speed is important make humans when youre making trial characters make mages because you can if you if youre going to check a new black mark if youre gonna check the auction house and see whats on there make a mage a trial character perched on out of the boat train the portal $2 on port yourself $2 on youd shown art ok now if youre making a horde character because your gold is on Horde then you make trolls trolls are the best race because trolls all they have to do is walk across the little water in the start and then they there is a flying a flying right trainer or whatever a riding master and he can fly you to Orgrimmar free of charge and thats the quickest way to get there where you can take your portal $2 on where you can buy your short auction before it expires ok some of you guys might think that this doesnt matter but Ive actually made it to an auction that was short I was I was running on one window and I was checking the auction on my other window and you know that extra 30 seconds it took me to get there it made me miss it but then again it was a tablet of frost it went for 700 K gold and then the next week I got it for 64 K gold so what can you do it doesnt really matter but in the end I was a little bit salty cuz that smuggled 700 K gold to a server and then I had to recycle it so you know when youre smuggling gold its a its a pain in the ass to have to smuggle it over and over so when youre smuggling it try to finish the job will you now what else was on my mind there was one more thing I was going to talk about in regards to chips to tips yes tradeskillmaster have you guys ever heard of tradeskillmaster calm if not its a website I highly recommend for the black market auction house you just go to tradeskillmaster comm slash black market now this website requires you to be a premium user it cost like five dollars for six months or some its not that expensive and Im not sponsored or affiliated by them in any way but this is website that I used to a Oh II scan the black market now here you can type robe of faith for example and then you can tell me I need premium access but if you are a subscriber here you it shows you all the servers where this item is up this I this website is not 100% accurate it updates fairly slowly youre gonna have to wake up at 4 a.m. 5 a.m. just to check that website if it has updated all the rooms yet but thats the best we got so I figured I may as well throw that in there thats how you a we scan if you dont want to make level one characters put them next to madam Goa and log them and logout and log them and logout and check whats on each of my black market and write down all the rooms that have good items if you dont wanna go through all of that this website does exist figured it could be good to mention it as well I think thats going to be it if you guys have any questions feel free to get me up in the comments if you guys enjoy this guide sub and follow me here and on Twitch where I do live stream every day hopefully this covers the black market auction house topic once and for all good luck out there with your tier 3 hunt and yeah let me know how it goes and when you complete your sets peace

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